[REPORT] December monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members: @JulianaM @frnvpr @Samiasns @herikalcn @chaveirinha

Project Accounting: current account balance 5.264 USD*


  • Some payouts pending like 150 EUR of Artist Stipend Program artist’s fee

Updated Project Timeline:

  • The community members supported by our Vertical program submitted their reports concerning the work in progress. Here are Giulia Cat and Juliana Matsumura results so far

  • In order to standardize the proposals and reports submitted to Incubadora and ease our evaluation process, we launched guides to be followed by community members in our NEAR Forum

  • The awarded artists in our 1st Artist Stipend Program presented their report after finishing the second month. We were truly happy with the results and so were the artists. The Stipend had a meaningful impact on their works and lives. Here are Sara Mosli and João Emediato testimony

(Atlas of work image preview, Artist João Emediato, Photo: Ethel Braga, Starring: João Filho e Lucas Pradino)

  • In partnership with CUDO DAO, Incubadora developed onboarding video tutorials that are now displayed on our website. This initiative appeared to be really useful to promote the familiarity with the NEAR community and Its gonna be crucial to the onboarding process concerning our different core activities such as the Stipends, Seminars and Vertical. All community members are welcome to watch and share this material

  • Our council member @Samiasns is having workshops with our website designer in order to learn how to make the changes our website may need in a more independent way

  • During December we created the following wallets: incubadora_catalogue.near, to storage the requested NEARs that will be used to produce our biannual catalogue; incubadora_defi.near, to make DeFi experiments and research; and incubadora_airdrops.near, to spread airdrops through the participants of our activities

  • On December @JulianaM had a meeting with Regina from Mintbase and had the chance to share the work Incubadora is doing. Our #01 Poliedro Catalog was featured in their IG account and a blog article is about to come

  • In terms of communication and social media, Incubadora was able to reach a bigger audience through fundings received from the Marketing DAO. Our results are detailed in our Nov/Dec report. Diversifying our funding options was an important move

  • Plus, we have ongoing efforts into onboarding


  • Introductions to the Brazilian Activist Cinema was the 1st Seminar held by Incubadora’s educational project. Leonardo Gonçalves, a filmmaker and PhD student from Brazil, was the speaker and the initiative had Its subscriptions sold out. Considering the current political scenario in Brazil, we were really happy to host this very meaningful and necessary theme. @hevertonharieno made the video editing of the Seminar and It will soon be featured in the Incubadora YouTube channel that we plan on launching next month

(Introduction to the Brazilian Activist Cinema Seminar ran via Zoom Meetings)

(Prototypes_Low River 5 and 6 by Juliana Matsumura)


  • Educational materials such as videos and tutorials are crucial to engaging with people who are not familiar with the NEAR ecosystem and to increase the adhesion in our proposed activities

  • The amazing results and impacts observed in the first round of the Artist Stipend Program made us even more motivated to expand and run this project as a core activity

Next Steps:

  • Supporting the three projects in our January Vertical, Travel Podcast, Kawa Kami Virtual Version and Short-story project cover design

  • Supporting the winner artists of the 2nd Artist Stipend Program for the second month

  • Launching the 3rd round of the Artist Stipend Program, increasing the jury members from 3 to 4

  • Preparing and running the Incubadora’s 2nd seminar

  • Keep on discussions about becoming more financially sustainable and investing in DeFi solutions to increase the DAO resilience

  • Expanding our channels to YouTube and Facebook

Thank you!
Happy new year folks :purple_heart: :dizzy:

All are welcome to join us to talk about and see our projects.

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