[REPORT] MintbasDAO report March 2022

MintbaseDAO expenses in March 2022

For our reddit moderation

11.1N to psalm.near

11.1 to trendheo.near

11.1 to shubham007.near

For the hosting of a workshop and production of videos :

25.92N to unpredictable.near

We paid out the winners of the carnival bounty of last month

5N to luluca_l.near

3N to lemosmacieira.near

2N to tedted195.near

We sponsored SheHacks

156N to shourya25.near

We have an open bounty for the onboarding of photographers

6.5N to dazo.near

For this same bounty, a flyer was created:


5N to luluca_l.near

Serste finished the third step of their project

23.15n to serste.near

Event in Nigeria - educative work & onboarding to near and mintbase and opening store

11.8N to abdulkareem.near

70.5N to abdulkareem.near

2N to uncleshakila.near

1.9N to chijiokekaduru.near

1.9 to olamilepoun.near

1.9N to isaiahfadare.near

1.9N to unicolourart.near

1.8N to walenear.near

For the last translation of this bounty:

2.97N to jeph.near

FEMINU onboarding of 50 artists:

50N to ghini.near

For articles:

11.81N to brzk-93444.near

Isa Danoninho helped to onboard mari rosa

10N to marirosa.near

For the video bounty

10N to shubham007.near

7N to 2skylab.near

Total: 445,35N ~ 6297,249 USD