AGE OF AQUARIUS by Sérgio de Brito

Hi Mintbase DAO! :slight_smile:

My name is Sérgio de Brito and I am the creator of the play/show AGE OF AQUARIUS, in a world where TV and old media are obsolete and technology is revolutionizing the means of communication and entertainment. The play follows the traditional model of a daily show, where the presenters confront the audience with various ways of inciting madness and hysteria, using the dynamics of various games.

I believe this can be a great educational opportunity for the artistic community, new to blockchain, to interact and get familiar with the technology on a real, day-to-day application. Due to our institutional partnerships and other connections in the space, we can guarantee a high visibility for the event and presence in mainstream news, culture magazines, outlets such as performance platforms of art.
I already have a participation schedule on portuguese radio in March. We will be marketing the play also as the first-ever live event to use NFT technology in the decision-making process, which we’re sure will cause a nice buzz around what we’re doing. Mintbase will, of course, be named as the technology and innovation partner.
We intend to continue to support the theatre, and beyond, community with subsequent onboarding and other shows, advocating for the adoption of this revolutionary technology.

I have secured funding for this project through a 5k grant attributed by Gulbenkian Foundation. Gulbenkian is a very prestigious foundation known for supporting emerging artists like myself, foreign artists, and for its international reputation.
more here:

Besides that, we also have other institutional partners such as SillySeason ( ) and Companhia Olga Roriz, founded in 1995 by the prestigious contemporary dancer and creator Olga Roriz, who will support the shows by lending rehearsal space in the Palácio Pancas Palha where the company is based. (

A little more about the play:

In the scenic space, a light design is reminiscent of a futuristic atmosphere.
Two presenters/performers explore various techniques of inciting the audience to become enthusiastic so that they react with exaggerated emotion to performative situations that do not cause such a reaction in the first place. At the same time, they eagerly strive to fulfill the planning of a predefined show format that proves to be sabotaged from the very beginning.
Introducing NFT’s into this show would be a way to get the audience to interact with the actors, giving them the power of choice. Innovation and new media and tech are also a central pillar of my play - I intend to explore the fall of old media and television.

When the play starts, spectators will already have a NEAR wallet and a Mintbase account, there will be an onboarding moment before the show, where the audience can exchange an NFT for a glass of wine, for example, at the end of the show where a finissage will take place in the space itself.

When and Where:

The show premieres on 12 May 2022 and continues on stage until May 15 at Teatro Praga space, on Rua das Gaivotas 6 in Lisbon.
The goal is to insert this show in a festival context and take it to the following festivals:

-Festival Contradança, Covilhã;
-Maus Hábitos, Porto;
-Ribadavia International Theatre Festival -Galiza, Spain
-Among others to be confirmed;


Communication of the show and Marketing:
I will hire social media and PR manager, I have personal contact with Élia Teixeira who usually works with institutions like CCB-Centro Cultural de Belém, TNSJ Teatro Nacional São João and TNDM II and Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II, her honoraries are 2000 euros to for 4 months of work in the visibility of the show.
The amount to hire her is already closed, which guarantees greater visibility to the show and Mintbase for being the first company of its kind to support a theatrical show.
Estimated Budget: 140 Near

Given that the play is a fake TV show, it is expected that giveaways will be distributed during all “breaks” of the play, all these giveaways will be Nears that will be in the spectator’s Wallet to exchange for gifts at the end of the show.
Estimated Budget: 80 Near

Site for the show
The creation of a website associated with the artist with a virtual store for the show where the client can buy products of the show with virtual currency after the show
Estimated Budget: 50 Near

Several posters will be made, spread all over the city, for this it is planned to hire a company that does the printing and people who place the posters in strategic locations.
Online dissemination will be done on the main cultural sites, platforms for purchasing tickets for shows, and cultural magazines.
Estimated Budget: 70 Near

We expect the show to travel to the north of Portugal (Porto) in September, Galicia (Spain) in October and there are still more dates to confirm.
The requested values for accommodation are done by estimation adding on average values for meals, lodging, team transportation and costumes.
For a team of 5 people (including one person for OnBoarding only) we estimate a total of 200 euros per day, which totals about 3500 euros in total for tour support.
Estimated Budget: 100 Near

This project develops a close connection of the theatrical act with the video component, which intends to assume the film camera as:

  1. a sign of modernity that, for a hundred years, has allowed television to produce contents that motivate the exacerbated acceleration of daily life in contemporaneity;

  2. System, as yet another element in the performative event - a persona that watches over the individual, either to protect him or to control him;

  3. Code of conduct, which determines socialization behaviors and forms identities, teaching how to love and structuring a mass happiness;

  4. Machine, in the accentuation of the passage from human to digital, and of the dichotomies Man versus Machine / Ephemeral versus Crystallized

AGE OF AQUARIUS mirrors a body politic that wishes avidly to entertain not to fall into oblivion, even though it knows that this is the inevitable condition of its condition of its existence.

Thank you for the support, a new era is comming, and Mintbase will be a part of it! :cinema:

Sérgio de Brito
contact: +351916665509

Technical File
Creation and Original Idea: Sérgio de Brito
Text: Ricardo Cabaça
Performed by: Joana Petiz and Sérgio de Brito
Set and Light design: João Pedro Fonseca
PR and Marketing: Élia Teixeira
Dramaturgy Support: Ana Sampaio e Maia
Costumes: Inês Ariana
Original Music: Ricardo Remédio


Hey @sergiobrito

the project sounds revolutionary, we just need to figure out some core questions before proceeding to think about financial support.

First things first: you should discover how you want to do the voting in the show etc. If you need to set up a DAO, a guild, etc.

Im tagging @tabear as she is part of the Muti dao and @JulianaM from incubadora dao? I hope I am not confusing things.

For MintbaseDAO the amount of Near you asked is too high.
After you figured out how to implement blockchain into your play, we can talk exactly about what each dao could offer you.

thanks for your proposal

linking @reginamintbase too


thanks for reading the proposal and for liking it!

The idea of voting is to have an online store on the show’s website where people buy a Near Wallet Token, and in a moment of intermission, the audience accesses the phone and votes on a certain situation (still to be defined), all this will be prepared before the show onboarding.

The second option to this voting would be to provide nears to all spectators, and at the end of the show they can exchange them for drinks and food at the finissage.

I think this way would be much simpler and more effective for people to know Mintbase.

What do you think? :slight_smile:

thanks @tabear @JulianaM

HI @sergiobrito & thanks @marianeu for linking!

This seems like a super interesting proposal and gives new use cases for NFTs in the (art) world. It’s great to see that you already have connections to valuable sponsors like Gulbenkian and Companhia Olga Roriz.

Unfortunately mutiDAO is not able to support this this month as our budget has already reached the max. that we can request.
We do weekly streams in the Metaverse and also physical events, so maybe there is a chance for a collaboration.

As for the voting, I am not quite understanding yet how the voting would be done through using the NFTs for food but I am looking forward to seeing how this evolves! :slight_smile:
Generally I would recommend to browse through the forum and get familiar with the different DAO structures, in case you haven’t had the chance to yet. Until now each DAO in the creatives sector can request up to 5000 USD per month, therefore all the values in proposals should also be mentioned in USD. The funding (up until now) happens on a monthly basis.

It might be worth considering setting up your own DAO or looking into the grants or creating monthly proposals and see which DAO could support this project :slight_smile:

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

Hello Tabear ,

sorry it took me so long to respond.
Regarding the structure of the show, it’s still being created, so there’s still a lot open as to how I will use the NFT’s, but as it’s a new and revolutionary creation, the solution will be simpler than perhaps I’ve explained here. :dizzy:

I think the idea of creating a DAO to support not only this project but other theater projects in the future is wonderful, I think it would be a great opportunity for the artistic community in Portugal, for Minbase and other artists to become more and more familiar with NFTs.

I believe you are very busy, but if you can we can also speak on the phone and I would be happy to meet you, and explain my ideas. :smiley:

As for creating a DAO, I really don’t know where to start, I am slowly getting to know this world that for me is completely new, but I am at the same time amazed at the potential that exists in this kind of projects.
So if you can help me I’d really appreciate it, I’d like to create a DAO for Theatre and Performance and continue supporting other artists and promoting Mintbase in the future.

Thank you :slight_smile:
@reginamintbase @marianeu

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