[Report] Take Over the r/ethtrader Banner

Project Name : Take Over the r/ethdrader Banner

Project Status :


Project Accounting :

This initiative, namely due to Ethereum gas fees, has gone over budget by 0.0583 ETH ~ $ 221.39 at time of writing

Highlights :

This was fun! It was great to get involved with the ethtrader banner since it reflects the same values of blockchain as we do at NEAR:

  • It’s governed by a DAO(!)

  • It’s community owned

  • It’s decentralised (as much as it can be)

We held the r/ethtrader banner for ~ 9 days

Metrics :

Reddit subscriber count:

2,534 → 2,674

Quite a disappointing result, it’s not too feasible to track how much, if any, of this growth was from the banner.

Learnings :

I’d say that the total cost of this initiative was not particularly value for money

Next Steps :

End of the line. It was a great experiment! I’ll be requesting additional funding for the ETH which went over budget in a funding proposal from the marketingDAO soon.