[APPROVED] MotionDAO July 2022 Art Urgency utopias and undoings

By Mariana Carranza

“We can participate in fantasies that see technology bringing the world into predictable control, but I prefer to work through and alternative vision that see technology embracing the messiness and uncertainty of the world to cultivate experiences of wonder, curiosity, enchantment and surprise that come from seeing oneself as a small part of a great number of wonders that surround us in everyday life”
Laura Davendorf

Funding request for July 2022

Due to the complexity, scope and specific geo-political contexts of most of the projects/hubs that comprise the MotionDAO ecosystem, the funding requested here to Near, in any means reflects the cost of labor and actual value and impact of the activities.
We present these proposals as a very good opportunity to incentivize synergies and contributions creating ripples, non-linear network effects in diverse geopolitical contexts, kinds of practices and industries. The projects here are a manifestation of the divergent condition and connection or our artistic practices, and it is wonderful to be able to read visions of the possible that are not limited to what is financially feasible. It is more like sharing and accepting gifts in order to keep making art and creating impossible realities within the new possibilities afforded by blockchain technologies and the Near Protocol.

Admin and leader
As a guild leader i carry on activities such as weekly meditation session, weekly townhall, coaching of new members, dance-tech monthly onboarding session (starting this month).
I also collaborate directly and advice with several hubs specially with MotionDAO Edu and the activities in Berlin, Kassel, Geneva and Ghent.
Workshops have been confirmed: Dance and the Blockchain workshops led by Lenara Verle and I, Berlin (Lake Studios), Kassel /Format gallery), Ghent university… More to be announced.

1000$ unstablelandscape.near @marlonbarriossolano

Soft Spaces and NFTs in MintBase (Continuation of R&D)

400$ unstablelandscape.near @marlonbarriossolano

MotionDAO/Near@Dokumenta(Kassel, Germany) in Collaboration with People Doing Moves, @soar55 (Canada), K-format Gallery (Kassel).
Other member of motionDAO are activating resources to collaborate.

500$ unstablelandscape.near @marlonbarriossolano

See the following form MotionDAO member and hubs

1000$ len.near

400$ tatirosa.near

200$ reynaperdomo.near

400$ spareworks.near

400$ chimerik.near

300$ jeanneb.near

200 $ Argentina: anzorrilla.near

The following 2 projects were posted after the deadline, they partially roll to next funding month

$100 New York catalejo.near

$100 Medellin platoboss.near

Total Funding Request:


June 2022 Reports:

Screenshot from Altered States 4th of July 2022
Concept and software by Marlon Barrios Solano https://marlonbarrios.github.io/altered_states/

Art Urgency utopias and undoings (July 8th 2022)

MotionDAO is polymorphic, multidimensional, layered, intersectional, international yet context bound space. We are limited and expanded with the ongoing attempts of sense and utopia making.
We have been carrying on, persisting for almost a year utopian visions (again and again) and we are clearly aware of the tragedy of cognitive capitalism and historical conditions of postcolonial relations and patriarchy…
Part of the utopia is the fallacy and the fantasy that I can talk for the collective.
This is not personal; it is not collective either.
My artistic practice and the care of the MotionDAO group has helped me to survive in a racist pseudo democracy; in a culture trapped within internalized economic ideas of worth; in a globalized Eurocentric art market that is attempting to perpetuate its status quo with whatever NFTs may help to grasp, and accumulate.
For me, in MotionDAO, is the ‘DAOification’ that keeps resourcing me as an instantiation of the collectivist utopia in an hyper- individualized globalized performative self always looking up to the global North.
We need to become aware of all these layers.
I have felt that these layers are instantiated in the process, process, process, or in the ’ art creation’, how JeanneB would say with her French accent in English.= during our meetings. in this monthly attempt to make sense and get funding.
Part of the practice. hey Mods, you are our captive audience.
I think that accents are the a very good metaphor for the intersection of knowing, politics, embodied efforts, affect and the tension between the individual and the collective, difference and sameness. Privilege and the traps of already existing within a desperate art market.
Oh, the projects… sure.
Dates, dates, events… we still live in the false dichotomies of theory and practice; the abstract and the concrete, mind and body and of course the right and left.
I am tending now to grounding facts and to our belief in our own speculation as artists; we are ‘urgent’ even if what we do is deemed as non-productive and or worth: functional.
We are accents, accents are survivors; vestigial hope; embodied memory in-spite of erasure…oh, applying for monthly moneys with the tension between gifting and laboring.
Sensitive, strong, mistaken beyond success and failure; I forgot about this last dichotomy.
So, July, summer/winter 2022 for MotionDAO hemispheric member; we do this knowing there is no north; only the south of knowing. It is always going south.
With these projects we embrace the urgency about increasing heat, sea levels, species disappearance, migrations, floods, shootings, corruptions and insurrections; bullets and speaking parrots…with funny accents.
And of course, mutating viruses, propagated in branded spaces of immutable ledgers events.
In July 2022, dwelling within this impossible landscape; we dream, we meet every week, trying to do the doing and attending events; feasts, panels, workshops, while we know that festivals are back with feverish hope and pace.
Airplanes glorifying pseudo adventures in English with accents.
We still participate and surrender; or try to keep going thanks to an auspicious denial and also obsessive hope; our amazing emotional resilience and cognitive juggling.
We have good training.

“The main challenge is trying to create work that touches people at an emotional level, as opposed to them thinking about the technology or wondering how it was made. making poems, not demos, is how we refer to it; making work that is like a poem, short yet dense, re-tellable, rhythmic, meaningful and opposed to a demo like feels like technology for technology sake.”
Zach Lieberman


Hello Motion DAO, your proposal and reports are looking great. Thank you for formatting it so well this month! We would like to request that you to please add metrics to your report for June and fill out the inscription forum.


Hello, ah thank you! yes, I think it better. Thank you for the suggestion. Can you give me an idea about the kind of metrics that you are using as indicators.
I have an idea…let me know.

Ok, Great survey and a think piece.! how long do we have to answer that? I have to harvest a lot of information from the DAO members. Let me know.

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Metrics can be unique to your projects but could be things like amount of NFTs created, educational workshops, participants engaged, NEAR wallets onboard etc.

Since it may take some time for you to complete this, to not delay you longer, we are happy to say you follow the guidelines and are approved by the moderators! Please complete the inscription forum and add your metrics as soon as is reasonable for you. Here are some of the reasons your proposal looks good to us:

  • high level of education you provide to your communities about NEAR blockchain**

  • unique experimental projects that bring new ideas and innovations to NEAR

  • fair and clear description of labor being done

  • transparency though learnings shared

  • diversity in projects

  • thorough and clear reporting


Hello Adrian, thank you so much. It is very good to receive this feedback. on why we are getting the support. Endless gratitude. The form/survey is really helpful for our own envisioning and see where are now and our opportunities for sustainable growth.


Thanks a lot! Very nice to receive a message like this, your words are a great encouragement for us. Keep going!


Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, do, can we proceed with the CFC phase of the process?

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Hello, Thank you @marlonbarriossolano, This above link is to the same post. I just corrected the title. Let me know if this is ok, Or just keep the one you shared.

Here the report:

Here’s the report:

Centralized Report or Meta-report my Marlon Barrios Solano