[Proposal] MotionDAO: online interactive performance 003_playback & Documenta preparation

MotionDAO hub: MotionDAO Canada Hub

Recipient: chimerik.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 400 USD

Project proposal:

  1. Funding to support producing an interactive online dance-technology performance “003_playback” where the audience gets to choose what happens to the movement, sound and video projection of the show.
  2. Preparation for MotionDAO/NEAR Documenta event for August 2022 in partnership with K.format (TBC) Kassel, Germany. Organizing and planning for presentation, sharing sessions, workshops, mini conference and discussions.

“Centred around technology, looping and real-time manipulation, 003_playback is a participatory, movement exploration presented through a web-coded, live-streaming platform. Throughout the work, audience members vote to decide the sound, lighting and how the movement will be altered each round. The performers then respond to these real-time choices made by the online participants, via visual playback. Drawing from video games and simulation theory, this interactive piece explores the many potential timelines we constantly navigate between and how each decision can have a ripple effect, constantly shifting the current reality. Framed as performance-as-research, 003_playback, investigates how surveillance, control, and agency, actively play with our human experience.”

Presented online in FOUND festival by Common Ground Arts Society (Edmonton, Canada)

On July 9 at 7pm PST/10pm EST and July 10 at 1pm PST/4pm EST

more info: 003_playback - Found Festival