Launch of the Film & Music community in Mexico City with Cine Tonala


Thanks for the intro to MintTickt.

Here are some of the ways we came for solving the onboarding and UX/UI issues.

  1. Work with MintTickt to create the best experience.
  2. Work with Near Drop to make the onboarding easier
  3. One of our teammates in Mexico City is a UX/UI designer he can help us polish up the user flow.
  4. Working with Near Pay for better payment integration.

From the event side. We have one person who will be at hand to guide folks to get their wallet set up.

We have a video, made by the Near Community on how to set up a wallet that we send out before had.

We will give out POAPs to all who come to the event.


We are gonna make it!! :fist:t6::sunglasses::fire:


Hi @marianeu,

This is what we will do at the events,

Onboarding of wallets using Near Drops.
Using Mintickts for the events and POAPS.

@reginamintbase can work with Fernanda to work on the presentation of creating a Minbase store and using Guerilla shops. Due to time zone differences our events are from 1am-3am Lisbon time.

We will talk about the grant programs for the filmmakers and musicians who have projects that are ready to create a store, engage their community, and mint their project.

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How many near drops with how much near do you need?

Does the mintckt app already exist or work? is something live yet? how use a product that doesnt function yet?

please coordinate with @reginamintbase and fernanda so she is able to give a good owrkshop about mintbase… and maybe it wouold be better if you did that @Montero , since you already know mintbases functionality

I don’t think it makes sense to talk about the grant program with the filmmakers and musicians - unless they want to build a dapp on near with a integrated marketplace…

So we are talking about funding 1 evento - 250 USD - on the fifth of may -where will happen a mintbase workshop by fernanda or martin about mintbase???

Hello @marianeu !

We are expecting 20-25 people at our event. So that much in Near drops.
It is my understanding that Minttckts is already operational. I introduced the to the movie theater where our meetups happen. To help integrate them.

I have been in contact with the brilliant @reginamintbase to coordinate. It is important that Fernanda do it for two reasons, she is a brilliant entrepreneur and now an angel investor who is now building a web3 incubator for web3 startups. Especially those run by Latinas. Near Mexico City is being very intentional about putting women in leadership position in Web3. Too many tech and crypto bros here. So best for her to be on the stage and seen as part of the leadership team that she is.

They do want to build a dapp on near with an integrated marketplace. I have introduced Regina to one of the partners at Cine Tonala. Not only those the Cinema want their own NFT platform (using Guerilla shops.) There are others who are also interested in that.

Our Near Meetups in Mexico City and very practical. They are meant for pros in their fields who now want to integrate Web3 into their professional work.

We have talked about having Mint Base sponsor the first two meets. They cost $250 per meetup for the venue, the pizza and soft drinks and we need to pay the uber for some of our presenters who live far away. As Mexico City is quite massive. After these two meetups the Marketing DAO has already approved to fund weekly meetups for the rest of the year.

The monthly NFT meetups will be organized by the Near Mexico City Team at Cine Tonala in Mexico City. The person presenting will be Fernanda, or another women part of our core team. If need be I can give the presentation.

Those first two meetups will be focused on Mint Base. and the tools and partners creatives can use to build and sell on Mintbase.

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How much for each link?? and @guille can you affirm that mintckt is already functional? id love a tour!!

Can you please clarify what link are you referring to?

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To the mintckt application @Montero ? :slight_smile: you are saying the application is functional, last time i talked to guille he told me he has two new venezuelan developers - didnt know they already created a functioning application

Hi @marianeu,

Here is the report from our 1st Film & Music Meetup.

15 people showed up out of 40 who RSVP. The next event will not be on Monday for higher turn out.
We showed this video: CENTER STAGE - DAY 1 - Nate Geier: Pioneering the Utility of Purposeful NFTs - YouTube
This video: Como Crear tu Store en Mintbase y Mintear tu primer NFT - YouTube In Spanish
Showed the MintBase platform.
Talk to a handful of folks who are interested in building their platforms
Talk to the Cinema owner who wants to put his new film there. Use MintTickts and create a form of POAP for his films and their fancy cocktails.

Our events target professionals in the creative and engineering fields. Who wants to learn how to use this tech in their professions,
This is a very different crowd then the typical Web3 meetup in Mexico City.

At our events we talk about coding, we talk about real utility for NFT tech, we talk about non-financial blockchains, we talk about the film and music industry and how their work will evolve with Web3 tech. We talk about how to get a job or create a web3 company.

Our goal is to help build the 3rd generation of the internet. The Open Web Protocol. cryto and blockchains are one of serveral tool we use to do that. They are not our end goal. they are tools and means to a much greater end.

At our Next event, we will talk about Gorrilla Shops and 3XR so they can add AR to their platform.




how much pizza, drinks were consumed?
how many wallets opened?

What amount oft he 250 would you like to request payout for? :slight_smile:

Hi @marianeu,

I will get the receipt from the Cinema. It was tacos and drinks. (the pizza shop is closed on Mondays)

We did not get the NEAR Drops. So We could not do the Wallet onboarding.

I am requesting the $250, please. That was the cost of the event.

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Hi Martin, only thing missing is the receipts. thank you for organizing this event

for the neardrops I was waiting for the information of how much Near per drop you wanted…

when is the next edition?

tagging @LuisInfante & @reginamintbase so they can follow along :slight_smile:

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Hi @marianeu,

here is the receipt for the tacos.

Now you and @reginamintbase should come on over and have some tacos with us.

I will pay for those. =)

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Hi @Montero , you can submit payout proposal.

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Hi @marianeu,

Not sure what a payment proposal is. Is that like an invoice?

If not what is it? Is there a form I need to fill out. Could you please send it to me?

Thank you.


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Hi, not sure if there is a link or a certain type of doc that is needed.

Otherwise, please send the $250 USD to Montero.near (46 NEAR at the time of this posting) cc: @LuisInfante

Thank you

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everytime the MintbaseDAO grants funding to a project, it goes through astrodao.
Submit a payout proposal to please.
Thank you

Hi @marianeu

here is the payout poprosal.

Thank you


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we are approving it :slight_smile: when is the next event?

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Thank you @marianeu !

We are planning it. To do it well, we are taking 2 weeks+ to make sure we got everything we need to make a success.

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