[Proposal] Dance and the Blockchain - 3-day course at Ghent University - co-teaching incentive - July 2022

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Recipient: len.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: 1000 USD

The Department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies of Ghent University is offering this 3-day course as part of their PhD program and has invited me to join them in Belgium as a guest lecturer and co-teacher to @marlonbarriossolano

Course Description

This course aims to unveil the intertwined dynamics of creativity, ownership, agency and commoditization/assetization of the performing arts on the blockchain through artistic, legal and technological considerations. Theoretical and practical sessions will offer complementary insights about tokenizing intangible culture in the advent of the web 3.0 as the body, its movements and likeness make their entrance into the crypto-space.

Target Group

PhD students of the Doctoral School of AHL. PhD students from the Flemish Area. MA and PhD students from other institutions. Researchers and artists interested in the topic.

Number of participants

Maximum 30 participants.

Dates and Venue

24th, 25th, and 26th of August 2022

ASIL Laboratory at IPEM - Institute for Psychoacoustics and Electronic Music, De Krook Library, Gent, Belgium.


Among other activities, the students will discuss and learn:

  • the role of new crypto-tech and the metaverse
  • ownership dynamics for the performing arts industry
  • notion of corporeality as it expands towards/inside/across the digital space
  • insight on how these technologies impact the performing arts sector
  • perspectives not only about the future of the blockchain but also its present decentralizing applications for artists.
  • how to ‘mint’ and NFT, either based on an ‘emote’ or a small sequence of movement
  • identify the overlapping layers of ownership/authorship over digital assets on the blockchain

Website: Dance and the Blockchain. Commodification and ownership of embodied creativity in the crypto space — Doctoral Schools — Ghent University

According to the course program:

The multidisciplinary angle of this course implies a great range of specialization of the invited speakers as well as for the fields that relate to the learning outcomes expected from participants in this sense, regarding the technical/technological angle around the topic.

One of the goals of MotionDAO Edu has been to support co-teaching and synergies between members of MotionDAO, providing funds for additional fees and costs whenever teaching invitations from institutions do not fully cover them.

For this 3-day activity the funds being requested to cover Lenara’s fees and costs are:

  • transportation to Ghent - 250 USD
  • lodging in Ghent - 250 USD
  • per diem - 250 USD
  • instructors fee - 250 USD

Total Requested Funding Amount: 1000 USD

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Hello there! Just wondering if the Ghent University is not paying you to be a lecturer already?

Hi Adriana, unfortunately not. The university has an option for the PhD students to create their own courses focusing deeper on specialized topics as part of their study credits, and can be also open to a larger community. This event is part of such and has a limited budget.

I think it’s a really smart system. I’m happy to be invited and see it as a great opportunity to generate interesting discussions and insights about blockchain. Maybe in a not so distant future blockchain will be a topic in their main mandatory courses? :wink: I hope we from MotionDAO can leave a good impression.