[APPROVED] mutiDAO rents the MarmaJ Parcel

Hey MarmaJ family!

muti appreciates the time and freedom that we have been given to experiment in your CV in the last month. As MarmaJ is growing and muti is developing more projects that are related to physical events, we would love to rent the parcel in order to stream cultural events, reports, summaries of residencies etc. in there.

Our first video from the muti.on project will soon be released & streamed and we are looking for many more. muti.on is an ongoing project which gives artists the chance to receive funding for a video recording (of their concert, exhibition, workshop etc.) so it can be used as footage. It aims to nurture collaborations in between different artists and daos.

In September the Cabeça na lua event will happen physically in the nature of Portugal and we will also create video footage to be streamed, in collaboration with CUDO & NxM DAO.

During the time of the muti rental artists from other DAOs are invited to join, stream and collaborate to create a virtual cultural melting pot which can be used to bridge the physical with the digital.

You can find our other artistic projects & our plan for August in here

Project members (updated once new council is in):

Renting period:
September & October 2012 (calendar month)


Requested funds

Funds used for
rental of the parcel for:

  • streams of events/collaborations
  • NFT gallery on the walls (incl. MarmaJ NFTs)

Communitary aspect/benefits
By asking for a payout in marmaj tokens instead of N we want to support the MarmaJ community directly. The rental also serves to collaborate with more artists and giving them a virtual space to stream and showcase their work with the hope that more collaborations can be formed and NFTs will be exhibited. By using the MarmaJ space, both daos will support each other by spreading the love, awareness & creativity as well as giving more visibility to the MarmaJ vision and project.


Thanks so much for this proposal and I am excited to know that the CV parcel is going to be used for such an awesome project.

The proposal has been [APPROVED]. Please feel free to submit a payout proposal to the marmaj DAO for 20 marmaj tokens (marmaj.tkn.near) :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: