[APPROVED] Monthly Budget muti DAO August


for the next 30 days muti has some nice things in the pipeline. We are also planning on adding a third council member and are currently actively working on the upcoming physical events in September.

July Report is here.

Project members:

Target Address: muti.sputnikdao.near

Project Accounting : 498.86 NEAR (ongoing muti.on project 150N & partial payment for hackathon judge 200N to be payed out still)

  • muti.bakes: Creating more fortune cookie NFTs /200N
    We will be organizing an open call for all creators to submit a fortune cookie, this time with a specific theme. Cookies will be minted in the new mutibakery store and the revenue will be split 90/10% artist/mutidao.

  • muti.on /170
    The first session will be streamed shortly and muti will give the opportunity to fund another session from an artist to create footage in the form of a video which will then be streamed in CV again.

  • muti.rec /260N
    First edition of the funded recording session will happen end of August. muti is happy to help the musical project Shaka’s Lo-fi to get the next EP recorded!

  • Cabeça na lua /135N
    The physical event will take place in September. In August the following tasks are already being worked on:
    < organization/artist & location contact/social media/ Promo & advertising/Booking/stream set up/100N
    < design/Visual communication for the event /35N

  • Judge for the Hackathon challenge /100N
    INC4 Guild is supporting by facilitating one of their experienced architects/devs to judge the submissions. As the previous 2 bounties have not been claimed yet but are related to the topic (generating a database for services/good which can be paid with N), we will use this amount + the additional 100N to reward the judge.
    If there should be an amount left to be used, the bounties will be reopened again.
    [PAUSED] Finding a supplier of art material (audio & visual) /10 N - #10 by tabear
    [PAUSED] Starting a database of suppliers of art material (audio & visual) /100 N - #5 by tabear

  • Buffer /100N
    If you see fit we would like to ask for a buffer of 75N to support spontaneous creative projects/visuals/design work that can come up to already give a kickstart to projects that have not been listed yet. In case this amount should not be used within the next 30 days, it will of course stay in the DAO for the next month.

  • Council work: 289N
    *total: 1254N

Other proposals:
We are also requesting 20 MarmaJ tokens from the MarmaJ DAO in order to rent out the CV parcel for the streams.


This looks great! Super excited for the next month’s of projects that will be coming from Muti DAO :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Also, looking forward to the partnership with the marmaj DAO :kissing_heart:

@mecsbecs and I will discuss the proposal and reply when it is appropriate to submit this to the Creatives DAO for payout!

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Good morning. Please, remember that near $ price is around $5,15 now. All requested amounts should be decreased.

Why do you pay for councils work ?~ $1500. I think it’s free volunteer work. Have a great day.

[quote="[PROPOSAL] mutiDAO rents the MarmaJ Parcel, post:1, topic:4724"]
MarmaJ family!

Good morning! I see tons of messages about this fund. Does it work on NF money? What the value for NF ?

Have a great day !

What the difference between Near Foundation and Marmaj Foundation? Two different companies? If so, why MJ gets money from NF? I’m confused. Thanks.

Thank you for your opinion, but this is not volunteer work, at least not within the creatives DAO funding structure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you very much for this proposal, you may now submit to the Creatives DAO.


Hi @Dacha - @chloe responded in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat but a response bears repeating here to the question you’ve posed about the difference between the MarmaJ Foundation and NEAR Foundation. MarmaJ seeks to do good and spread love on and using NEAR, making it one of the Guilds furthering NEAR Foundation’s goal of having its protocol and web3 technology in use by communities around the world. As a Guild, MarmaJ is then able to receive funding for its activities using NEAR.

Also glad to hear you’re seeing lots of messages about MarmaJ because we’re hard at work (I am a council member as well) to create opportunities and resources for everyone’s benefit if they’re interested in altruistic activities and/or just getting to know NEAR.


NERA community fund [with 1.5M USD and 1.5M $NEAR]lead by grace

NEAR Foundation [with 100M $NEAR] lead by erik

MJ [a DAO ] lead by chloe

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New distribution as 2 visual artists are now being involved due to some unexpected events:

135N total

  • 20N promotional videos Gonçalo Madama

  • 25N visuals/ promotional material social media @ted.iv

  • 2N to use for FB paid promotion for both events
    falmon.near will transfer the amount

  • 15N social media position, scheduling & promoting (IG, FB, Twitter, Buffer, event add) @thefalmon falmon.near

  • 73N for organisation which started in June , split by @thefalmon & @tabear (booking, mails, artist contact, venue booking and communication)

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