[Proposal] July 2022: HubMotionBR - "seed members" meetings to set vision, goals and strategies + open NFT workshop

HubMotionBR - July activities

HubMotionBR will continue with our meetings of “seed members” in order to establish the hub’s vision, goals and strategies. This is a group of 8 people so far that are committed and engaged in creating a space for the BR community in connection to MotionDAO and Dance-tech.net.

The workshop we had scheduled for the event “Reciclagem do Corpo” ended up being canceled due to technical errors from the part of the organizers. They might have a new date for us in the future but HubMotionBR decided we will offer it as an independent workshop in July, maintaining the same content and activities.

Besides the introductory workshop, we will have a practical session with the hub’s seed members in order to launch our minting contract (Mintbase store).

We are also planning for July the creation of a one-pager website that will work as a landing site for the hub https://hubmotionbr.carrd.co/ . From there it will redirect to our current activities and calls, as well as the wider networks of dance-tech.net and movimiento.org.

In connection to the site, we are working as well on a logo and visual identity for the BR hub. It will be based on the MotionDAO logo but stand independently visually from the main brand.

For the planned July activities:

  • seed members meetings
  • independent workshop
  • promotion
  • practical session
  • minting contract deployment and configuration
  • one pager website design, configuration and hosting
  • hub logo

We are requesting a budget of 400 USD wallet: hubmotionbr.near