[INFO] Funding Guidelines for muti

muti supports artists and creative projects. If you would like to receive support from muti, read this guide to know more about our funding guidelines.

Please bear in mind that we are not aiming to fund a project 100%. See this support as a kickstart for your creativity and as a way to get to know the ecosystem of NEAR to eventually maybe even set up your own DAO. muti is more than happy to help you with that.

The council withholds the right to decide if your proposal will be included in the monthly budget or not, depending on the nature of the proposal (artistic and communitary aspect, values, impact etc.)


In order to fund as many projects as possible, the max. funding value per project is 1000 USD in N.

Fixed projects:

  • muti.on

To bridge the physical with the digital we created a monthly streaming project. The streams will be shown in our rented Cryptovoxels parcel through Twitch or Youtube in order to showcase artists and their work. The streams can be concerts, DJ sets, exhibitions, workshops etc. and should have a duration of 1h.

We air multiple streams per month via our CV space and can fund between $50 and $100 per stream depending on the nature of each project.

If you are interested in a stream, please comment here in the forum

|muti.on: support through a spontaneous streaming session on a monthly basis

  • muti.rec

Once per month we offer the chance for a musician to receive funding for a recording session in a studio. The value should be used for the studio rental, mastering/mixing, sound engineer & production.This project can be claimed by anyone, regardless of your location. If you would use muti.rec, please show your interest by leaving a comment in the forum.

|muti.rec: funding of a studio session for musicians

The value varies between 500-900 USD, depending on the amount of musicians you are working with, nature/dimension of the project and local production costs.


We do not see a lot of value in blindly throwing funds out. Education about NEAR and the ecosystem play a big role in it. In order for everyone to become more self-sufficient and comfortable within the ecosystem, each artist will be onboarded (receive a near wallet, an introduction to the forum as well as a course in minting on Mintbase and how to convert N into fiat) and should also onboard his/her fellow artists.

The first onboarding will happen through muti. If then you would like to send your own proposal with more artists, we’re happy to assist you and provide materials for the onboarding process :slight_smile:

It is important that the payouts are made through the near wallets created for the artists & participants of any project. This ensures transparency when funding projects. We do understand that most of the materials and production costs can’t be paid in crypto yet, that’s why we are helping and are available to give guidance on the conversion from NEAR to fiat.


For each funded project we would love to receive an NFT which will be sold in the muti Mintbase store (25% of royalties & revenue for muti to fund future projects / 75% to the artist)

For more questions join our TG :slight_smile:

How to apply

Please post your proposal in the forum in the muti DAO category with the tags “muti-dao” and “proposals” and add [PROPOSAL] to the subject line.

Explain your idea/project, timeline/milestones and values in USD which would be requested. Please also add the participants (if already confirmed) and links to your art if available.