[REPORT] October monthly Report - IncubadoraPT DAO

Project Name: IncubadoraPT

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @JulianaM @frnvpr @Samiasns @mecsbecs @herikalcn @chaveirinha

Project Accounting: current account balance 770 NEAR**

DAO incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near

** Poliedro payout pending (150N artist fee)
** Poliedro catalog launching physical event cancellation (202N including event catering, this amount will remain in DAO’s funds and will be used in future activities of the DAO)
** Twitter management and council payouts pending

Updated Project Timeline:

  • In order to have IncubadoraPT working in a more organic way, two new council members were welcomed to join the team: @herikalcn and @chaveirinha

  • We completed the second month of the Poliedro residency with lots of talks, workshops, debates and positive feedbacks. Some of the artists already presented their final report (Natália Loyola, Victor Gonçalves, Nico Espinoza, Francisco Lourenço, Hugo Lami) and we are discussing the possibility to make an exhibition

  • Our first Artist Stipend Program Open Call rewarded two artists among 9 applicants: @jmemediato and @SaraMosli. We completed the first of the two months stipend program, looking forward to planning the next round

  • We are now at the final stage of our website design, the goal is to launch it in November. By doing so, our communication channels will be more diverse in a way that we are gonna be able to leverage our engagement with a broader community of artists and creatives

(website preview)

  • We are about to finish the Poliedro Catalogue and the goal is to release a digital version soon. We understood that a physical event, matching the end of Near Con, would not be compatible with the artists in residency research progress and that’s why we decided to postpone. This was an opportunity to make a higher quality work

(Poliedro Catalog preview)

  • As the physical event space was already rented, we are preparing a week where the Poliedro artists can use the studio to experiment new approaches and share insights

  • We added several new Incubadora logo versions to our Mintbase Store and some of them were already sold, the idea is that each of these NFTs will represent membership passes to access workshops, activities and events promoted by Incubadora DAO in the future. The winners of the Bounty to promote Incubadora Visual Identity were also added to our store

  • Plus, we have ongoing efforts into onboarding


  • In October we had the pleasure to participate in the NEARcon event. We joined the NFT gallery to showcase the NFTs available in our Mintbase Store and the sessions of our Poliedro residency. The video editing of Poliedro was made by @hevertonharieno and is now available at the Cudo DAO YouTube Channel

(Foi Assim que Ouvi, by Juliana Matsumura - displayed at NEARcon NFT Gallery)

  • Poliedro resident artists are more and more engaged with the NEAR community and are also developing projects within the context of other DAOs, such as @nearestchico with the Motion Landscapes in VR and @nico with Ambisonic Work Flow in Reaper. These two artists are also part of VR DAO council and showcased the result of their collaborative work at the NEARcon event, displaying two VR artworks (link 1 and link 2)

(Motion Landscape #1, by Francisco Lourenço with sound design by Nico Espinoza - displayed at NEARcon NFT Gallery)

  • 54 members on TG group

  • 232 followers on Instagram

  • 479 followers on Twitter

  • Several payout proposals were made on the SputinikDao by the active members of the community, designer, artists, videographer


  • To finish the Poliedro residency on the 15th and launching the catalog on the 30th was not realistic considering the size of the Incubadora team and the time available. Although, we are happy that we were flexible enough to step back and prioritize the quality over the initial deadline

  • To host a 100% online artistic residency was very interesting, but if the artists had room to share, physically, their experiences with one another it could have been even richer. Also, rethinking the amount and duration of the online sessions can be positive. That is something we’ll keep in mind for the next Poliedro round

Next Steps:

  • Supporting the Travel Podcast project launch

  • Planning the next Poliedro Residencies

  • Preparing next Artist Stipend Program round

  • Ideating new core projects

  • Launching the catalog

  • Launching the website

  • Boost the social media engagement by calling upon specific fundings and specialized professionals

  • Going deeper on discussions about becoming more financially sustainable by establishing the Sustainability team to provide DeFi solutions to increase the DAO resilience

Thank you! :star_struck: :hugs:

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.


Website design is looking great :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


we are super excited to launch it very soon !! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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