[REPORT] Monthly report muti JULY

Project Name: muti DAO July

Project Status: [In Progress]

Project Accounting: 498.86

DAO muti.sputnikdao.near




  • 6 more wallets created ( mwhyden.near, waldter.near, shakalofi.near, ihorshuhan.near, tediv.near, randalasfuck.near)
  • 25 members in TG
  • set up of IG & FB
  • 2 more onboarding sessions held
  • playing around in CV to set up a virtual concert space for streams
  • Summary of our council work from @thefalmon
  • Participation in the Creatives Forum

In Progress

  • monthly support program for musicians muti.on will start this month
  • planning of monthly support for visual artists/painters, possibly with collaborations with incubadora DAO for ex.
  • first muti.on session happened 14.8., video editing currently in progress, link for stream will follow once up in CV


  • The suppliers bounties mentioned above have not been claimed yet. As muti has submitted a
    challenge for the Metabuidl Hackathon to develop the DAPP to pay with NEAR and as the INC4 Guild will support by facilitating a judge, the funding will be used for this instead. The goal is the same (paying artistic materials in N) and this way it will hopefully be reached even faster.