[Approved] Crypto Beer

To: Marketing-Vertical / Community Squad

Hi NEAReans, this is a Marketing Plan from our Venezuelan Squad

@David_NEAR @shreyas @JMaenen

From: Near Venezuela / Venezuelan Squad

The Crypto Beer was born on May 21th, with the NEAR Hackaton on the Social Tokens


Let’s welcome fermented drinks fans to the NEAR community as users of the NEAR Protocol, and other Venezuelans Blockchain Enthusiast.

Achieving daily basis users, people that will use NEAR wallet as their regular wallet to pay on pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels. Later, this will spread to other merchants that will start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies, and their customers will use NEAR.

Crypto Beer Pitch Deck.pdf (2.9 MB)


Expose NEAR with an entertaining approach targeting a market of open-minded people that used to go out to try new things like craft beer - here it is a new movement, we only have two main brands of beer - and this cool people can get into crypto as new users by onboarding them into NEAR, by teaching them about this efficient payment tool at the same time they have fun with a drink/Crypto Beer.

There will be a QR code on the Crypto Beer sticker that will allow new users to connect with us (Telegram Group Invitation). Thus, they will be receiving BEER tokens as airdrop and we will be onboarding them into the social networks channels.



Our mutyfaceted team is composed of a group of professionals who have proven to be excellent in their fields, im talking about marketing, translating, content creation, software development, legal departments.

We are also looking to complement our group with anyone who can help us achieve our goals and complete our projects.

We have managed to execute several projects in the cryptocurrency industry; we have worked as instructors and mentors to many persons teaching about blockchain and the evolution of cryptocurrency. We have been trading and working with several financial markets for over seven years and have managed many people’s investments and funds.


The Goal is to onboard so many people to decentralized finances, starting using NEAR wallet as a regular wallet for payments daily, and this amount of people will lead others that will come because this will be the trend in crypto payments in Venezuela.

In the time lapse of one year we are hoping to achieve 50,000 new NEAR Wallet daily basis users, and 100 merchants will accept crypto payments with the NEAR Wallet.

Objectives for each month:

We will reach at least 200,000 views/prints on NEAR/CRYPTO BEER related content
Using our social networks advertising + the social networks of the local pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants, inviting them to visit these local places.

We will attract at least 10,000 attendees to several events
Organizing/Participating in 10 activities per month in pubs/bars/restaurants/hotels with live music, stand-up comedy, painting, and gaming.

We will onboard at least 100 beer drinkers to NEAR, by creating their NEAR wallet and fund it.
By using some space on every festival/reunions (one every week - 50-200 attendees each) craft beer drinkers will be attending, and we will explain, teach and onboard the customers towards the NEAR ecosystem.

At least 2 Pubs will start accepting NEAR payments
We will visit our friends, owners and managers from local pubs, restaurants and hotels. Teach them about NEAR and how to receive payments with it.

Milestones / Key Results

The purpose is to expose NEAR to a new market of new people that can get into crypto as new users by teaching them at the same time they are having fun with a drink.

Results will be measured in new users of the NEAR wallet and new merchants that accept crypto payments using the NEAR wallet.

Success means we onboard at least 100 new end-users and 2 merchants each month.

Even if we only achieve to effectively engage and incorporate 100 people per month into the NEAR ecosystem, we are sure that those efforts will be multiplied over time, creating the snowball effect that we need to kick off the NEAR ecosystem in Venezuela


We will need $5,000 USD per month (around $200 each event). We will be updating showing the transparency of this fund management and we will be using the sputnik DAO system.

This project will be executed first in Caracas, Venezuela. We hope later other members will run this project (hopefully improved with our experience) on other locations. We will be there to help them to do so.

We will also need participation of other NEAR guilds:

  • OWS: Helping with desginers for the NFTs. @Sofia_Alum
  • NEAR HISPANO: Helping with the onboarding process. @claudioac


We will use the first and only task we requested and was given by the Community Squad:
Educational Content, a Blockchain Course from the NEAR community made by the Venezuelan Squad. This content will be shared with the attendees and everyone that shows interest or contact us using the QR code.

We will mint a NFT collection of the “Crypto Beer” and we will deposit an initial amount of USDT from ETH to NEAR. People will be attracted by the NFT, receiving “BEER” tokens as airdrop and will be exchanging with our help their local currency into NEAR and USDT - people are used to paying with USD so this will ease the adoption.


I am not necessarily a beer fan, but this project has me very excited about the possibilities (especially of those wines and kombucha)! Great visual look for the label and it’s awesome to hear that you’re already testing it at events.

I also love the project and I’m very excited about all the opportunities it represents…
…I would like to also propose utilising NFTs as the tickets for events held with artists (Mintbase just launched and makes it very easy to do so). Additionally, we can explore on-boarding artists themselves to the ecosystem for them to create digital art that can reach a much wider audience online. I would be thrilled to extend the opportunity to make money to as many people as possible in Venezuela.

LOVE this project and the momentum around it!

Really like that idea, this is a very creative way to bring the mass to crypto world. A big like for the Beer itself :smiley:

Can’t wait for more updates about all the exciting initiatives :grin:


Good morning! Don’t get me wrong, but why do you request $5000 (large amount), if you’re a professional in trading and crypto industry? Teach people and manage investments. Probably, as a true Near believer, you can invest part of your profit in Crypto beer project.

Aslo, I don’t think what it’s a good idea associate beer with great Near protocol.

Thank You.,


Thanks, @Dacha for always being there. I truly like it. :cowboy_hat_face:

  1. I had no prior experience running a business back then when I started my company. Bitdharma’s sales skyrocket to +$1.5M USD (2017) but I still lost money in the aftermath because of different details that I did not manage well. I make the exercise, learning from my mistakes. So, now I am almost out of debt thank God.

I don’t have the funds, I am living with the basics, but maybe you are really into NEAR and you can collaborate us with yours (your money)?

  1. If you don’t want to collaborate, then the NEAR foundation will, maybe not with this marketing plan, but they will invest in marketing. I am just sharing ideas. Also, this is $200 approx per event because we will pay for music/entertainment/stand ups, and it is to be done in a place where people are open to try and use the NEAR Wallet. That’s why I take the time to present the idea.

Maybe you can have ideas yourself and share them here, I am sure some could be useful and we could proceed to execute those.

  1. If you want to everybody do things for free, then I am telling you: Big mistake. The community is giving opportunities and rewards, in exchange, we have one of the biggest communities, when there is no more money for this, there will be still a big ecosystem. I am sure it is a good call.

If you won’t collaborate with your money or share ideas what are you doing asking people to use theirs?

Anyway, it is nice to have people like you that take care and make sure there is no waste of the funds.

Cheer up, we’re on the right track

Cheers :beers:


Be honestly, I’m waiting when Near hire experienced manager of Marketing which will control all operations and do it transparent.

I see a lot of scammers here which chases money.

Aslo don’t understand why we pay great money to not transparent guilds without DAO’s, questionable marketing activities like ‘man with cardboard”, to people who ignoring questions. For example, I asked 10 questions to Swine guild management, and still no reactions. Probably, Swine guild has a right ignore Near community.

Even here, in @marketingdao-council we have a council @satojandro who can’t answer on a question how Ref.Finance board members were elected. May be he is a great man, I saw his work in Silicon guild, but nevertheless, some things not transparent.


Hey Dacha! Just so everyone is aware, the Marketing DAO Vertical does not exist to be a decentralised marketing arm of NEAR or the NEAR Foundation.

Rather, it exists to enable individuals, Guilds, and Projects to achieve their marketing goals through a combination of expertise and funding :ballot_box_with_check:


Good morning. Yes, I know about it. But it’s still centralized, and I like it (you and other councils from Near do incredible job), because I don’t know what we can expect from other 2 councils (May be there are great guys, again, I don’t know), which involved in other guilds, DAO’s . Many conflicts of interests can be happened. Is anybody control it?

By the way, will be great if grantees show us their results.

Nothing from :

Some Marketing metrics.

PH guild

Furthermore, all Dao marketing calls can be opened (not just by invite) for Near community and published on YouTube for non-English speaking members.

I see fantastic job in @marmajfoundation guild, for example. They have weekly community calls, everyone can join!, all information available on Marma J web site and telegram group. Every artist can fill out submission form. And, yes, they have a DAO. Great example of transparency.

And at the same time I see how Near encourages some not transparent guild and councils which participate in Near Con, listening great Ilia speech about DAO’s, community involving, and do exactly the opposite.

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We’ll be sure to chase those up re: reporting after they received funding :100:

I think it’s worth noting that when we fund marketing proposals we do so relatively liberally. The Marketing DAO Vertical is not an eagle eyed accountant trying to get the most bang for our buck in terms of marketing proposals. The truth is, the funding stems from the Community Fund (which, technically, belongs to the community). If people have a marketing proposal which is a little ‘out there’ or might lack significant substance, then we’re usually still happy to fund :muscle:

That being said, we do enshrine the responsibility of responsible distribution of NEAR.

