[CONTEST] Teleport to Metaverse Competition - June 2022

Hello guys! It’s waka – first dating for the web3 era. We came up with the coolest idea about a new competition in collaboration with mintbase and AMBER from waka product!


to participate:

  1. create an animation transporting from WAKA to AMBER
  2. send us your near wallet / create a near wallet (send pm to mintbasedao to get a airdop)
  3. greg will add u to a contract on mintbase.io
  4. mint (instructions)
  5. make people buy your NFT, like your tweet, or hope for the team prize
  6. wait for announcement of winners on 25th of July :slight_smile:

Check details below :heart_eyes:

And what is the idea?
We decided to form an amazing contest: any artist or group of artists who want to challenge others through their creativity/imagination can create a teleportation animation from waka to Amber metaverse :boom:

So there’s a few steps to become a winner:

  1. Imagine how exactly teleportation might look through universes, that will blow minds of users. We recommend an animation time of 20 seconds and a maximum file size of 30 MB.
  2. Use all your powers and hard skills into creating the animation. Alone or invite a few more buddies (so you’ll look like a team of warriors or something). Yep, it doesn’t matter how many people will be involved in the creation, because the most important thing is an animation or several animations at the end :sun_with_face:
    Coolest part is you can insert the contributors into the royalties of the NFT when minting it on mintbase :slight_smile:
    P.S. the animation format must be .mp4
  3. After completing the animation, you should upload your animation to the waka community store on mintbase platform. To be added as a minter to our store, send us your near name via message (t.me/gregerua). Connect your wallet and “mint” your artwork (instruction).
    You will be added to the wakacommunity store on mintbase. For that, you need to send us your near.name on telegram (t.me/gregerua) . Don’t have a near wallet yet? Send a PM to mintbaseDAO on twitter and we will help you get one with some initial funding! You will mint 50 at a time, the minting costs will be covered.
  4. A very important step that we will check together with the team - follow waka, amber, mintbase on Twitter. Post your animation on as many social platforms as you know, mention waka, amber, mintbase on it and add #metaverseteleport hashtag :sauropod:
  5. Who will be the winner? Choice of the waka, amber and minbase teams will receive a prize of $600.
  6. mintbase2.near will send the prizes to the winners near wallet.

What about prizes?

My favorite part :nerd_face: There will be only 1 whose animation we will purchase as NFT!

$600 waka, AMBER Metaverse & mintbase team choice. (each team has 3 votes). The NFTs need to be listed for 0.01N.

  • Needs to tag @mintbase @mintbaseDAO @amber_metaverse & @waka_cool_app and #metaverseteleport
  • Needs to hold the link to the NFT on Mintbase.
  • You must to join our discord communities:

Aaand it’s all! The results will be announced on 25/07/22. Hope you will win :sparkling_heart:

How does the completion of the tasks outlined support the NEAR community?
Okay, I’ll get to the main part! Those who are not using MintBase may be attracted to this contest. I think this is a cool news break for web3, NFTs, and designers press that can attract many new designers and projects to mint their NFTs exactly on Mintbase.


I keep saying this: 2022 WHERE IS MY TELEPORT? So I loved this proposal :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


yeaaah teleport is near XD


hi! curious to have a look on entries to this competition :smiling_face:
could you advice any one place where all the works are collected, please?


hey - i believe you can see them on the waka storehttps://www.mintbase.io/store/wakacommunity.mintbase1.near?tab=nfts&page=0 :slight_smile: @gregerua right? are there more?

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soon it will be more works!


Very cool project! I will try to submit something :heart:

I’ve shared my entries on Twitter :slight_smile:


I soon to submit my design as well :hugs: waiting for me to be added. Thank you. :raised_hands:



Sorry for the delay. :hugs:

And finally manage to mint in mintbase


Im Jami shared a post on Instagram: "@mintbase  @MintbaseDAO  @AMBER_metaverse  @waka_cool_app  #metaverseteleport

Hope you support guys..late reply post. 🙌


You can give like if you like my entry. https://t.co/XWOkejaIre"....


Hi fam! When are the winners going to be announced? :slight_smile:

Hello! Results here - https://twitter.com/waka_cool_app/status/1551976059947597824

Didnt expect only one winner for the huge price. I saw some more entries are also good. But since it decided…congrats to the solo winners. :raised_hands: