[Proposal] MotionDAO: July 2022 brux4s hub: embodied writing sessions & brujula

target wallet: spareworks.near
total request fund: 400$ USD

bruxa4s hub is a group of four Latine/Indigenous interdisciplinary dance artists who have been engaged in collaborative work and knowledge generation since 2015. Members are Paola Escobar (Columbia/California), Damaris Ferrer (Puerto Rico/NY/Miami), Niurca Marquez (Cuba/Miami), and Amber Ortega (Texas).


Create 3-4 Near wallets

Embodied Writing Sessions 2x per month

  • $50 x2 towards each facilitator of a session
  • $100 for ongoing curation of material, session notes, and session planning
    Total: $200
    Embodied writing is unique in that it occurs within the state of embodied awareness and sensing and not after, it is writing inside the happening and not about the memory of a happening, though it can contain memories of past experiences.
    The goal of these sessions is to open up a space where dancers and somatic movers can share process, communal writing space, and text work with one another without a focus on editing, linear thinking, and traditional publishing. We seek to build community and an identity as dancer writers. We do have a goal of publishing some or all of the writings in the form of text as NFT, sound text as NFT, and image text as NFT. The NFT format and utility, for us, provides the affordances of record, documentation, aesthetic experimentation, and interdisciplinarity.
    Sessions will be held via ZOOM central standard time.

Brujula Residency in Puerto Rico July 17-29

  • $100 towards audio and video documentation of and for the residency
  • $100 Talk facilitation; “Reclaiming ritual in dance, a critique of the appropriation of dance methods and knowledge in psychology and the somatic wellness industries”
    Total $300
    Brujula is the coming together of the four members of the bruxa4s hub in Cayey, PR. Objectives of the residency are to construct a framework for archiving epistemology, methodologies of practice(s), language, and concepts. Topics and practices include some of the following; mother-work and knowledge within the choreographic practice of living, defining kinship in a post-pandemic world, dance as knowledge, reclaiming indigenous knowledge within somatic practices, performance and the Latine embodied experience, curanderismo and embodied knowledge, diverting the gaze from the center to the margins as a practice for critical thinking.
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