[REPORT] Mineria-Virtual MV-traders of OWS [February]

To get our goal on the MV_Traders Channel, we start with a strong stories and posts campaign on our social media with more movements, which is Instagram. We’ve been able to include the OWS’ channel with a quantity of 125 new users. Inside the MV_Traders channel, Spanish speaking predominates. At the beginning it was a little complicated because we’ve brought Spanish and English-speaking people on the same schedule. Because of that, it was decided to send all the Sundays the week’s schedule, where we’ve divided the groups: in the morning will be Spanish attention, and in the afternoon, English attention for the channel’s participants can count with daily privileged attention. The main topic for this month was the Trading Bot’s working, shared it in the OWS’ live-trading channel and how do the buying and selling in REF Finance and Binance; in this case, it was explained how to read the daily signals that the bot offers and they were explained which the most efficient way is to get the daily performances at any crypto market, specifying the NEAR currency. Besides, they were taught about resistance, support, and trending.

Schedule of the classes. Goals and what it’s wanted to get.
The Schedule’s teaching is based on the trading bot’s utilization, because the most difficult part for a trader is to know when to pull the trigger (buy or sell). To do it, the main idea of this program is that all the participants that are interested follow the shared signals, so they can understand how the bot works, its yields, its limitations, and its virtues; can draw their own conclusions about what is the best way to trade, for that they have the following schedule, after learning how to use the bot properly:

-Types of trading
-Japanese candlesticks
-DOW’s theory
-Different trading strategies
-Technical indicators
-Risk against Benefit

Specialized services to the OWS and NEAR’s community:

  1. 24 hours’ Trading Bot: In this case, we’ve had some issues, because Discord is an app that consumes a lot of storage capacity and internet; that’s why the bot didn’t get to be active all 24 hours. However, the bot was transmitting daily analysis that could help the community to make daily decisions about what to do with their NEAR and how to prevent possible declines or even reveal the best buying points to have better performance sharing daily analysis at medium and short term. The important thing about this service is that all who want to have a reference of when to sell and when to buy their NEAR and the other currencies that will be added, can have it, and can get a strategy with the daily tasks; that are needed to save and increase capital.

  2. Personalized analysis: A personalized analysis about any currency is offered; to be required all you have to do is ask it in the channel and by this way, you’ll be able to receive a price estimate that the crypto coin could has in a stipulated time; something really useful in a community like ours, that constantly receive payments with cryptocurrency.

Daily classes that we started in the MV_Traders channel, we’re giving classes from Mondays to Fridays on the following schedules: 10:00 am to 11:00 am, 12:00 am to 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm, for now the minimum number of people per class is 5 and we have reached a maximum of 20 people connected by discord number that increased in our two classes by zoom reaching 30 people.

Weekly’s classes that Will be recorded in the YouTube channel (English and Spanish)
It was possible to present four introductory classes that will be revealed and shared on the Discord channel on March 2, that include the basic topics to start following the entrance and exits of the trading bot.

Trading tournament:
A trading tournament was done, that counted with the participation of more than 15 people that used (most of them) their learned knowledge in the live trading channel about price and trending study, support, and resistance.

Goals that we want to get for this month:

  1. Get the number of 300 people added to the OWS channel and share with this community all the benefits of working with crypto and decentralized finance.
  2. Record all the classes and have them available on YouTube to the OWS and NEAR’s community. Concrete the certification of at least 10 professional traders so they can be hired on our projects that require financial knowledge and can offer objective analysis of different markets and be able to protect the investments of the different projects.
  3. Taste the working of these traders with real money, so what we call TIR Traders in residence can be generated, traders in charge of analyzing the markets daily to know what could happen and take the necessary precautions.
  4. Incorporate the analysis of NFT’s trading projects and evaluation of different projects, this because the NFT market is constantly growing; we are interested that the traders that we are training have basic and advanced knowledge about the NFT market, that’s why we will incorporate related classes with NFT twice a week, where different projects can be evaluated and what they can achieve is analyzed and if it is worth, invest on them.

