[NCE] Crypto Beer Project into Company

Hello Dear Neareans,

Let’s show the world how communities can run businesses within Web3 using Near Protocol.

You may know about the Crypto Beer project. If not, or want to know more, check here:

Here more detail of the marketing campaign:

After one month of the marketing program that was like a test and where we learned a lot, we now know this is a smooth onboarding process, proof of bots airdrop. With a lot of fun and learning, we have developed this idea further now to be an example for all the blockchain industry as a way to onboard everyone, from consumers all the way into the business structure.


Onboarding is our absolute focus; we have proof that Crypto Beer events are an excellent way to onboard new users giving them the Wallet experience of paying for a Beer using NEAR.

Now we thought about how to make this project sustainable in time to keep having Crypto Beers events 5 or 10 years from now without the assistance of the Near Foundation.

And we came up with an excellent idea to create the first example for an Enterprise that will be managed using Blockchain in every way, showing other Enterprises how they can upgrade their financial system into Blockchain daily.


The first idea began in May 2021 on the NEAR hackathon because we thought it was a great way to onboard people. Therefore, before the project was even approved, we did a test run on our own. It had good feedback from the people we spoke to in the first crypto beer event (we even got posted on a significant Venezuelan influencer with over 2 million followers on Instagram).

With a lot of support from the community, we finally received the approval in November and started as a marketing plan, which was a success. Who would have thought beer is such an excellent tool for uniting people? Well, it is, and now it’s time to look further in the future and take significant steps. If you like NEAR and BEER, you will love to be part of this project.

We believe DAOs are essential for an improved democracy and a must dapp of the web3. We encourage an organization with board members who are +50 years old without any tech background to use ASTRO DAO.


Create an example of how a company can work all its finances and relationship between the participants through web3, thus accomplishing to unite entrepreneurs, board of directors, investors, creditors, employees, and suppliers.

Proof and show how Enterprises can use NEAR Protocol dApps daily, from their launch to the entire financial management process.

Achieve the sustainability of the Crypto Beer Onboarding Project


Create the Legal Structure for the Crypto Beer Company. Real example we already did as a test here

Launch an IDO with the Crypto Beer Token as the shares of the Crypto Beer Near Company

Create a web page with a forum for business proposals, ideations, and general discussions

Develop the Enterprise DAO with the following features:

  • The token holders choose directors
  • Voting Power is Token weighted (Using Crypto Beer Token)
  • Automatic distribution of profits by the DAO to the token holders
  • Directors can create proposals
  • Suppliers and Creditors can create proposals

Develop automatic payroll

  • Payroll proposals are created when a new employee is hired
  • Promotion proposals are created when an employee receives new responsibilities
  • Dismissed proposals are created when an employee is fired.

Develop other specific features

  • Proposals may change the % of the total funds to be distributed

Enterprise DAO address is the Wallet Address for beer sellings or any other product/service

Token Utility

One Crypto Beer Token shares the Crypto Beer Near Company, holders receive dividends and voting power, so it is also a governance token. The holders can also use the Tokens to buy products or services of CBNC.

95% of the tokens will be available for anyone to buy with an initial market cap of $2M, that’s $0,002 per share, and the funding received will be held on the Enterprise Wallet managed by the DAO.

5% of the tokens will be the reward for the project’s development by the first directive board members.

In summary, any investor can directly participate in managing the funds, and these funds came from the token sale.

Why Us

We ( @Jloc and my self ) work in the Blockchain world, but we also make beer, a good beer. With the help of the technology that NEAR offers, we present a project that will allow us to build an enterprise of microbreweries around the world, providing NEAR Venezuela and the NEAR ecosystem with profits from a sustainable business.

We are already successful beer producers, and we have a business model that has proven to work. Now we only need to merge the crypto world with the brewing world.

Like all decentralized systems, transparency is essential. We will focus on developing a system that allows Token Holders to follow the company’s entire operations to understand the development of the project entirely. That way, they could verify and understand the origin of the funds and why this project may be self-sustainable.

The Crypto Beer NEAR Co will not only be an economy based on Blockchain, but it will also work on a business model of a product that has been accepted for centuries around the globe. This way, we can unite beer followers and crypto enthusiasts with one flag, the Crypto Beer.

NEAR to break nation barriers and scale easily


First Quarter
  • Solving Legal Status

  • Defining core team and workflow

  • Present business model

  • Present feasibility chart

  • Structure of the Development for the new DAO features

  • Start marketing for the Beer Token

  • Webpage implementation

  • Marketing plan development and execution

  • 1rst quarter assessment

Second Quarter
  • Launch webpage

  • Launch IDO

  • Develop DAO features

  • Know how to document for franchise model implementation

  • Process manuals creation and test on Cheers Factory

  • Workload distribution and NODE implementation team

  • 2nd quarter assessment

Third Quarter
  • Architecture of a brewery

  • Process Manual implementation

  • Build the first Craft Beer Node

  • Start producing beers and doing business

  • Create liquidity on a DEX pool with part of the earnings/funding

  • 3rd quarter assessment


We will be reaching out to everyone, hitting the news, and later more Enterprises will follow our example and join this way of doing finances, imagine any other business, like Mc Donalds. But you can buy some tokens and be part of the project or work for an excellent company and be paid with crypto near, and yeah, we all started that road together.

