[REPORT] Monthly report muti JANUARY

Project Name: muti DAO December

DAO: muti.sputnik-dao.near


falmon.near @thefalmon

tabear.near @tabear

tediv.near @tediv

Project Accounting: 3311,76 USD

Still to be paid out/claimed:

The residency we ran this month was super nice, we onboarded all artists incl. the space into the near ecosystem, had 4 successful streams in the Metaverse and have been able to support several artists through the muti.rec funds as well independent projects.


  • muti.on: weekly streams in the CV parcel which we rent from Marma J Foundation: Mr. Bubble / Larkim / Meta_ / Maree Lawn 200 USD/ 50 USD each

  • muti.rec: Funding of recording sessions:

Nacho PT 1. 400 USD
Maree Lawn PT. 1 350 USD

Onboarding/Community (& sessions of 1h each; minting, wallet creation, conversion etc.)

droc.near 0.1
twoandone.near 0.1
changarecords.near 0.1


Residencies are great, 1:1 onboarding is needed and making a DAO grow can be very time intensive. We have been converting the last budgets into DAI in order to guarantee the payouts. We are still in the testing phase and might go back to N or experiment a bit longer with this. The main issue was that bounties paid out through the DAO would require a high gas fee if N is rising, therefore they will be paid out from the wallet from now on, if we stick with the DAI conversion. We might also be restructuring the council payouts and distributing by tasks.

Next steps

muti will use the next month to finalise the ongoing projects and to work on a collaboration with CUDO DAO. After conversations with NEARhub & Minting Music we are planning on using March to develop the muti platforms/Metaverse and to investigate more with other portuguese DAOs, such as Incubadora & CUDO in order to create a legal entity. We are planning on not taking new big projects/proposals on until the end of March as the full budget will most likely go to the development of the NEARhub space.