Thanks to onbording.dao we were able to make a tournament on February 18th. To make it, in first place, we started the advertisements on January 30th. We invited the people to join our Discord channel, MV-Traders on OWS, so they could know the bot that is active in the channel. On the next link the invitation to know our bot can be appreciated:

With this campaing, we brought to the channel a quantity of 120 interested people on knowing the updates we were bringing with OWS, several advertisements about the bot and the benefits of belonging to the MV-Traders channel. In February, we made the first MV-Traders tournament, on February 9th started the advertisements for the tournament at 6:00 PM on our Instagram page @mineria.virtual and on twitter @mineria_virtual.

At the same time, we made English tweets inviting to participate in the tournament

It was explained to the participants that they had to respond the marked tweet that we had in our Twitter’s channel; in total, we made 15 participants, who responded with a little analysis and the graphics
On February 18th at 6:00 pm the results were given by Twitter, and the winners were

General onboarding Report:

  • In the first instance, mineria.virtual users were invited via instagram to enter the mv-traders channel on the OWS server.

  • After achieving a number of people in the channel, all the questions that were necessary to participate in the activities of OWS and the Near community were answered, to our surprise, most of the new users already had a near wallet.

  • Of 125 people, 22 stood out who were new to the community and created new wallets 12 of them were developers who were not so interested in taking trading courses but more interested in being near developers.

  • 5 personalized meetings were held with the help of the developer @dvconsultores and these people will be certifying as developers this month.

  • Daily classes were held on how to take advantage of near applications and show the decentralized exchange Rubic and Reef finance that you can use to take advantage of the ups and downs of the market.

  • A trading tournament was held that served as an example for the next ones that want to do with a slightly more attractive and lively modality that attracts traders to participate daily, in this case a price prediction was requested and we consider that a contest is better where the participants are given a small capital in near of 10 to 20 dollars and those who at the end of the month have more returns in their near wallet have access to a larger account of 100 to 200 dollars.

  • This tournament and the activity, as expressed in the posts, managed to obtain more than 30,000 views together with the instagram and twitter page and generated 2,000 interactions showing interest in how to use near applications to generate income not only by trading but also by developing and contributing to the community.


Good morning. Is it right group ?

About your Twitter, I propose focus on Near Ecosystem , because you get money from Near Community treasury for Near Community.

I’m not sure that promote and give signals ( by the way you need include information about limit responsibilities for any looses ) for other blockchains it’s a great idea.

Thanks :+1:


Hello!! Happy Monday.

This is the channel

Our main channel is the instagram and twitter for this activity with ows, we stopped using telegram to move to discord.

In Spanish, it is placed a warnomg about the risks, but thinking about it, a direct risk warning and disclaimer is better, thanks for the comment.

We place signals of other cryptocurrencies to teach the theory of dow It is a practical learning, but yes, it is something that makes sense, however the main cryptocurrency for activity analysis and all my twitter in general is near as you can see.

Thank you very much for the comment.


Good morning, Oh, ok. Thanks


Hey @Dacha again thanks for investigate and take a good care of our community :1st_place_medal:

Hello @Mineriavirtual I will love you to improve and edit this report, to be better explained on the reach, hours spending, council members of the DAO are doing something or is building up ?, how was the specific reach thanks to OWS or how was the campaign runned with the help of #onboarding-dao

Please reply or tag me when is done :vulcan_salute:



Hello Again, your report is very hard to read.

Please follow the lead of others like:


Hello @Mineriavirtual ,
thanks for the report.
Where we can see the lessons? I see only 1 video on Youtube channel.
How do you calculate new wallets you have onboarded?

Thank you.


Hello thanks you for the comment and interest.

We are doing the onboarding through the near venezuela channel on telegram Telegram: Contact @NearVenezuela so that they receive by that means the welcome to the community and then through our discord channel they learn about trading.