The whole world will know the Crypto Beer, a Beer Near you.

There will be many Crypto Beer Breweries worldwide, we will be building Beer Breweries with the funds of the company in each corner, the whole owned by the token holders, and there be always the chilling NEAR with a Beer.

Payout Proposal

  1. Keeping the goals from the Marketing plan with fewer events but with more engagement:
  • +100 Wallets

  • 200.000 views (not reached the first time, we learn why, and onboarded a new team)

  • 2 Main Events with several craft beer makers to attract the right public

  1. Plus: Start with the activities here, registering the company, whitepaper, and DAO features development

Edit: This was first into Marketing, but as this is a Enterprise Entrepeneurship, this wa edited into Education Certification


Good evening. Will be great to see experienced community builders @grace @jlwaugh @David_NEAR @jcatnear feedback , before I say my opinion. Thanks


Thanks Dacha :metal: also very nice feedback on your last opinion about the report, I am greatful for that


Hey guys,

Thanks for the detailed proposal, as always :muscle:

Can you break down the proposal further? I’d like to see a more granular vision of what the funds will be used for.

IIRC, part will be used for the creation of a brewery, right?


Hey David, thanks for being always so helpful :white_check_mark:

We are keeping the goals and funding as it was in the previous successful request.

And we are adding $1600 so we will be able of:

Start with the Legal Proceedure / Create the LLC ( - $700


Present business model and feasibility chart - $500

Financial feasibility and CANVAS Business Model

DAO features development plan - $400

Example from NEAR P2P

From the meeting with Carl, we take the feedback and we will manage also:

  • Creation of explaining videos ( Using OWS Opportunities )
  • Meeting with a licensing attorney/lawyer do Crypto Beer can be sold on every part of the world by other brew houses that will join the project
  • Creation of a web page where we show the Crypto Beer Project in orther to ease nearcomers onboarding and the links to educational content

There will be other advances that we will present on a detailed report, for example we aim to run two big events where we believe we can get profit and so we can start with the self sustainable plan, let’s do it :rocket:


Are you ready to step out from OWS, Near Concierge service and other guilds to dedicate yourself to the project?


Dear @FritzWorm , could you tell us more about this point, I don’t understand what the finances will be spent on!

Hello @Dacha I understand your concern,

Please feel free to give me your feedback if you saw lack of commitment on any of the projects/positions/tasks I engage in the past or I am now.

I build the Near Venezuela Community, and I am proud we had one of the most energetic members, where I have beeing selecting the most professional and collaborative ones to take leadership on their shoulders, passing of the torch :fire: we build a core team:

@LuisAponte99 as Guild Leader followed by other outstanding members
@andresdom with the Developing leadership
@Nicolasp2 as MUN Project Leader
@Tibyparedes as Palmeros de Chacao Project Leader
@ArianaVictoriaMoreno as Crypto Beer Event Organization Leader
@Arturoahs Community Builder, Vector and Outreach Leader
@Mineriavirtual as Marketing Leader
@Alecaseg as Translations Leader

Why are they leaders? Because each of them now have several members on their own squad, propose ideas and is council on a DAO.

We are using Discord now so we can help each other and develop cross collaborations:

Finally, for sure I will be giving a lot of my time and more effort once the Crypto Beer Project develop further. :beers:


Hello, these are normal steps when creating a business, here I share more info with you about setup a new business:

As you can see from the proposal, we want to start a business owned by the community, and it will be an example on how legacy businesses, enterprise and merchants can start doing all their finances using DeFi with the NEAR Protocol


No, you did not understand me, and meant something else! Opening remotely a LLC in the US state of Delaware (offshore) costs 3999 Euro, you are asking for 700 dollars, I do not understand this point
Thank you

I know how to do it faster and without those huge costs :raised_hand: :sunglasses:

The 3999 EURO is mostly expended on management fees, but if you know the right professionals, there is no need for so high fees. Like the only money really needed is like $200 for the register and around $100 on common year taxes.

We are going to have the LLC on Delaware as the example :rocket:

If you want advice/help on how to do it for your own company you can contact me on Discord: FritzWagner#6722


OK, now I see) Thanks for the suggestion;)

I meant you work 24/7 in other Near projects, I am not sure that your work for this project will be effective.

Will they so energetic without payments from NF ? It’s a good question. Who we are - true believers or came here for money? Still looking for a first group of people.
Are you able to step out from other Near projects to build the first web3 business?

