[REPORT] Monthly report muti August/ September

In order to start fresh and with the beginning of the new month, we have not requested extra funding for the month of September from the Creatives DAO and will summarize August & September in here. Values in N & USD due to the transition phase.

Project Name: muti DAO August

Project Status: always ongoing :rocket:

Project Accounting: 591.10 N (300N available for the Hackathon judge, 130N for muti.rec & 70N from Garden crossover)

DAO muti.sputnikdao.near


muti.rec : first recording session funded through muti, visuals are currently being developed and the recording is currently being mastered. 130N from 260N paid out until now

Cabeรงa na Lua : 2 physical events planned for the 18th & 25th of September. Organization & visuals set up, Social media campaign will start this week. 25th got postponed, the funds for this event have been transferred in nDAI to the muticollective.near wallet and will be secured until the event will take place on the 28th of May.
135N social media/organisation/ visual assets
705 USD 3 artist payments (Shaka, @madama, @thefalmon)
165 USD sound technician @ted.iv
100 USD licensing, food, accomodation
59 USD soundsystem rental @Larrelito
400 USD out of 700 USD for videographer @roadworks (light included in first proposal or 100 USD did not arrive in time and has therefore been cancelled)

The Garden Crossover : 3 day residency with Irish & Portuguese artists in Lisbon. muti funds will support the streaming set up and costs & onboarding of artists into the world of NFTs and NEAR. The final event will be streamed in the rented CV parcel from the MarmaJ Foundation. 70N from 140N paid until now

muti.on : video recorded and ready to be streamed, update on date will follow. As the video is the first one & shorter than usual, the funding amount will be 100N in total split by artists & videographer. 90N from 100N paid out & streamed

Hackathon submission : Currently one ongoing submission, no payout for the judge yet as the Hackathon is still ongoing. 0N from 300N paid yet as the Hackathon got prolonged until the 19th

muti.bakes round 2 : ongoing until the 15th of September with final votes on the 5 winning submissions (20N), every submission receives 3N. Currently 190N spent out of 200N, 10N will be left as a buffer & for minting, as all artists have been rewarded

Council activities (@thefalmon & @tabear in August, from mid of September also @ted.iv )/ 289N

  • wallet creation:

  • pre-production & planning of the artistic residency happening in middle October

  • 7 onboarding sessions (see wallets above)

  • preparing & welcoming a new council member (@ted.iv )

  • 4 council meetings held

  • representation in the Lisbon city Node council

  • social media (Twitter, IG, FB)

  • bounty assistance & new store creation for the muti.bakes submissions

  • forum administration

48 members on TG