[APPROVED] Funding for MintbaseDAO July


Hey there,

Contact Name: @marianeu

Guild: Mintbase

Target Address: mintbase.sputnik-dao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 1383,04N

Funding Period: July 2022

Requested amount:


400 usd


1250 usd


20N to be reimbursed to createbase.near (where the linkdrops were created from)


300 usd


± 500 USD


300 usd

For building nearhub parcels [proposal will be added soon by Jeff from NEARHUB]

1250 usd

For twitter nearhub contest [creatives should create images to compete for a spot in our first exhibition at our new nearhub place, proposal will be created by me and @LuisInfante in very little time]

300 usd


350 USD

Total: 4650 USD + 20N (70USD) = 4720 USD in NEAR

Here is our report for the previous month.

thank you @creativesdao-council for taking a look at this


Attention to Creative DAO mods. Marketing DAO hasn’t received report from Mintbase DAO.

Furthermore, Mintbase has own grants program:

Attention Dacha -

here you have the report


Please take care with your tone Dacha.
We were in contact with @David_NEAR during the whole process as you can read in the comments of the post you tagged.

± 750 N were REIMBURSED to near foundation.

Tagging @LuisInfante for him to follow along.

Our Grants program is tech focused and we haven’t started allocating it yet.


Hi @Dacha it would be great to understand what other information we should provide in the proposal for the Non Fungible Conference in April that hasn’t been shared yet. As @marianeu mentioned, we’ve been in touch with the team and answered all the questions in regards to the funds we received for the event. If there are any other details you need, please let us know.

In regards to our Grants program, this is specifically for folks building products using our SDK and, again as Maria said, we’re not allocating these yet. The funding we’re requesting here is to support creatives in the community and onboarding efforts too. Happy to answer any questions you have & looking forward to getting your feedback on this @Dacha

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Ok, thanks for information.

Hey Mintbase team… Just want to point out that Creatives DAO does not retroactively fund events/projects. This is in relation to

Also for this:

[quote=“APROVED [PROPOSAL] ONBOARDING NearFTrans MUTHA, post:1, topic:20360”]
Onboarding for NearFTrans MUTHA Proponent

Could you please adjust?

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heyy, oh, okay.

We might need to talk about this. Because when we give out funds to onboard new creatives, via linkdrop, that needs to happen prior to the event. I am 100% on your side that the work is paid for after it is completed, but the funds for onboarding are always given out prior. and we can’t block them from onboarding 100 people because we need to wait for the next month, right??

the payout for 300 usd for mutha was proposed in JULY already - which is why is in the july funding proposal instead of june.

if that’s not possible, i’ll redo it, but there is people depending on this money, as you know.

thank you @ted.iv

@marianeu I completely understand and in this instance it does make sense, but these are also guidelines agreed on and applied to the entire community of Creatives DAO. As moderators, our job is to make sure these are being followed. Inviting some other mods in here to see if they have any input on the conversation @creativesdao-council


Hello Mintbase!

First off, I want to apologize that this converstation is starting so late. I usually don’t review your proposals and saw no one else has fully attended to it yet so here we are!

I love how much you support and engage the community through your proposals, its truly so awesome!

I am noticing a few things that make understanding reports a little difficult. The first is that not every project has an official report, some are incomplete and ongoing and it requires a long scroll through the comments to tell how much has gotten done. The second is I cannot find your overall metrics anywhere. Would you be willing to help make this process easier by creating an official monthly report consolidating this information and collecting your metrics in the future months? This will in turn give the Creatives DAO metrics to put into an overall report. Please feel free to guide me if I am incorrect with any of the following information, just trying to understand :slight_smile:

From your June Proposal:

I see this in the June proposal but am having a hard time finding the report for the June Events:

I see this in the June proposal but am having a hard time finding the report for the June accomplishments:

I see this in the June proposal but am having a hard time finding a report:

I see this in the June proposal and I believe there reporting information is in the comments but it is hard to tell:

In the June Report:

For example this project which got 258N:

The only reporting I see is this comment which does not feel sufficient:

I also could not find a report for the work done for the payout given to trojanhorse15.near from this project:

I also see that you have two proposals in your proposal for this month that are incomplete. As it is the 15th already, would you mind requesting for these in August?


