[BOUNTY on STANDBY] Receive 60 - 180 USD in NEAR for creating Articles about Mintbase

This Bounty is on Standby until we went through the articles written until now.

The choice of the topic is free - as long as it shines light on what can be built on mintbase & how.

You will earn different amounts of USD in NEAR, depending on what you produce. We created two categories:

  1. Nice & easy : 60USD per 500 words (max 120 USD for +1000 words) for a easy-read-introductory article

  2. Deep knowledge : 90USD per 500 words (max 180 USD for +1000 words) for a more specialized article.

Me (@marianeu) and @reginamintbase (who is a professional Journalist herself) will evaluate the articles after they come in to see which category they fit in better.

If you are a Journalist (that can provide any kind of proof) and/or are working with writing blogposts/articles for the web3 space, or have a significant platform reading your articles normally, please contact us for a special budget.

A nice example can be found on the former createbaseDAO blog, which is now the mintbaseDAO blog and will be renamed soon:

The tagged article does not focus enough on mintbase though, because it was written during a time when Createbase (former MintbaseDAO) was still focusing on onboarding people to near. Now we can count on the onboardingDAO to do that :slight_smile:

How to participate:

  1. suggest a topic on which you want to write in the comments below, and tag @marianeu or @reginamintbase (or both). Demonstrate you are fluent in english showing other blog posts you have written or that you are a native speaker.
  2. we will work with you to formulate what the guide will consist of after being sure your english is at a good level
  3. we will tell you to start writing, and from that moment on you have one week to deliver the article.
  4. as soon as you finish, please share the article with us via google drive link (or any other way you want to share it with us) in the comments
  5. Maria & Regina will classify it as nice & easy or deep knowledge and suggest some alterations if needed.
  6. when @marianeu or @reginamintbase approve the article (maybe after suggesting some alterations and you having realized them) we will tell you for how much USD in NEAR you can create you payout proposal
  7. Propose payout on AstroDAO

Topic ideas on which we would enjoy text production: (feel free to suggest other things too)

How to participate in MintbaseDAO bounties

Focusing on Redeemer for physical objects

Focusing on Ticketing function

Focusing on 3xr

Focusing on auctions on Mintbase

Focusing on customizable smart contracts on mintbase (def roy, def rev, adding and removing minters)

Focusing on mintbase toolkit functions (all of them)

How to apply for funding with MintbaseDAO

How bounties work on MintbaseDAO

Giving a resumée about a community call of MintbaseDAO

Telling your experience with building on Mintbase


Hey @marianeu and @reginamintbase! Amazing initiative!

Quick question: what language the articles should be? Can it be in Portuguese, for example, or only in English?

I am a journalist and I am currently working in the second season of my podcast “A Internet Deu Ruim” [or The Internet Went Bad]. The first season discussed topics around art and technology with the perspective that the current internet is dominated by just a few companies. The transcription of most of the episodes are posted in my own blog. The second season will focus in the NFT process and web3. Maybe we can find connection points between the two initiatives?

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Goood questions! @carrapatoso

For now we would like the articles produced to be in english. I am currently working on a translation bounty…

Sounds great. As I am brazilian I am checking out your site at the moment.

What would you like to write about?

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As I will need to talk about a platform to exemplify the NFT process, I can use Mintbase as a case study. It is even easier for the listener to follow only one platform and use it as an example, instead of trying to explain the endless options. If this is something that can interest you (the language is a problem as my audience is in Brazil and Portugal), let me know.

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Hello @marianeu I would love to write on this topic

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Ill try this one :relaxed: :heart:

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This sounds really good @carrapatoso ! So it would be a Podcast in brazilian portuguese about how to use mintbase?
And could you send us some notes before recording?

I think it might be hard to explain things without screen sharing / images…

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great @IgbozeIsrael here is a cool reference Createbase Bounty Guide - MintbaseDAO from when mintbasedao was createbase :slight_smile:

So you basically will need to update to mintbasedao. we do not focus on onboarding anymore, but on projects that want to build on minbtase. we want to be the back end, right? So would be cool if you could give a fast overview of functions on mintbase and then on the bounties?


Hi @Ligaya what would you like to write about?

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Okay, I will be on it

I would like to write about the experience of Brazilian artists in mintbase.
I will interview 3 artists and also tell about my experience.
I’m an artist, art educator and art professor

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Dear carrapatoso!
Please tell me, you have already completed your two DAO projects, what have you decided to take on another one? I just don’t understand where you got so much time and energy!

Sincerely, Igor!
Introducing ArtDAO - Creatives / Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum

Introducing Tibira DAO - Ecosystem - NEAR Forum

@marianeu @reginamintbase

Hey @NearCommunity!

Not sure if this is a constructive comment or even useful. As you can read through the comments, nothing was bonded yet. And, as far as I know, who manages my life is myself.

Escalating again to NF because it is getting ridiculous: @grace @David_NEAR @jlwaugh


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Hey @carrapatoso
No escalation, I just asked a question as I am trying to take on a second project, but I don’t have enough time for it!
Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you with this question in any way!

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Hey @NearCommunity!

If you want to take a second project, good luck with that. You don’t need to involve me in any way.


Thanks for the answer!

Good morning @marianeu im planning to write the article about mintbase. Like what is mintbase how to start your profile on mintbase . How to mint im planning to write those articles for the beginners knowledge. I will focus on how beginners in near ecosytem and new in mintbase how to start thier journey of thier Nft​:relaxed::heart:

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Gostaria de escrever sobre a experiência de artistas brasileiros na mintbase.
Entrevistarei 3 artistas e também contarei minha experiência.
Eu sou um artista, educador de arte e professor de arte

Hi there!
I would very much like to participate in this bounty, I’d like to know what the deadline is though so I’d know the level of urgency I have to apply to this project?

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Please keep posts on-topic.