[APPROVED] muti DAO Budget December

November Report is here.

This month will be focused on preparing the next residency in January '22, online streams and also planning the next steps for the physical collective.
We also would love to focus more on social media in this month and are very happy to see that our monthly programs of muti.on & .rec are being used so well.


Target Address : muti.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance : 403.8 N (still to be paid out 130N from delayed & ongoing projects)

Projects to be funded:

Interdisciplinary Residency at Ouriço: 1175 USD / 129 N

  • Council Work: 1500 USD / 164 N

Requested amount: 5000 USD / 547 N

The exceeding amount of 125 USD will be paid from the DAO’s savings.

Other proposals:
We requested 520 USD from Marketing for social media in December, @daphne will work on our social media: [Approved] muti DAO December Social Media/Marketing request

Collab with MarmaJ for the VC space for 30 MarmaJ tokens
[APPROVED] 3 Months rental of the Bobby's Places Parcel in CV - #11 by tabear


MUTi be supporting Musicians more than f*cking traditional platforms❤️


Muti rocking as always! Happy to mark this proposal [approved], very excited to see the development of this next muti’s residency! :star_struck:


Thank you! I added the N values now (coingecko 9.12. 11:50am, 1N=9.14$)