There was a report for the r/ethtrader banner proposal as a heads up:

Let’s see what we can do on the MarketingDAO Council front for this (cc @marketingdao-council )


Hey! have a nice day you both.

We are longing for further guide/steps to see this plan going live.



Ok, Got you. If the fund belongs community , we have a right to know how money spend and what results brought in Near community marketing activities.

“ lack significant substance” requests can open door for all kind of scammers.

I see your great work here, how can you asking detailed information, trying to understand ideas and funding expediency.

I will help to Near community find all people who come here for for personal enrichment.


I’m happy to see this move forward. Pinging council for any further comments @marketingdao-council

Buenos días, un gusto,

Por acá entusiasmados organizando los próximos eventos Crypto Beer, para lo cual requerimos un sonido para las bandas. Solicitamos un presupuesto de 1700$ para adquirir una parte de los equipos de audio y nosotros prestaremos otra parte de los equipos valorado en 1000$ de tal manera que podemos completar el Equipo de Audio para amplificar las bandas y poder desarrollar los eventos.

Seguimos trabajando, abrazos, Ariana Victoria


You should upload the estimates to Google drive or another drive and share the link here

I am doing it this time for you:


Evento 1 Crypto beer

Todo un éxito nuestro evento cryptobeer, tuvimos una agrupación musical buenísima, el equipo utilizó las franelas identificativas, obsequiamos las cervezas cryptobirra y logramos que el público entrara a la cuenta Near Venezuela.

Se solicitan los siguientes pagos:

  • La agrupación musical "Viover y Juan Manuel Moreno " por 80$ a la cuenta de - juanma1796.near.
  • Ingeniero de sonido 20$ a la cuenta esnelson1.near
  • 450 unidades de Etiquetas de cervezas por un monto de 80$ a la cuenta de arianavictoriamoreno.near

Perfect, now you can share this link:

You should use the above link on the payout proposal

Cheers :beers: :v:


Dear @FritzWorm Near Community is waiting for a report in December how did you spend our money, how many people onboarded (per wallet , should be able to see:

Should be at least 100 new members and 2 merchants.

Information about 10 events.


Dear councils @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR , please make sure that report will be provided.

Now, @FritzWorm spent $2000 for second council in their DAO on “acquisition of audio equipment”

And after that the money come back to @FritzWorm

Near Community couldn’t find it in @FritzWorm proposal.

Ps: to all Near Community members

If you know something say something

Drop Box for complaints: https://forms.gle/2HDw9Ua6UtkVRkhq7
Or @kmotiv in Telegram (100% anonymously)

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You can have a conversation with @ArianaVictoriaMoreno and @Gastonromano

He works with remittances, and binance P2P is down… Works has to be done. So he deliver CASH to start the project tasks.

Again, you are here doing this emotional and personal because of this:


Good morning. You don’t need CASH to attract 100 new users , create wallets in Near Ecosystem in November.

Goal is use Near and Near Wallet

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Hey, you do need cash for physical goods my friend. Please, read my week updates and the final update, follow me with this projects. I believe you will love it :metal:


Solicitamos 7 franelas identificativas de nuestros eventos "CriptoBirra"para el equipo impulsor de Crypto beer por un monto de 88$ a la cuenta de Christofer Alvarado


Hola equipo crypto beer, aquí les pasamos un resumen de imágenes del Beer Garden de la Cerveza Fría, donde crypto beer tuvo presencia.

Estuvimos con el pendón del evento, extendimos toda la información de near venezuela al público asistente, llevamos la cryptobirras y financiamos la agrupación musical surconciente quién nos posteó en sus redes sociales.

Evaluamos la estrategia de retirar birras gratis en barra por escanear el código QR de near venezuela, pero no fué tan atractiva y no tuvo gran alcance, algunas personas interesadas pero pocas para la meta que se desea.

El día de hoy tendremos una reunión online del equipo near venezuela para evaluar las estrategias y realizar los cambios necesarios que nos permitan lograr los objetivos planteados.

El compromiso de Aporte con la Agrupación Surconciente, fue de 100$ y serán pagados a su cuenta manumorenov.near y el ingeniero de Sonido esnelson1.near 20$

Las cervezas no serán canceladas en ésta oportunidad ya que las mismas se utilizarán para otro evento.

Seguimos trabajando, saludos para todos .