[Report] Dance and the Blockchain - 3-day course at Ghent University - co-teaching incentive - July 2022

Thanks to Ghent University Performing Arts and Media Department for having me during this 3-day specialist course.

This is the certificate of attendance minted live during the workshop and distributed to the students newly created wallets:

A list of student wallets created (plus the instructors):

(We were planning to use the Satori campaign to have the students create their wallets, but there was a technical problem with exactly that function, so we did the process manually. We contacted their support and the problem is now fixed. We’re happy about this, since the campaign was set up to run for a year and onboard up to 100 wallets during several MotionDAO events :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

MotionDAO NFTs were also distributed:

Workshop in progress:

Besides the workshop I also gave a lecture on the topic:

“Redefining ownership in the digital realm”

Both presentations were recorded and will become available for watching at the University youtube channel. I will add links when they are published.

(The second workshop I was going to help lead was cancelled because the other instructor was in quarantine with covid and it was a dance and embodiment activity which could not be properly done remotely.)


It was very rewarding to see whole seminars dedicated to the topic “dance and blockchain” starting to happen in connection to higher education study programs in top international institutions.

This initiative was in a format unique to this PhD program, called “specialist courses”. Their topics are brought and organized by the students themselves, to cover subjects that are very specialized and not already in the main program.

I was curious about how Jorge Poveda, the organizer, was able to find such a great roster of speakers, every single lecture and workshop was of excellent quality. He said he did an online search for terms like “dance, blockchain, NFT, DAO” all together, and I am happy that MotionDAO is coming up on such search results. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope to be part of more similar events in the future. Here some more pictures from the conference:


(Below is the preliminary report info written at the end of July:)

The workshop is scheduled to happen on 24th, 25th, and 26th of August 2022.

Preparations so far included:

  • video session with the organizer, when we discussed possible topics for lectures and workshops.
  • writing a draft proposal for topics, plus list of links and references.

I will help lead 2 workshops and give one lecture during the 3 days of the event. The final program is available at:

We also received a set of data from motion capture software done by the students, with the goal of exploring how it can be incorporated creatively into the practices.

After the event I will complement this report with documentation of the activities, wallets created during the workshops, NFTs minted, and other metrics.