[APPROVED] Funding to start a Mintbase store and DAO

Requesting funding to start a Mintbase store and DAO

Black Cat Cinema would like to request funding from the City Node to open a mintbase store and Black Cat DAO.

The store will be home to NFTs that are produced through BCC collaborations with the artistic community and hopefully integrate with event ticketing as well.

The first NFTs in the store will be two from our current Film Poster Artwork competition.

The purpose of the Black Cat Cinema DAO is to put open-air and alternative cinema on the map in Lisbon and, in time, beyond Lisbon. Engaging with the creative community through artistic collaborations and multidisciplinary events while building a community around the cinema and visual events.

Amount requested:

6.6N for Mintbase store

5N for establishing the DAO

If there's any other info that's needed for the request, just drop a message!


looping in @tabear @TRosario


Hey! All good, approved for me!

When you can show us your DAO created and the initial NFT’s minted, really excited to see them!

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Thanks a lot! Happy to approve this proposal. Please request the payout of 11.5N ( I believe to open a Mintbase store it is 6.5N, please confirm) from our DAO

Many thanks! I’ve just messaged Maria to confirm if it’s 6.5 or 6.6N and I’ll post it as soon as I hear back :slight_smile:

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