[Report] Arroz Criativo September Budget Report

Guild : Arroz Criativo
DAO : arrozcriativo.sputnikdao.near
Project Balance

Council Changes
@ vandal , @ squattingPigeon joined
@ StevenR departed
@ Mette existing council


  • The Fundraising Team was funded [130N]. Their report can be seen here
    110N of the original payout (which was 240N) was refunded by @ Mette according to new budget guidelines to the current revised amount of 130N.
    The original payout can be seen here. The transaction can be seen below in the comments

  • The Merchandising was Team funded [102N]. Their report can be seen here

  • The community coherence map was funded [15N]. Its production is in progress and report is pending. The payout and proposal can be seen here

  • The X-Sober studio record label setup previously on hold was funded [201N]. The Payout and relevant proposal can be seen here

  • Bar Training was initiated but not funded yet [40N]. The report can be seen here.

  • The long wall mural for the studios was funded [250N]. Payout and proposal can be seen here

  • PlantingAir is awaiting DAO launch however work was done during September so we’d like to provide some support for it until it is operational [120N not funded yet] . The report can be seen here.

Operational Costs

  • 10% of budget (42N) was allocated for the new venue. The payout can be seen here

  • Community management, Physical Onboarding & Council Work performed by @squattingPigeon [287N] not funded yet. Report can be seen here

  • Council work :
    @StevenR = 28N
    @Mette = 28N
    @squattingPigeon = allowance merged
    @vandal = 28N (includes onboarding & community contributions)
    @raging = 28N (includes onboarding & community contributions)

Dollar values are still to be confirmed here as some payouts have not been formulated yet.


The 110 NEAR repayment can be seen here: NEAR Explorer | Transaction