[REPORT] muti DAO November

Project Name: muti DAO November

Project Accounting: 576 N & 37.5 DAI

DAO muti.sputnikdao.near


It was a busy month in the Metaverse and 2 of projects got delayed for several reasons. All the funding is secured in the DAO treasury and will be used for those exact projects once they are finished. Here is an overview of what we did in November:


  • Muti.on: we streamed 5 times, 2 of them in the scope of muti on. 100 USD / 250USD paid out, the remaining 150USD will be used in December for the 2 rescheduled streams. Visitors between 40-70 pax per stream Streaming calendar

  • Muti.rec: The Tourorists will record their EP, due to delay from the studio the date of the recording had to be rescheduled and will only happen on December 15th. pt.1: 500 USD / 500 USD paid out to book the studio

  • Podcast Poetico: Poems have been chosen, 100USD / 300USD have been paid out as the first step according to plan

  • Dichotomies and rupture: dystopian responses: project in progress, 100USD/ 200 USD have been paid out as part 1. of the payment according to plan

  • Ja.Yl.Son (of Lights)- “Afrika” Official Music Video: due to an operation of the artist the project will be completed only in December or January, 500USD / 1000USD have been paid out

  • Workshop on NFTs & Marketing : Workshop will happen on the 5th of December 0/ 50USD paid out. Payout after workshop

  • Cookies/Azulejos Design contest: 100 USD / 100 USD distributed between the 3 winners

  • Twitter Bounties: several social media posts have been shared, which increased IG & Twitter followers; we paid out in nDAI 30x3 DAI; waiting for the remaining payout proposals, 61.5/ 100 DAI paid out until now

  • Defi/ Sustainability test: We used 100USD + 100USD from our Buffer to stake on Metapool & ref.finance in the stNEAR/wNEAR pool

  • BLOCKPARTY: we used the 150USD Buffer + 250USD from the DAO savings to support the physical event in Lisbon, which was a blast by the way. In collab with NxM, Arroz Criativo & Lisbon City Node


  • 3 projects came from participants of the previous residency and onboarding sessions so we are very happy to see that the onboarding is helping artists to enter the crypto world and to create their own projects.
  • Bounty payouts are more easily done through a wallet instead of Astro for now
  • Dao to Dao collabs rock, the BLOCKPARTY event was super nice
  • Metaverse is a thing, therefore we’ll focus on that in December and have rented the CV parcel from MarmaJ for the next 3 months
  • Social Media bounties paid off, we reached about 10% more followers on IG and some more on Twitter. We’d like to work on a social media position to boost the area a bit more and are waiting for the Marketing DAO to decide if our proposal gets approved or not.


  • 7 Onboarding sessions:


  • Starting to work on a muti website
  • 73 members in TG
  • forum & TG as well as IG & FB & Twitter administration

For more infos join our TG or check @muti.collective | Linktree


Love what muti DAO has been doing! Keep up the good work y’all!