[APPROVED] Monthly Budget muti DAO October

August/September Report is here.


Target Address : muti.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance :

  • sputnik: 521.1 N (300N available for the Hackathon judge, 130N for muti.rec once first session is fully completed)
  • muticollective.near wallet: 2,087 nDAI reserved for the 2. Cabeça na lua event on May 28th

This is the first time that the DAO requests the full amount of the funding, due to the 2 bigger projects (residency & album release) this month. We are working on solutions for becoming more self sustainable and will always try to support as many artists & projects as possible.

October plan for the muti DAO:

  • muti.rec : ongoing funding for recording sessions, this month claimed by @Dedeukwu /600 USD / 74,3N
  • muti.on.: funding of a streaming session, this time a DJ set w/ generative art w. @douradinhos /250 USD / 30,9N
  • muti bakes/ 3rd edition : artist competition, the winner will be minted in the muti bakerymintbase store. Theme & conditions will be announced soon, previous edition can be found here /100 USD / 12,3N
  • Planta a Palavra - Artist residency: 7 day residency in Portugal /1670 USD / 206,9N
  • Support for @mwhyden’s Album release pt.1 / 500 USD / 61,9N
  • NEAR | CON participation: curation of 2h slot on the 25th Oct - caché for the curated DJ /100 USD / 12,3N
  • METABUIDL Hackathon participation fee to reward time and efforts / 150 USD / 18,5N
  • Buffer for spontaneous smaller projects /130 USD / 16,1N
  • Council work (3 council members)/ 1500 USD / 185,8N
    total: 5000 USD / 619N

It looks like you’ve already done a lot of the ground work throughout September. I haven’t had a chance to dive in to the initiatives being created by Muti and after doing so am excited to see the fruits that will result as we move through Oct.

I’d love to see what sort of promotion plans can be built around the results of the recording sessions, would that be included in the funding? I think it could help push exposure for the finished products.


Thank you :slight_smile:
As the recording session will be the second one, we are slowly building up structures and marketing strategies. We are also considering applying for a marketing budget to offer more visibility to the artists.
As for now those sessions are meant to be a kickstart for artists who want/need to record :slight_smile:


You’ve been APPROVED, please feel free to submit a payout for $5000 USD in NEAR to the Creatives DAO :slight_smile:


Thank you! Will do.
5000 USD = 619,57 N (coingecko 5.10.21, 11:00 am)