We have several videos in edition this week they will be uploaded to channel 3 and will begin to be published on tiktok.

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Are these uploaded? Please share the links.

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No problem :blush: Goal was over 300 wallets .

How many of them were actually opened?

As a council of Onboarding DAO who voted Yes for the proposal and Partner on MT traders company, could you please request some details? Thank You :blush:

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Great question to the company partners cc: @FritzWorm and @Mineriavirtual

Sorry, couldn’t find videos on your YouTube channel…

Only one on English language

By the way, a man on the video shows trader bot and probably, MV traders sell subscription in hidden from Near community discord channel… You can get the link with pm message only. Also the bot was promoted in Instagram account

Probably, some rewards were already received…

Looks like one of OWS MV traders contributor withdrawal rewards on MV traders wallet? :face_with_monocle:

I don’t realize how is possible when independent OWS contributor uses MV traders account to withdraw rewards.


Another one independent OWS MV traders contributor got money from OWS team and immediately sent them to @FritzWorm .

I just wanna say again and again how Is important to have Diversity and different people in DAO’s and Guilds.

We are building centralized community when have one persons everywhere.



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Yes, I agree. @mr_free asked for the details but didn’t get any response from @Mineriavirtual


@Dacha I will be lost respect from you if…

You are addressing this right now because of a personal issue.

The first time was here:

Because I flagged you by being harsh on this post:

Now this time, you are asking questions on this report because I wanted more description from your NearGames members. As I explain to you, I take care of the community just like you:


I didn’t know they were yours, and I need to be careful next time to do anything against you because then Drama will start again… And then you will start doing these verification tasks where ever I am involved… very personal

As I understand from you that you believe you are a perfect member anything you do, we need to go with you, there can’t be disagreement?

The idea of a community is to have different opinions and go with it.

So, please, address the issues where I am involved not 1 minute before I am in disagree with you, don’t make things around here personal creating drama.

From me, I dismiss your claims here

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And this one I do take it as a good-intentioned reply, @Mineriavirtual please I encourage you to answer @zubairansari07 or @mr_free questions.

Cheers :beers:

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Don’t worry that before the bell ends we will achieve the goal at the moment we have only 23 wallets but this Friday we have an event that will raise the numbers to at least 100 and then with the tournament that we are preparing we plan to bring it to at least 300(minimum) wallets, It is important to note that in ows more than 180 users have already entered and we have had a strong barrier with the disuse of discord in Venezuela but with hard work that is removed without problem and we will achieve the goal the numbers are there but we did not count on that problem.

Regarding the videos today we will be putting together one explaining how to use @ref.finance we would like the tournament to have to do with them, we have had problems sending the videos to our editor, they are already recorded, but the load to send has been quite complicated, our video man is not in Venezuela and uploading those videos here is a problem, I say this also to respond to @Dacha We have participants from canada and from India, two participants are in venezuela And here you still can’t buy dollars or bolivars through ATMs, the only way to do it is through informal exchanges, practically barter.

For this week everything that is delayed will be uploaded to youtube count on that.

Regarding the sale of the bot it is a strong accusation but I suppose it is because it is difficult for you to speak or understand Spanish since everything that is uploaded with respect to the bot says that it is free and not only that what is requested in the comments is it is a question about whether you have a discord account and it is sent by dm because well obviously from comments the links do not work, For your peace of mind, if necessary, I can share images of the conversations with my followers :blush: .

I was not deflecting the question when I said that we did onboarding through the near Venezuela telegram channel, sorry that I was not so precise when answering, here are the majority of open wallets as we had reported above

Thank you for being attentive and wait just a little that more than expected will be achieved.

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Wasn’t it the monthly target of 300 wallets?

Sure, expecting the videos this week :slightly_smiling_face:

No, the goal was to reach 300 with the webinars, tournaments and tradiing activities, the work is being done we have the interested people now we will proceed to create the wallets.

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Okay Got It, Please keep updating about the activities here in the thread :slight_smile:


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