[REPORT] Planting A.I.R 1.0 Report

Hello from the Arroz Estúdios team,

After closing the 1st edition of Planting A.I.R ([Approved] Arroz Estúdios: Studio Space for Artists from Low-Income Backgrounds) we’re excited to share with the NEAR community the outcome of this program. We’ve built a report to provide an overview about the program, its impact on the selected artists and Arroz Estúdios community, lessons learned and how to move forward.

Link to report here: PlantingAIR_Report.pdf - Google Drive

We’re very grateful for the opportunity to run this project experience: in a year of confinement, we were still able to provide an opportunity for artists to develop their work and projects and show them to the public; seeing these artists engaged with Arroz community of residents and staff and watch them growing and establish as artists throughout the residence period gave us a stronger sense of purpose to continue supporting the creative community in Lisbon. We have also successfully encouraged the artists engagement with the NEAR community and ecosystem, using the platform as a tool to become more self-sustainable.

Finally, a Thank you! note to the NEAR community for supporting Planting A.I.R. We promise we won’t stop here :wink:


Nice! Thanks again Catia for putting this together

Looping in @JulianaM @tabear @chloe @mecsbecs @shreyas @caromintbase @waverlymaven @amosbestcookie

Big thanks for those that supported and helped with the project :pray:


Thank you so much for the report!
Happy to see the outcome of this project and the variety of artists.

I’ll leave a more detailed feedback soon, what I can already say that it is a good idea to encourage the artists to use the DAO structures right from the beginning, when it comes to their funding/fees, to be directly integrated into the ecosystem :rocket:


Quite the detailed report @CatiaCiriaco! I had a great time doing the Audio NFT workshop in August!

I agree with @tabear that the best way to onboard people is through how they are funded. Would love to see this implemented in the coming proposals and the Planting A.I.R. DAO :slight_smile:

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Hey @CatiaCiriaco nice to see you onboarded! :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy this exciting ecosystem. And it is nice for me to finally see this report. I am truly looking forward for the continuation of the project as a former project lead, it is a great thing to see that it is going to another level :v:

I have some comments about the Report:

There are some links in the report that are not at all related to Planting AIR, for example links from Cudo+ Incubadora collab that has nothing to do with Arroz or Planting Air project. História de Bagagem was a project by Incubadora (@frnvpr + @hevertonharieno ideas) that originated CUDO.
@hevertonharieno started out Cudo DAO before being selected to Planting AIR program.

Some workshops and initiatives too are linked there but it’s not directly related to the Planting AIR, they were Arroz Criativo ones. For example the onboarding station, it was a bounty created by Arroz Criativo and that @frnvpr responded to. Of course the Planting AIR residents had access to it, but it was funded separately.


Thank you, @tabear. We agree with you, this is definitely something to consider in the coming edition(s) :wink:

Thank you, @vandal! We wanted to have a detailed document for anyone to navigate through the project and its outcomes.

We’ll have your recommendations in consideration for the next edition(s). Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Oi @JulianaM, thank you for your comment.

We’ve added Heverton’s links as a reference to his involvement with the NEAR community.

Regarding the workshops, you’re absolutely right. Some were specifically developed for Planting A.I.R, others for Arroz community but, as you mention, all residents had access to it. We wanted to show the overall participation of the residents in all workshops. Next time, we’ll have a section for Planting A.I.R workshops and another one for Others as it’s important to mention the engagement with the community.

Of course. I get that :slight_smile:
I was just trying to make it clear to the community.

Cudo was born within Incubadora, so it would be nice to have it mentioned there :wink:(and I already talked about it in public). Otherwise it implies that it was something related to Planting AIR, when it is not. You can have a look on the links above to see when the projects happened (História de Bagagem started in May, Incubadora’s project).

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