[OUTDATED]|muti.on: support through a spontaneous streaming session on a monthly basis

In order to support artists and creativity whilst keeping space for spontaneity muti offers a monthly streaming of an artistic performance. This can be the video summary of an EP recording, a theatre play or a live painting session, which will be streamed in the metaverse. The video should be 1h.

The goal is to fund all participants (artists, video & studio/place where recording will take place), to combine the physical with the digital, combine different art forms, create footage for artists and the DAO to use and to incentivise collaborations.

The available amount is currently 200$ for a month (split by different streams).

We’d suggest to calculate the following positions:

  • payment for the videographer
  • artist payment
  • orga/streaming set up/ guidance

Join us in TG for more infos :slight_smile:

3.2. The Duzzelez
10.2. Bom Beijo
17.2. DJ Nebraska
24.2. Astrea

Update from March on: available budget per stream 100 USD in N & 50 USD guidance fee in N per stream.


17.3. Tempura
24.3. Monkeydough


As an update on this, the first session has been recorded on the 14.8. and is currently being edited. Once it is ready to be streamed, the link for the stream as well as of the participants will follow. @roadworks is currently working on it & we are looking forward!! :rocket:


Video presentation of YLS’s (Hugo Santos) forthcoming EP with auto-generative Pixelart.

YLS’s exclusive “Need To” EP mix with special versions and fx’s (20min)

Auto-generative Pixel Art visualizer based on the music audio data create an unique video experience

  • Create from scratch Pixel Art animations to be triggered by certain frequencies (basss, mids, highs) on a 720p canvas
  • Javascript and open source libraries only

Final Product:
Video-EP to Stream
Mint 3 Pixelart screenshots from the video as NFTs on Mintbase

85N - Pixel Art + Video Editing + Stream: Francisco Estanqueiro
85N - Music and Mastering: Hugo Santos

Eyesome Records:


Looking forward to that one too!
Once you have a date in mind, let us know. Happy to have the September edition reserved for you :slight_smile:


Given the current value of NEAR token and taking the consideration the experimental nature of the first muti.on stream, we are gonna request only 100N to be split by the artists, videographer and a share to mutiDAO fund:
40N Videographer @roadworks roadworks.near
50N Artists (10N each, falmon.near, @Kingchanga kingchanga.near, jeliza_weta.near & synikzim.near & Meta)
10N share for muti.collective fund muticollective.near

The stream will happen Tuesday the 14th, 14h GMT time

Was a great pleasure to be involved and bring to life this experience and having the luck to be with such talented people :slight_smile:

For all participants, please use this forum post to request the according amount from our DAO SputnikDAO


Due to the conversion and new budgeting we have 250 USD available for this session in October :slight_smile:

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@tabear The video is finally ready to stream! Feel free to choose the date.

For the NFTs, how do we proceed?

YLS wallet was also created today.

Eyesome/Francisco: eyesome.near
YLS: yls.near

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Update for the month of October of muti:on

Funding of muti:on this month will take a bit of a different form:

$50 - @thefalmon pre-recorded set
$50 - @mwhyden pre-recorded set
$100 - live set (artists TBC) - to be aired in December
$50 - DJ set (TBC)

The 4 acts streaming this month in our CV parcel will be:
@thefalmon , Mais Baixo @douradinhos , @mwhyden & one more DJ set TBC.

The 4 streams going out on a weekly basis with final details of times to follow in the coming days.


Looking forward to the stream tonight!
Please request the remaining payout of 15.9N to our DAO. Bear in mind the DAO has moved to Astro now: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/muti.sputnik-dao.near

Hi, hope all is well
We have a proposal for live streaming performance.

Proposal for Streaming

Audiovisual performances by Blanca Regina, Reuben Sutherland, and Pierre Bouvier Patron to close the first event of Cryptowhat? in London

When 11 December 2021
When 7 pm to 7.45 GMT

Link for the event https://www.unpredictable.info/project/cryptowhat/

New composition

Live visuals including film, photography, and animation mixed real time.
Format 1080p

Final Product:
45 Min Video Streaming
Mint 3 video frames as NFT on Unpredictable Series gallery on Mintbase

100 dollars Visual and Streaming eyemyth.near
100 dollars Musicians unpredictable.near
50 dollars Production curator.near


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This looks super nice and we’re happy to support with 250 USD.

We will discuss the detailed set up via TG.

We’re happy to pay 125 USD prior to the project & 125 USD after completion.

As for the NFTs please choose one or two which can then be minted in the muti mintbase store (25% muti / 75% artists)


Thanks so much!
Sending info by mail in a bit!
125 USD x two great!
Will prepare NFTs for the store!


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Thank you so much for your performance!
When the last piece is minted & the infos sent for promotion, please request your payout of 250 nDAI from our DAO


Hi, All completed, requesting now the payout in the Dao.
All the best and again thanks for having us!


Heya :slight_smile:
We already converted the N into DAI in the DAO to guarantee that you will receive the full amount. Please send a new proposal for 250 nDAI instead of N :slight_smile:

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Super thanks
Doing it now!

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Hi Tabear,
For clarification, the amount per session is 50$, the $200 monthly fund divided by the number of live streams?
That date for me should be fine, let me look intoy setup to confirm, I should know shortly.

Big love!

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Yes & yes, looking forward!! :rocket: