[APPROVED] Arroz Criativo budget July 2022

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Council members: @roadworks @raquelareia @plantasia

Hello, Creatives community,

As an effort to continue to help generate engagement between NEAR Protocol, artists and creatives, in July 2022, Arroz Criativo is applying for funding for the following proposals:

  • NEAR Hub/Shillin ‘n’ Chillin - With our NEAR Hub now up and running, we are very pleased with the integration we have created through Shillin ‘n’ Chillin, with 105 subscribers on the app and around 103 attendees. In order to continue this engagement, we kindly request some fundings for:
  1. Incentivizing our crypto-meetups’ attendees to use their wallet
  2. Supporting the creation of a podcast with our weekly meet-ups
  3. Setting up a NFT-gated access for our meetup’s TG channel

Requested amount: 1,491.21$

Please, see the complete proposal here

June, 1st: Welcome to Web3 - 14 subscribers / ~ 18 attendees

June 8th: NFTs can be more than JPGs’ links - 25 subscribers / ~ 20 attendees

June 15th: Algo-stable coins design & ecosystem - 32 subscribers / ~ 40 attendees

June 22nd: Pride Week Special - 12 subscribers / ~ 10 attendees

June 29th: Welcome to Web3 - 22 subscribers / ~ 15 attendees

13 NEAR Wallets created

  • Women in Crypto: I’m from here/I’m not from here | In light of the project I’m from here/I’m not from here, developed during Dora da Cruz’s Planting A.I.R residency, the NEAR Hub will be the setting to amplify women’s voices in the debate about female presence in the crypto ecosystem.

Requested amount: 345$

Please, see the full proposal here

Metrics: ~ 15 wallets creation (projection) + encourage the discussion and the presence of women in the crypto meet-up scene.

  • The Black Cat Cinema | The Black Cat Cinema shows have been popular in June, and July is already looking like it will be just as successful. This month, the strategy is to continue using the audience’s core interests of films and events to incorporate NEAR Protocol naturally.

Requested amount: 600$

Please, see the details here


Audience: 472 people through the door, for an average of 94.4 per night. Above our target of 90.

NFT Tickets: 11 units over 3 shows.

Memberships: 385 new memberships, for an average of 82%. Above our target of 77%, although this can be expected to decrease as people start returning for their 2nd and 3rd events.

  • MEME Bounty / Onboarding the fun way | We would like to use this rather playful methodology to encourage and educate people in the world of Web3, making sure that they have a fun and easy entrance to it, that will motivate them to participate more, spread the word by telling their friends about it (sharing on socials etc.), and eventually get more curious about further opportunities with crypto, NFTs, NEAR and so on.

Requested amount: 364$

Please, see the details here

  • Community management, workshops & DAO council work

Arroz Criativo Telegram
Arroz Estúdios Twitter

Requested amount (30% of total budget): 900$

Total proposal: 3,700.21$
Funding Period: July 2022
Target wallet: arrozestudios.near

Thank you for your support, Creatives. Stay creative! Be happy!
Arroz Team


Tagging the @creativesdao-council here :love_letter:


Hello, @creativesdao-mods! Hope you are well!
Is there a point I can clarify about our July proposal? Can you give me a feedback, please?


Hey @raquelareia thank you for your patience. This proposal has been reviewed and I’m happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .


Thank you so much for this, @ted.iv

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