[Announcement] First Week: New Members + Starting Projects

Greetings my dear NEAReans :hugs:

I am very happy to announce that we will start this week with events/tasks on our 2 projects, last week we obtain the approval from the @marketingdao-council so we had a busy week with several meetings/reunions :sunglasses:


1) Crypto Beer

As I explain it to @cryptocredit in our google meeting call today, we were in the first Venezuelan Craft Beer Fest and we presented together a reduction tax proposal to the goverment. We take this opportunity to talk about the “Crypto Beer” Project and start it together (all the craft brewers will produce the Crypto Beer), in resume, the project aim is unite the breweries with a single flag, and thus further enhance the scope of this marketing plan that is taking advantage of sponsoring cultural events on pubs and bars to present the opportunity that the NEAR Protocol is bringing to our lives, onboarding this new members to the NEAR Community starting with our Telegram.

2) Palmeros de Chacao

  • Onboarding of @Tibyparedes on the DAO Council because she is the treasury accountant for the Palmeros de Chacao

  • Another new member, @mavimorantes will be raising information, taking pictures, writing medium publications about the events that will be done by the Palmeros de Chacao with the sponsorship of NEAR

  • Creation of the Palmeros de Chacao Dao. This DAO will have 5 members from the Palmeros de Chacao leadership/direction before this weekend.

So, we are very proud and happy that we will start having our first events this week ! And we take the time to explain the process to the new members so they can make this work with all the transparency.

Please, if anyone knows where I can communicate to update the GUILD information on

  • -near.org/guilds/ ←

Webpage: https://www.nearvenezuela.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearVenezuela

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NearVenezuela

Medium: NearVenezuela – Medium

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Cheers :beers: :v: :cowboy_hat_face: