[INTRODUCTION] [approved] MUTHA Museu Transgênero de História e Arte

Hi @LulucaL I really liked your proposal

I just need to understand what the 8.5n for store administration are

how many people you are expecting to onboard

what the onboarding method will be


but I feel like we will get this done!


Hi Maria. Thank you for evaluating the proposal. I am glad that there is interest in making this wonderful project happen.

8.5 refers to an administrative fund for the store and will pay fees, taxes and minting of works from the collection if the artist in question is not interested in onboard. It would be a one-time fee to start operating. As April is already underway, we anticipate that we will first organize the store and the team and start teaching in both lives, from there, select and organize the onboarding of artists who feel like participating.

About humans in: already, the MUTHA collection has more than 60 artists and another 200 awaiting for curatorial evaluation. Invitations will be made on social media and through the museum’s own database. This would be the number of possible artists for an onboarding in May.

There are two exhibitions curated by Ian and we would love to move the shows to the metaverse with the nft works. A good start for onboarding too.

We also want to invite artists who operate on other nft platforms like tezos and ethereum and, of course, bring trans people who are already in the Nearverse to the MUTHA store in Jun.

The ultimate goal is to provide the autonomy so that artists can go on their own discovering possibilities in the Nearverse. Having the MUTHA store team as support. For that, we would like to continue with the lives and bring more and more knowledge and information about the ecosystem.

The fact is that the museum already exists and is in operation and has allocated a team to manage this NearFTrans precisely because it is looking for an alternative to sell the collection and remunerate artists and the foundation assistance projects.

I hope I have answered your queries. Thanks again :raised_hands::heart:


Hey LulucaL,

sounds good. I am approving this proposal. Anxious to see the trans community grow on mintbase <3


I’m so happy it has been approved :pleading_face: :heartpulse: this good news made my day ~ Go Luluca and MUTHA and big thanks to Maria!


OMG! I am happy and grateful for the opportunity. What a beautiful moment. Let’s go Mutha! Thank you @marianeu and Mintbase :two_hearts::blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::rainbow::star_struck:

Anything else I should do in the proposal? How do we proceed from here on out?

So glad here…

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Now you go to Mintbase AStrodao Astro

press the green + sign, propose payout for 6,5 N

create the store

tell me how many links with how much funds you need for onboarding,

I create the links and send them to you via telegram


Just Did :raised_hands::star_struck: I put in the astro the value of the administrative fund as well. I already send you the onboarding on telegram. thank you :rainbow::heart:

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Parabéns pela iniciativa! Bom demais ver projetos como esse decolando :heart_eyes:

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Aaaah, obrigadeeeee :raised_hands::star_struck:

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que txudoooooo :black_heart: :black_heart: :black_heart:


Urrull :star_struck::raised_hands: vem cá gentchy!

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Is happening! Gratitude Mintbase @marianeu @reginamintbase :heart:






Live marcada!

Bem vindes

Onboarding :heavy_check_mark:


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A live ontem foi tudo! Gratidão sem fim :blue_heart::two_hearts::blue_heart:
@marianeu @Uru @blusw




Hi people! I’m Ian, director of Transgender Museum of History and Art of Brazil (MUTHA)! I am happy and thankful for the opportunity Mintbase is offering MUTHA, and also happy about the support of the Near community. Hope we can continue to build together.

We are doing our best for this project! New actions soon and hopefully a lot of new talented artists for sharing works with us all!

To the future!




The Transgender Museum of History and Art (MUTHA) is a Brazilian initiative, created and produced by the transgender researcher, artist and author Ian Habib on the book Corpos Transformacionais (2021). MUTHA is an artwork and a transformational, performative and fabulative museum, which aims to create incentives, tools and alternatives ways for the production of data and archives about transgender lives in Brazil, intending to suggest artistic, educational, political and social paths.



Hi everyone, Im Denu (they/them), Visual 3d Artist and one of the head members of MuTHa in this project! Im so happy we are able to start the store in Mintbase, this is going to be a huge step for our museum and transgender community in brasil! really appreciate you for the opportunity!

This is my mkt report of the month for creating the discord, cards design, sharing in social midia and connecting with brasilian artists that will be part of our store!


Tnx @dddpxc :blue_heart::two_hearts::blue_heart:

Organizando um tópico somente para o report. Agradecemos todes que estiveram conosco por aqui, seguimos…

Em breve +++++