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    The topic of my podcast is going to be travel literature. In each episode I will talk about a travel book that inspired me and that can motivate my audience to read and travel. The selection of books will be made according to the following criteria: alternative ways of traveling, spirit of adventure, inner transformation of the traveler, getting out of their own comfort zone. The objective is to make people discover travel books that are not particularly famous or mainstream and to create an engaging storytelling.

• How?
o I believe that sound plays a key role in the processing of every content that comes through our ears, that is why the musical part of the podcast will be of great importance. I will compose ad hoc music for each episode which will be inspired by the countries and the characters appearing in the story. The sound design will be specially-made as well in order to create a unique listening experience.
o My ambition is to keep the audience involved at any stage of the journey, so the script will be engaging and the aim will be to raise the interest of the public through a catchy and appealing storytelling.

• Why?
This idea was born during the pandemic, when I had to stop my world travels and the only way to cope with it was to let my imagination run free thanks to a bunch of traveling books that kept me company throughout the whole period. I found some incredible literary works that inspired me to travel even more, to create a community of people driven by the same interests and to help them embark on uncommon adventures while reading memorable books.

• Title:
The podcast will start in Italian and then in the future follow the same format in English and Portuguese. The titles in the three languages will be:
Italian: Zefiro – viaggi dentro e fuori dai libri.
English: Zefiro – traveling in and out of books
Portuguese: Zéfiro – viagens dentro e fora dos livros

• Logo preview (provisional):

    Each episode will have a duration of 15-20 mins and will be structured as follows:

o Music/Jingle of the podcast (1 min)
o Set up: introduce the episode, build interest and suspense, make listeners want to hear more (2-3 mins)
o Music interlude (1 min)

o Storytelling of the book, places and characters (12 mins)
o Music and sound effects interposed during the whole narration to deeply involve the audience and to create a special listening experience
o Music interlude (1-2 mins)

o Summarize and application: how can the book impact the life of my audience and why (1-2 mins)
o Call to action: ask for engagement and support on platforms like Patreon, credits and partnerships (1 min)

o Musical end (1 min)

    • Starting date: November 2021
    • Pre-production: research, reading, sketching and setting up of recording devices in my home studio (1 month)
    • Production and post: scripts’ writing and music composition of the first 14 episodes, sound effects captioning + editing and mixing (7 months – 2 episodes per month)
    • Launch: the first 3 episodes will be launched at the same time to create a listening flow and to raise interest and after that 2 episodes per month will be launched and be available on most podcast platforms (Spotify, Youtube, AppleMusic etc.)

    • All the episodes will be recorded at home in my own recording studio, using Logic Pro X software, Sennheiser MK4 Microphone for voice recording and Tascam DR 05x microphone for ambient sounds captioning.

    • After the podcast, the idea will be to record a concept-album using the tracks composed for each episode, so that people will be able to listen to the music separately while reading, traveling or just getting inspired.
    • Prospect to have some parts of the podcast (like music interludes, specific sounds or original logo) on sale on the mintbase website as well as entire episodes available through Incubadora/Near store.

    o The amount of money requested for 14 episodes (1 month pre-production + 7 months production and post) is 370$ per month. The work includes – for each episode:
    o Reading and analyzing in-depth the selected book, choosing the most significant passages, characters and situations to talk about
    o Writing a script that will captivate the audience
    o Composing the music inspired by the book
    o Recording ambient sounds which will be heard during the narration, in order to turn the story real and intriguing, and to help the audience imagine and visualize the scenes they are hearing
    o Recording the voice-over of the script
    o Recording the music
    o Editing the whole episode combining voice, music and sound design
    o Mixing
    o Launching the episode on the most common platforms (Spotify, Youtube, AppleMusic etc. )

  5. BIO
    • My name is Giulia Gallina, I am a musician, voice-over artist, dj, conference interpreter and book lover. Born and raised in Milan, Italy, I started studying classical piano at the age of six before completing my musical path in Lisbon, Portugal at the “Academia de Amadores de Música”. I also play the autoharp, the concertina and sing in the international band “The Loafing Heroes”, with whom I recorded two albums. Over the years, I have been taking part in many literary events and festivals in Lisbon where I have been providing the soundtrack and I am currently involved in a brand new musical project that combines piano and electronic music – first single to be launched in November 2021.
    • The Loafing Heroes are a cosmopolitan, morphing, dream-folk band based in Lisbon. The project conveys a subversive idea of ‘loafing’ (in slowness, wandering, and perhaps even as an art of living and seeing). The band’s vision of entanglement, transformation and subversive joy responds to the technological overload and ecological catastrophe of our troubled times.

• Links:


hello there! Awesome project! I hope we can fund it. @mecsbecs @JulianaM @Samiasns @herikalcn let’s look at it?

@GiuliaCat join us in the Telegram: Join Group Chat


Hi @GiuliaCat !

This proposal sounds so intriguing - I really like the idea of you composing music to match the tone of the podcast content itself.

What would be the desired outcome of this project for you? How many listeners / NFTs purchased would be your goal?


Heyhey @GiuliaCat Your proposal looks great! I’m very curious about the concept of the podcasts and also the whole artistic process involving music :heart_eyes: Something I’d love to see supported by Incubadora for sure :slight_smile: Your project is very detailed and consistent, but I agree with @mecsbecs that you could include how many NFTs are you considering to mint per month or per podcast, just to have an overall idea of the engagement that you are intending to have with our store.


Hi all and thanks Fred, @mecsbecs and @JulianaM for your comments and questions!
My idea would be to have the music tracks of each episode and the episodes themselves on sale, that is to say around 4 NFTs per month, plus the Podcast jingle (the music intro you hear in every episode) and the Podcast logo. Since I will be recording separate sounds for sound design I might also add as a NFT a particular sound or caption that I find interesting - if it does make sense outside the narrative of course.
As far as listeners are concerned, my wish is to have as many as possible but of course this will depend on advertisement and time. Usually it takes a few months (let’s say 7-8) to have a solid base of around 200 listeners and this will increase by advertising the podcast on the right platforms. My goal is to grow slowly but consistently, helped by the fact that the same format will be available in three different languages (first Italian, then English and Portuguese).

Since I am about to launch a new musical project (first single in November 21 and new album in Jan-Feb 2022), I can imagine there will be a lot of traffic on my social media pages and that will be a good timing to launch the podcast as well.


I think we can add your project to our next budget! :slight_smile: It’s approved! We will let you know when to ask your payout :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s amazing news!! Thanks so much @JulianaM and everyone :pray: I am so happy you liked my project, I just can’t wait to start! :heart_eyes:


Hi @frnvpr , @JulianaM and everyone!
Here’s a quick report of my first month of work, November.
This month was meant to be dedicated to pre-production, so here is what I did:

  • books: I decided on which books the first episodes will be dedicated to, drawing a table of contents and topics
  • technical details: I got all the materials needed for recording, i.e. a podcast microphone (Sennheiser MK4) and a Korg SV2 electric piano for recording music
  • Logic Pro software refresher: I followed specific tutorials and courses on how to record a podcast effectively on Logic Pro X software
  • writing: I wrote the draft of the first episode

So far so good, everything is on track and I will keep you updated on the next developments.


looking fwd to the first Podcast! :smiley:


Hey @GiuliaCat .
We finally posted out the guidelines for the reports writing of the projects funded by Incubadora Vertical.
Please have a look. From this month on, this project’s monthly reports should follow these guidelines.

thank you!


Thanks @JulianaM , all clear! :slight_smile:

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Olá, Giulia!

Já pode nos solicitar o valor referente ao mês de abril: 22,8N (1N = 16,22USD)

Beijinhos :dizzy: :purple_heart:

Olá, Giulia!

Já pode nos solicitar o valor referente ao mês de maio: 370 USD/ 33N (1N = 11,2 USD)

:dizzy: :purple_heart:


Obrigada Herika! :slight_smile: Beijinhos!