[Report] Hub Motion BR - July 2022

For the Hub Motion BR July activities, I will be reporting on the workshop, logo and promotional materials, and @tatirosa will complement the report with the seed members sessions and activities, to be posted as a comment to this post.


  • The workshop happened on July 7th, had 11 participants and lasted 2 hours (plus extra time for questions and discussion)

  • We distributed 11 certificates of attendance NFTs, 6 of them to new wallets opened during the workshop.

  • The recording of the workshop is now available on YouTube.

screenshot of the workshop

certificate of attendance NFT for the workshop

Recording of the workshop


HubMotionBR logo

The logo for the hub was developed based on the main icon for MotionDAO, with the addition of the name of the hub and a unique color palette.

The colors chosen, purple and green, represent among other things açaí and mate, two iconic Brazilian foods, one from the very north region, and the other from the very south.

HubMotionBR logo 2

The new logo was used for the promotional materials of the workshop:

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