Hello @adrianseneca Adrian,

yes - for following months we can bring on metrics as of how many wallets created, and nfts minted with creatives support. I think they won’t be 100% accurate as we can’t really keep track of thousands of smart contracts but they’ll give a good impression for sure!

I understand your concern because of the little feedback to each project we are able to provide each month. this happens because so many projects happen simultaneously that we can’t control the timeframes. We only pay after services are done - but we are not stressing them if they don’t respect their milestone - dates. That’s because if they don’t do it - they won’t get paid. So it’s kind of their ball to decide when to do things.

We have been accepting proposals, and paying them out after controlling things are done. The proof or very simplified “”“report”"" of that is the mention in the reports of the dao in the end of each month.

Now I will answer every mention you made - thank you for the attention!


this is the report:


nothing was ever paid out! they did not develop their app / adapt prices to what we thought was appropriate - so that’s in standby until further notice!

the report to this

is the amount of payout we do every month - as can be checked in the dao payouts per month for articles

examples of mentions:

[Report] MintbaseDAO June ( in june I mentioned the wrong bounty - the one in standby. that was a mistake)

I’d be interested in what kind of report you want? Like 4 articles written, x paid to y, x paid to z, x paid to a, x paid to b, links links links?

yes regarding this

the report information is in the comments, yes.

there is a looot of material in that link provided by @dddpxc - i’ll insert some images here

this is like a third of the material provided. :slight_smile:

here the link to verify yourself: Report.docx - Google Docs


we discussed quite a bit internally, i wanted to not share this document first but to prove our point I will share it here in this context!

For [BOUNTY on STANDBY] Receive 60 - 180 USD in NEAR for creating Articles about Mintbase

regarding @Trojanhorse15 we had conversations via DM here on the forum.

here is the link with the article https://docs.google.com/document/u/1/d/1fFYwEK4rTfqqlK68UxnjmVqWhguiGnHMGgptXSZtOio/mobilebasic

proof of the process :slight_smile:

for nearhub we are waiting for Jeff @jefedeoro to write a proposal - but the lands are built. did not want to spoiler but will to prove my point:

these are the three mintbase parcels being built. each month we will pay a part of it. We are building places to rent out to creatives to do exhibitions & for us to do community callls and foster the near ecosystem.

and @luisinfante posted the contest already

but it is not the final version so we didn’t share it before.

Okay so this is it for now :slight_smile:
I understand all your concerns and hope I could clear up some issues. Very open to a call sometime soon too!

Looping in @reginamintbase and @LuisInfante for awareness :slight_smile:

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Quick comment from Community: Why Mintbase DAO continues to request rewards from Community treasure, if raised over 7,5 million dollars from Coinbase Ventures, Libertus Capital, Sino Global Capital, Animoca Brands, Woodstock Fund, and Fundamental Labs, among others?

I believe Mintbase DAO is already a self-sustainable organization.


Hello Dacha,

the 7.5 million are to build mintbase.io - a very powerful infrastructure tool for the near ecosystem.

the @creativesdao-council approve and fund creativity fostering projects in the ecosystem, and mintbase has been one of them since april 2021.


let me know if you have further questions @Dacha

Ok, thank you. I thought MIntbase could allocate funds to support Mintbase DAO and creativity fostering projects.

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it’s fine. we consider allocating funds to builders via the dao - but that is outside of the scope of the creatives. maybe a little overlap here or there, but separate things in their principles.

@marianeu thank you so much for responding to all my inquires, I know it was a lot as I try to get an understanding!

This totally makes sense and is a great way to go about it. Are unused funds tracked and then dedicated to there projects that were approved?

You all have a unique process of working with community and I would love to see you all to continue to be able to do that with ease while also being able to provide moderators with adequate information with ease as well. We are happy to approve your proposal and think moving forward we should figure out the best way to make this happen, especially with the new mods who will be taking things over without myself and the other old mods very soon :slight_smile:
Here some of the highlights we see in your proposal:

  • follows the guidelines
  • invests so much into community projects and engagement!
  • contribution to consistently growing the NEAR ecosystem

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization