[Report] MotionDAO July 2022 Argentina Node: programming with Isadora for the web.3

The the main activity in july was an intensive Residency in a theater in Buenos Aires from July 4 to 9, 6 hours a day of work and a final exhibition. It is the sixth edition that our team has carried out, the first in collaboration with Motion DAO within the framework of the NEAR ecosystem.

In July 9, we did an exhibition of works that emerged from the VI Residencia.

At Al Escenario, General Gregorio Araoz de Lamadrid 1001, La Boca neighborhood, on July 9 at 5:00 p.m. Tickets free.

The following works have been presented: Neo-post-perfo, by Miguel Aguirre, Lautaro Covellone, Lucía Riog Seigneur, Carola Reboredo and Juan Rolón; Migrants, by Paco Damitio, Patricia Feldman, Sebastián Greco, Pepe Peralta, Juan Pablo Villalobos and Sophie Veber; The Eternal Return, by Carolina Atencio, Estrella Millaray, Eliseo Rocca, Leonardo Rueda and Yasmín Frione.

Participating artists:

Miguel Aguirre filmmaker, musician, photographer, Valparaíso, Chile, in Buenos Aires. postboy.near.
Lautaro Covellone, audiovisual producer. by Florencio Varela, Province of Buenos Aires.
Paco Damitio, sound technician and co-creator of the space Al Escenario. French in Buenos Aires.
Patricia Feldman photographer, cultural manager. From Buenos Aires.
Yasmin Frione, dancer, performer, choreographer, acrobat. From Buenos Aires.
Carolina Garcia Atencio. Dancer. Argentina in Quito, Ecuador.
Ernesto Sebastian Greco Scenic Artists/Graphic Designer/Performer. Castelar, Province of Buenos Aires.
Estrella Millaray, assistant director and theater directing student. From Puerto Montt, Chile, in Buenos Aires.
Juan José Peralta Olaechea audiovisual photographer. From Lima, Peru, now in Buenos Aires. Carola Reboredo, dancer, plastic artist, teacher, video. Córdoba.
Eliseo Rocca, multimedia artist. Buenos Aires.
Lucía Roig Seigneur, sound artist, choreographer and frontend/video game developer. Buenos Aires.
Juan Rolón actor, theater teacher, living statue. Programmer, web designer. General Roca, Río Negro.
Leonardo Rueda photographer, UNA multimedia student. From Virrey del Pino, suburban, now in CABA.
Sophie Veber, multimedia artist and creator of the Al Escenario space. French in Buenos Aires. Juan PaVillalobos Lights, Mapping, Realization and postproduction. Costa Rica.

Their wallets: postboy.near, lauticove.near, patrif2005.near, carodanza.near, sebastiangreco.near, estrellamh.near, j2peol.near, carolareboredo.near, lacorchea.near, rand0mset.near, juanantoniorolon.near, leorueda.near, sophie-melodimages.near, juanpa.near.

The InTAD created a new website where the activities and their results, the artistic and didactic resources created and the NFTs produced, are gathered.

The other activity of the month starts july 30 and consists of the Creative Programming, NFT and Web.3 virtual workshop.

In this workshop, participants will create a programmed performance in Isadora or other languages ​​performed in real time that will be recorded in a multimedia file. Then they will create their wallets, their profiles and collections in Paras and from the record of their actions they will carry out NFTs. NFTs will also be created that account for the creative process and the performative and programming practices used. It will be added to the website and a virtual space to host the artistic and pedagogical results of the workshop, with special emphasis on the material that reflects the practices and materials used.