Enrollmint - launch of membership NFT app in Prisma Estúdio Lisboa

Proposed by Anastasiia Starikova ananastya.near
Near account for payment ananastya.near
Project Timeline - Launch of the app 30th June

Who we are?

Prisma is a studio and gallery space focused on developing and supporting the next generation of artists. Founded in 2020 and currently has over 400 members, Prisma is based in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. The studio has hosted artists since 2019 and boasts a weekly schedule comprised of artistic residencies, theater, concerts, poetry readings, and exhibitions among other collaborations with cultural institutions. Prisma is currently running monthly art therapy sessions, funded by DGARTES.

We plan to open Triangôlo residency based in Prisma to empower and upskill artists from underserved communities. We aim to do this through a rigorous residency program with training in blockchain technology.

We are asking Mintbase to support the first step of the Triangôlo residency - the launch of the Enrollmint app, which will allow the onboarding of new members to the NEAR ecosystem, and increase awareness about blockchain through the NFT membership cards.

Enrollmint app

Preparing for the Triangôlo residency, we want to ensure the creation of blockchain literate community in Lisbon. The first step to encouraging the community to join NEAR is to offer an NFT alternative to the physical membership cards of Prisma. Then the new members will be onboarded on Prisma discord and to the Triangôlo DAO.

Together with @arroz-criativo we become the first cultural organization in Portugal with NFT membership. We believe that the app has great potential in onboarding other organizations.

Please see more info about Prisma and Triangôlo mission:

Triangôlo pitch presentation: prismaproposal_compressed (1).pdf - Google Drive

Please find the roadmap by the link:

Timeline for the app creation (confirmed with @rhymetaylor)
Testnet - last week of May
Mainnet - 15th June
Customization - 15th-20th June

Budget request 4800 USD (857 NEAR with the current rate 5.6)

  • Remuneration for developing and customizing the NFT membership application jointly with Harmonic and @rhymetaylor:
    $2 per NFT for the first 500
    $1 per NFT after the first 500
    1,000 NFT minimum.
    Total: $1500

  • Setting up Discord channel and onboarding of Discord community manager for 3 months after launch:
    500x3 = 1500 USD

  • Onboarding of Marketing manager for 3 months:
    600x3 = 1800 USD

*Ratio behind 3 months term: as we plan present a showcase and grant marketing effort for residency in October, we believe that 3 months will be enough to form a community during the summer.

We will be happy also to share our research materials, objectives, and mission statement if needed.


Hey, sounds neat - check out the Mintbase Grants programme here.

Hi @AnaNastya

love the idea :slight_smile: as @David_NEAR pointed out, the tech part would fit better into the grants program.
But since harmonic is already building an app for arroz, I wonder why they would need another 1500 usd - could you explain?

Also I think the values of 1500 USD for discord community manager and 1800 for marketing are a bit high. Can you show us other proposals with similar values?

We only receive 5k a month from the @creativesdao-council - probably would be interesting for us to sponsor the first month and then you could go and create your own dao/guild ? ask @tabear how that works :slight_smile:

very happy to see this come to life.

looping @reginamintbase and @LuisInfante in here :slight_smile:


Hi Maria,

Thank you for your feedback!

Please find the answers below:

One month sounds nice as well. Then the proposal will be:

  • Minting 500 NFT with Enrollmint = 1000
  • Discord mod - 500
  • Marketing - 600
    Total: 2100 USD

How does it sound?

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Hey @AnaNastya!

& thanks @marianeu for looping me in. In case you are interested in setting up your own DAO in June, feel free to ping me and I’m happy to assist.

I terms of funding from the Creatives keep in mind that there are some changes planned for the next 2 months: Transition Period For Creatives DAO

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minting 500 nfts costs 5 dollars and takes 5 minutes, why 1000 usd?

discord moderation - would 300 usd be okay? we have 5k a month for all the projects that apply to mintbase

marketing 300 usd too??

need more info about what tasks these people will be fulfilling…

Hi Maria, I’m on the Enrollmint team and just wanted to clarify a few things on our end.

The $1500 is not for development. We are experimenting with different revenue models for the service we are providing through the enrollmint platform. So, the $1500 is a subscription/management/integration fee, and is all-encompassing for the services provided. Essentially its the cost of the service offered and client management.

Of the revenue models being explored, paying for batch NFTs and subscription services have been under consideration.

Please find the description of the tasks below:
Discord manager:

  • Set up the discord channel
  • Onboard new members of Prisma to discord
  • Daily communication with the community, sharing Prisma’s updates and news
  • Setting up bots, and taking care of spam

Marketing manager:

  • Reaching out to other art communities of Lisbon and promoting Prisma events
  • Developing strategy on how we can engage people from outside Lisbon
  • Reaching out to people from the Prisma’s mailing list with an offer to exchange their cards for new NFT cards

I agree with the 300 USD rewards, at least we can start with 5 hours/weekly and see how it will go

Rhyme answered your first question, let me know if we need to add something :slight_smile:

Thank you for the shared document
Does it mean for us that we can receive the funding only till the end of May?

I assume this depends where you request it from but from what I understand is that new DAOs will not receive funds from the Creatives DAO in June and July. Only afterward. But the best would be to contact the @creativesdao-council in that case. You do have other funding verticals too.

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You can read he full update on the Creatives DAO transition here:

In the meantime, applying for smaller funding rounds to get started via existing DAOs is the best way to seek funding for a new DAO.

You can also join in the day to day chats and weekly calls here:

Hi @AnaNastya

Thanks for this! Love what you’re doing at Prisma - and great to know you’ll start testing NFT memberships.

While I love the project, I must echo what Maria mentioned above - we have limited funds to support artists and creatives via our DAO, and need to manage them wisely to ensure we’re bringing the most value to the community.

That said, I think the $1500 set-up/ management fee for the app is more than we can cover. I don’t know what the service entails nor am I to speak of the business model but it does seem excessive considering the actual minting price of the NFTs.

As Enrollmint are being built using Mintbase, maybe it would make sense to apply to the grants program @rhymetaylor and use part of the funds to cover those initial set-up fees for projects in the community.

As for support with marketing/ community building, it would be interesting to see in which ways you’ll be engaging Mintbase. What else do you plan to do to engage your community with NFTs? Will part of your marketing actions be workshops/ educational content? Will you be deploying a store on Mintbase and minting other NFTs other than the membership passes?

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Maybe it helps if I tell you what Mintbase could fund:

workshops about mintbase & nfts

creation of wallets for participants

± 200 usd for marketing / 200 usd for discord in the first month

let me know if that sounds interesting :slight_smile: