NEAR Guild Reports: August 2021

Monthly Update

Greetings! The NEAR Community Squad is excited to share this forum post, which aggregates monthly guild reports and hopefully facilitates coordination by increasing awareness of various opportunities to connect and collaborate. We’re also intending to help guilds keep each other accountable with regard to usage of the NEAR Community Fund.

Thanks to @mecsbecs and the Guilds Management Crew, we have this analytics dashboard representing data from 32 guilds of the NEAR ecosystem:

The above dashboard is made from the Q2 survey results (conducted in Q3):

Going forward, we are coordinating with the NEAR Data Center Guild to better inform ecosystem participants. We will conduct a Q3 survey in the beginning of Q4, and we’re gathering feedback to improve that process and maximize positive impact.

Here is more information about relevant projects:


Background + Context:

Guild Report Summary

These aggregated reports will begin a monthly process of community governance involving review, discussion, and strategy. Please don’t hesitate to suggest ways it can be improved! If you don’t see your guild here, you can reply with a link to your August report, wherever it lives.

Here is an exemplary guide for writing monthly reports, including a template:

August Reports


Updated Roadmap:

NEAR Hispano

NEAR Legal Guild

Flying Rhino Guild

NEAR Intelligence Agency

Sankore 2.0

Merchants of NEAR

NEAR Russia

Meme Contest:

Silicon Craftsmen

Wild User Interviews Podcast Launched!

Minting Music


NFT Weekly News:


NEAR Degen Army

Octopus Guild

Metaverse Party :tada:

Cudo DAO

Transform Guild

Mukachevo City Node



Berry Club


Reddit Ops

NEAR Philippines

NEAR China Guild


Xiangming CHEN

Zhengdong ZOU

NEAR India

Muti DAO


Arroz Criativo


Collaboration Updates:

Chapter One (C1)

Cultural Event Report:

Human Guild

List of Projects:

NEAR x Music (NxM)

Community Calls:




NxM Live:

Open Web Sandbox

Survey Results:

INC4 Guild

Zen Bikers Guild

Minerall Guild

Swine Guild

Vital Point

New Guilds

Growth DAO

NEAR Data Center

Open Call:

NEARchan Guild

Marma J Foundation


NEAR Indonesia

NEAR Malaysia

Near York City

Wizards Guild

Swine Guild RU

Planting A.I.R.

RU Community


Blockchain Club of Uganda

NEAR Stars Guild

Kitchen Guild

Samurai Guild

Create Your Own Guild Introduction Post

Adaptive Accountability

Moving forward, we hope to discuss ways to improve guild reporting and further develop solutions for adaptive accountability through a community dashboard on :medal_sports:

That means power to the people of NEAR! You can help our network of guilds decide what is valuable and important for sustainable growth and overall ecosystem development.

Navigating our ecosystem can be difficult… That’s why we are focused on creating a wiki and the map. We might also utilize project boards and other features of this community repo for transparent coordination of developers and projects.

Generally, DAOs are confusing, yet guilds often rely on them for accountability. Our ecosystem already supports a diverse population of contributors, and we believe all of you deserve to earn from value shared with NEAR. How I see it, the purpose of NEAR is to help anyone fulfill their purpose, as we imagine a better world in which everyone has control of their data, money, and the power of governance.

If you have ideas or questions, please reply and connect with our Guilds Management Crew!


Excellent Summary! As our community grows, this report will have endless pages! Great work eveyone! :rocket: