[REPORT] January Monthly Report _ Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @JulianaM @frnvpr @Samiasns @herikalcn @chaveirinha

Project Accounting: current account balance 3.843,51 USD*


  • Payout pending: 150 USD related to short-story designer

Updated Project Timeline:

  • Incubadora Vertical supported three projects in January: Travel Podcast, Kawa Kami Virtual Version and Short-story project cover design. Giulia Gallina presented a very good and detailed report, we’re happy to witness the projects from our community members growing

  • We have been engaging with the awarded artists of our 2nd Artist Stipend Program, Amanda Silva, Elizabeth Ramos, Madalena Mendes and Manuela Romeiro, in order to have some of their artworks displayed in our Mintbase Store

  • The video tutorials produced in partnership with CUDO DAO have proven to be very efficient in supporting our activities. They allowed us to have a much more attractive “Faq and Tutorial” section on our website, straight-linked with our newest YouTube page. The guides section on our website has become the most accessed tab beside the homepage

  • Incubadora’s communication channels are stronger than ever. Through our last funding request to the Marketing DAO, we were able to expand our channels to YouTube and Facebook, and reach a bigger audience in our multiple networks. Our results are proudly detailed here.

  • Alongside the changes we are observing in the NEAR ecosystem, we started conversations with CUDO DAO and muti Dao in order to reflect on which legal solutions available in Portugal could be interesting for the future of our DAOs

  • In collaboration with CUDO DAO we are designing a new video project to support and communicate the work of different artists. The goal is to have an interview program that portraits the artist in the context of their artistic production and launch the pilot next month


  • Art and Erotism in Georges Bataille was the 2nd Seminar held by Incubadora’s educational project. It was presented by Potira Maia, an artist and researcher from Brazil. The seminar was a true success, we had more than 60 subscriptions and twice as many attendees compared to the one we had last month. @hevertonharieno made the video editing of the event and our YouTube page already features our 1st and 2nd seminars

Art and Erotism in Georges Bataille Seminar Preview

Manuela Romeiro testimony on Incubadoras’s support


  • Expanding our channels was really important. The greater the reach of social networks, the greater the adhesion of our activities. It’s important to be prepared to have even more participants in the next editions

  • In a context where we have lots of participants, it makes sense to launch stipends that are focused on one artistic expression. This is important to sustain strong evaluation criteria and fairness on choosing artists

  • Educational materials are crucial to support our activities. We need to keep investing in the production of such content

  • Due to the NEAR value fluctuations, It’s important to review the prices in our Mintbase Store from time to time in order to keep them attractive to potential buyers. Following this thought, reviewing the content itself can also be a good strategy, besides investing in a more curated 3xr space and so on

Next Steps:

All are welcome to join us to talk about and see our projects.

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Thank you! :purple_heart: