[Report] MotionDAO July 2022 International Harvest Woven meta-report

Hello all, this is the harvest of the indicators and narratives of MotionDAO activities and benchmarks of July 2022 based on the approved proposal:

This report is a collaborative harvesting or meta-report from members and projects supported. It is a group effort.

I present links to each supported instance and they try to balance qualitative aspects of process with metrics as indicators.

The projects presented addressed different issues: sustainability, clean energy and art creation, post-colonial relations in arts communities of practice between the north and the global south, beain hispanic in the US and art world, important aspects of generative arts and NFTs (ongoing research) in order to expand the possibilities of web3 for movement performance practices, NFTs as utilities for educational processes (on chain certificates), use of NFTs as onboarding and wallet creation, introduction of DeFi to the MotionDAO members, consolidation of an international networked and effects (Paris, Kassel, Medellin. Brussels, Berlin, Caracas, Buenos Aires, Porto Alegre, Porto, New York, Boston, San Antonio, Frankfurt…).

It is important to point at the many of MotionDAO activities are online gatherings that allows for a full international impact and access. MotionDAO is also part of the dance-tech.net and movimiento.org ecosystem with mailings involving Near more than 12000 international users.

MotionDAO, as a set of international projects must take into consideration the combination of global goals with specificity the economic/labor/culture conditions local contexts. Therefore each hub or project has autonomy and agency on how they structure and frame their project.

Our members are active users of many elements of the Near ecosystem such as : Paras, mintbase, satori, many staking pools, Burrow, ref.finance and of course AstroDAO.

We appreciate the patience and of the moderators to see and value of the layers and dynamic processes of MotionDAO efforts and work.
Our work is actually getting international recognition and Near is coming with us with invitations to international conferences, exhibitions and documentaries on web3 and the arts (we just got an invitation from UK producers).

In all our printed materials and media, Near is always features and foregrounded.

It is important to consider that the labor that is partially supported by Near is part of the many concentric circles and ongoing shifting threads that are woven into the creative process and invisible labor of many artists and actors.

MotionDAO with Near is ecosystem, has also woven inter organizational relationships (interDAO?) with Kernel Blocks Fellowship, Dada and Invisible Economy, Token Engineering and Omega Group, Marma J, IncubadoraDAO, Muti, etc.

Here are the threads of the mandala:

New York Hub and PlatoHedro were moved to August proposal; ther were given 100$ each as symbolic gift and incentive. They have continued their important work.

“If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention.”
― Tom Peters, [Thriving on Chaos: Handbook for a Management Revolution]


Thanks Marlon, I really love the points you bring to the report, especially:

If metrics might indicate number of wallets created or chain transactions performed, the qualitative aspects can go much further.

  • How deeply were those people behind the wallets inspired to feel that there is a new world of possibility opening up for them in the universe of web3?

  • How strong of an example was it to see a collective like MotionDAO, living already in such world, peers who can guide them into this seemingly overtechnical labyrinth that offers beautiful rewards at the end?

  • What kind of varied and unique journeys can start now, and trace back their pivotal point to something they heard on a talk, a workshop, a performance, which is happening right now because of the support being given to this group, a tightly bonded collective of people who have the drive and the courage to be pioneers and bring the tech into creative experiments and unexpected possibilities?

For all that I am very grateful, and very honored to be part of this group :pray: