[Approved] NFThon Lithuania - project NFTs and exhibition

NFT hackathon = NFThon

Last weekend the first physical “NFThon” happened in Kaunas, Lithuania.


The main theme of the hackathon challenge was sustainability, and 32 participants gathered in teams to developed 10 projects.

(hackathon team’s presentation and event organizer Gleb Divov)

(hackathon mentor’s presentation)

A physical exhibition for the projects is planned for this weeked, as well as minting the results as NFTs.

(physical exhibition concept)

NFTs for sustainability

When it came to choose a blockchain to mint the hackathon projects as NFTs, NEAR emerged as a strong choice. Since it’s a Proof of Stake and carbon neutral chain, it fits very well the sustainability theme.

I suggested to the organizers to use the Mintbase platform for the minting, and therefore would like to ask Mintbase DAO for some support.

One of the themes for the hackathon mentor’s presentations was “Metaverse” and this generated a lot of interest. So besides the minting, I also proposed to set up a metaverse virtual exhibition to expand the reach of the event. The exhibition build will be inspired by the physical setup concept, and also reflect the theme of “sustainability” and “Kaunas Europe capital of culture 2022”

Proposed Budget:

  • Wallet creation for the 32 participants in the hackathon (0.2 NEAR each)
    ** neardrops provided by Mintbase

  • Wallet creation for the event and minting contract deployment (this contract can be reused later for future NFThon events that are planned for other cities, and will be great to mint in a dedicated Mintbase store because this includes as well a perpetual 3xr virtual gallery)
    7 NEAR

  • Set up of virtual exhibition in the Voxels.com metaverse to accompany the physical exhibition in Kaunas:
    ** custom building of the space (parcel loan will be provided by outinside.eth): 5 hours;
    ** creation of voxel assets according to the exhibiton theme: 4 hours;
    ** preparing and hanging NEAR chain NFTs with images, videos, links, credits to all teams: 2 hours;
    ** documentation, screenshots, videos to be used on promotion: 2 hours.
    300 USD

  • online mini-workshop and guided minting session: 2 hours.
    75 USD

Total = 400 USD (375 USD + 7 NEAR)


Happy to approve this one :slight_smile:
Tagging @LuisInfante and @reginamintbase so they keep in the loop

@lenara are you creating the linkdrops yourself?

Awesome! Looking forward.

About the linkdrops, whatever works best, I can create, or if you want to create just send me the csv file. :+1:

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I am creating them right now.

About the voxels exhibition - for mintbase to fund this there needs to be strong mintbase visual identity present. can you guarantee that? :slight_smile:


Yes for sure :+1:

We will put the logo as the minimum, but I was thinking a good idea would be to have an info-stand focused on Mintbase & sustainability, what do you think?

If you like the idea, I would just need you to send me a few links, quotes, videos, etc that you think would be interesting to feature at this info stand.


Great idea yes ! Ill send you details tmrw

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Okay for now @luisinfante and me came up with the following ideas [still in draft mode]

We were thinking it’d be nice to insert:

  • little video where nate screams WE ARE NOT A PLATFORM
    *what are we then ?
    *Grafic visualization of our toolkit

How to build on mintbase - sustainability

  1. everything is built on near :herb: (link artigo sustainability)
  2. create YOUR smart contract, add people & DAOs you want to enable to create on your store
  3. set default royalties to a good cause - examples -
  4. set default revenue splits to the store (for storage), to a DAO to generate funds for next good projects etc
  5. optional: import your marketplace to any product idea you might have - website, metaverse, application. everything is possible

let’s talk on telegram for more details?

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Yes, I like this line-up, up for a talk with @lenara if there are details to get discussion. Also don’t know if we should loop in the Raiz Vertical project since they are focused on this kind of subject.

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Looks great! I will plan for a special corner in the build, the “Mintbase Sustainability Corner” where we can place the information :+1:


Setting up the exhibition now. Please send me 2-5 links to content @marianeu and @LuisInfante so I can place at the special Mintbase Sustainability corner :pray:

Can be any type of content: video, tweets, articles… just need to be links to where it is already published somewhere.

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some materials:


sustainability articles:

what do you think?

for a new graphic we would need more time. when do you need it?

These are great picks! I’ll add them :+1:

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Hi @marianeu and @LuisInfante

The building is done:

They are planning to do the minting this week!

The hackathon participants asked me for a mini-workshop and guided session to make sure they will do it correctly. It involves adding several splits, forever media, etc so I think it’s a good idea. I can do a technical walkthrough, and also cover questions like what makes sense for their use case regarding number of editions, pricing, royalty percentages, etc…

Do you think I can expand the budget to include a 2-hour online workshop for them? Besides the team members, also the Minister of Culture of Užupis will be attending, so I think it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate all the nice features of Mintbase with a practical example, minting cool artworks focused on sustainability.

The adjusted budget would then be:

  • metaverse exhibition: 300 USD
  • 2 hour workshop: 75 USD
  • contract deployment and minting: 7 NEAR

Total: 400 USD (375 USD + 7 NEAR)


Sure, yes! Please change the price in the original post. Lmk if you want me to join online :slight_smile:

Thanks! I have changed the main post to reflect the new approved budget.

Waiting for them to give me the schedule and will keep you posted :+1:

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