[REPORT] April Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

April Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @JulianaM @frnvpr @Samiasns @herikalcn @chaveirinha

Project Accounting: current account balance 276N*

incubadora.sputnik-dao.near/ jmm.near

  • Some payouts pending like 12,3N of council fee and 11,8N related to the marketing funding

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Incubadora started a process of redistributing Its council activities in order to work in a more organic and efficient way. From now on, we’re going to be able to divide our tasks more equally while asking less money for the council and administrative matters. Our goal is to prioritize our activities

  • We started a partnership with The 3xR in order to create a bridge between Its tools and technology and the Portuguese-speaking creatives community. During the month, we invited artists and curators to use, experiment and learn about blockchain, metaverse and NFT’s. The result is a series of customized virtual galleries created by them and minted in our Mintbase Store

Customized Gallery by the curator Stephanie Wruck

Customized Gallery with the artworks from L

  • As part of our growing investment on De-Fi experiments and research, @frnvpr gave a De-Fi workshop to Incubadora team members. It was an opportunity to consolidate our knowledge of tools like Ref.finance and Metapool, learn De-Fi strategies and be aware of security issues

  • The artists awarded in our 3rd Artist Stipend Program started to present their final reports. Here are the testimonies from Lígia Fernandes and João Saiote on the impacts the stipend had in their artistic work and life

@notsource artwork “Wip” - procedural curves generated on mesh. controlled by textures

NFT preview of Juliana’s Matsumura 3XR custom gallery of the Kawa-Kami project

  • Due to the changes observed in our community, in particular, the Guilds’ Tiering System, we decided to work hard in a proposal that will allow us to run for the NEAR Foundation Grants Program and other funding programs such as the Daocubator

  • Incubadora organized a meeting with the members of Triângulo project in order to set up a partnership. The idea is to develop an artistic residency at Prisma Studio, where Incubadora will be part of the mentorship process


  • We are delighted to announce the five writers awarded with the 4th edition of our Artist Stipend Program. The winners are: Ana Pedrosa, Bruno Bucis, Taslim, Urutau Maria Pinto and Zé Bernardo da Fonseca . This edition was the most successful so far, we had 26 applicants and It was organized in partnership with Cosmia DAO, who rewarded other 4 writers

  • Neuroaesthetics: the resumption of the visual experience as a way of knowing the world was the 5th Seminar held by Incubadora’s educational project. It was presented by Dr. Juliano do Carmo and organized in partnership with the Philosophers DAO. The activity was really successful with more than 40 subscriptions and 29 attendees, the most balanced so far. The seminar video will soon be available on our YouTube channel

Neuroaesthetics seminar preview

CUBA SHOTS making of with Henrique Neves

  • Incubadora Vertical also supported the following projects: Travel Podcast, Ways of Seeing Workshop that is supposed to happen in May, and 28 days in Tallinn. Besides that, thanks to our Vertical fundings, we were able to reflect and define the Dapps we want to develop: one for managing our open calls, facilitating both submitions and jury voting; and another one for managing our Vertical itself, distributing funds in a more decentralized way


  • Incubadora is growing and we want to develop more activities in the future. With that said, It’s important to increase the amount of people working with us

  • Focusing on long term planning is crucial to increase our DAO’s resilience and growth

Next Steps:

  • Supporting the 7th month of the Travel Podcast, and the 2nd month of 28 days in Tallinn

  • Developing the CUBA SHOTS next episodes with CUDO

  • Running for the grants programs

  • Preparing the next round of our Artist Stipend Program

  • Preparing and running the next Incubadora’s seminar

  • Inviting more creatives to experiment the creation of customized galleries in 3xR space

  • Keep on developing our Dapps and investing in strategies to become more financially sustainable, increasing the resilience of our DAO

  • Preparing the next Poliedro Catalogue

Thank you! :purple_heart: :dizzy:

All are welcome to join us to talk about and see our projects.

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Excellent job guys! When the links are available (both from my paper and from my Seminar) please let me know, so I’ll help spread the word!


Of course! here it is>>> INCUBADORA

The seminar will be available soon in our Youtube channel.