REPORT - MotionDAO - July 2022 - DEB/Paris HUB

Dynamic Energy Budget LAB (interdisciplinary, art&sci) activities in July featured Value(s) of Solar art exhibition at Paris Ethereum Week(Monday 18th) including:

  • Mintbase NFTs from “This is an NFT!” artistic creation (solar prints)
  • Mintbase performance (hands solar prints)
  • Collab with Motion DAO Brez’n HUB (Munich) @solsista and @mcpoieses with “Grow a Forest data visualization” and ARt (Augmented Reality) from younergy Crypto


Key successes/learnings/Next steps: from DEB/Paris HUB July experiences


  • This event is a key first event for DEB. It highlights interdisciplinary collaboration bringing art at the service of radical Regen innovation.
  • We experienced creatively with Mintbase to build new relationship with the audience as a first experience to be continued.
  • MotionDAO minting activities (August 22) at Kassel/Documenta (main German artistic event that happen every 5 years) constitutes another inspiring experience in various ways to use Mintbase.

1/ Continuing to use NFTs on Mintbase as performance to interact with audience with MotionDAO and throughout MotionDAO including in Paris Art Galleries for DEB/Paris HUB
2/Improving "This is an NFT!"NFTs presence on Mintbase and social networks
3/Counting new wallets/new NEAR accounts created at these occasions.

DEB - Dynamic Energy Budget is developed through collab with Omega /TEC working group. We explore artistically how to create an artistic economy inspired by Metabolism. DEB/Paris HUB is both building the nest for artistic economy and creating artistic events such as “Value(s) of Sun”.
Part of the research for DEB system (design created by SatoriD after Stephanie Harari first design):




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