Have a great day!


True believers like me, we have beeing building the NEAR Venezuela Guild without funding for the Core Members, so we deliver first and now that they are getting deeper working 24/7 it is natural and fair to receive a reward.

I understand your concern, but again feel free to give me your feedback if you saw lack of commitment on any of the projects/positions/tasks I engage in the past or I am now.

My answer is trying to explain you that I know how to pass of the torch and let others to take responsibilities I earned before, so I truly know how to share the workload.


Yes, I exited about your work for OWS. You are one of best Near Community Contributor, will happy to approve your proposal and see on results. :wave: :wave: :wave:


Pinging @marketingdao-council to see if there are any more comments for this one :muscle:


Hi @FritzWorm it was great to meet you in the last video call we had. Thank you for sparking new ideas and your enthusiasm.

I’m trying to wrap my head around this ‘business idea’, as an entrepreneur/investor, I’m failing to see the real purpose of the business and the potential.

Allow me to explain more in detail:
1- what you are presenting is not a business but a marketing campaign to sell your product (in this case the beer).
2- Separate the concept of bringing people into web 3 world - done via meetups (events) and creating a DAO for your brewery.
3- when presenting a business idea, you don’t ask your investors/supporters to pay you to develop your business plan.
4- a sustainable business fulfills a market need, solves a problem and captures value from that. I don’t see this, May be I need more clarity.
5- a sustainable business has a market to serve and a GTM strategy to generate profits. I’m not even sure when you mentioned profits, what exactly you were referring to.

It would make more sense to me if you are organizing meetups, the events are well attended and there is a genuine and general interest in learning more about applications built on NEAR. We would be happy to support the organization of such events with clear goals and measurement of performance.

In summary, I feel it needs a bit more work, the concept is not yet clear enough to show its potential. Let’s avoid asking funds to develop a business plan. That’s is not what our community fund is used for.

I hope these feedback does not discourage you, but inspires you to use your knowledge and creativity to come up with improved ideas and a well thought and developed business plan. Once you have that, our Grants program would look forward to your application.


Hi Fritz,

First of all thanks for your commitment to the NEAR ecosystem and for all the work you do in your various roles.

I am struggling to wrap my head around this proposal - what is it that we are trying to fund, what value is it generating and for whom?

There is a saying that when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. I am concerned that as NEAR we have a treasury, we are increasingly seeing a number of projects ranging from personal to enterprise that have little to no real connection with NEAR or its community. Attempts to weave these loose initiatives together for funding ought to be carefully considered.

I feel like Crypto Beer is operating, or seeks to operate on the two extremes of the crypto adoption curve - first using NEAR as a payment method (when I believe we are a platform for builders, way more than a mere currency for payments), then as an example of full-blown Enterprise on the blockchain (we are a long way before replacing existing legal structures, currently facing significant regulatory hurdles). These two widely different use cases are a clear example of things that are suitable and needed for a Beer Company, not responding to any need or leveraging existing trends within the NEAR Ecosystem.

I agree with Grace in that the proposal can be greatly simplified: we fund specific events such as Meetups in Venezuela, let’s work on having KPIs for attendance, speakers, Hackathon participations, etc. Each event has a budget for catering and I would strongly encourage you to be provide your own products (Crypto Beer) to even attendees. To be clear, we would be funding X amount of Beer at retail price for X attendees for a specific event. This is markedly different from funding at entire privately owned beer business.

It goes without saying that if you do manage to incorporate novel blockchain aspects into the operations of the business, this can and should be funnelled through the Grants program, not the Marketing DAO.

Hope this criticism is well received and that we are able to shape this proposal into something workable. As it stands, unfortunately I feel like it doesn’t fall within the scope of the Marketing DAO. I’ll be abstaining from voting in this one for now.


Hello @grace and @satojandro thank you very much for your feedback, let me explain my plan again and better, with fewer words:

I am worried about what will happen when the funds of the foundation run out

I think the marketing plan is great, people try the application in its simplest form which is as a payment wallet. From there they can learn much more and enter the community and the ecosystem. I believe we agree on this, that the Crypto Beer marketing is a good one.

So the questions is more about why a business right ?

Now, I am asking for a little extra to help me with this marketing plan to survive in time without money from the foundation. About the Crypto Beer Near Company owned by all the community:

  1. It is Community focused with the token as shares and participation using DAOs
  2. The main purpose of the business is to sell Crypto Beer thus doing marketing for free on the long run
  3. It is an example of how a business can use NEAR Protocol on their finances

So, the main purpose is to be able to continue doing marketing for NEAR without the need of funding, and that’s why we asked for an extra of $1600.

A business should always have a goal, and to reach that goal it has to produce money, our business goal is to onboard nearcomers by starting using NEAR wallet buying a beer, and then use it on daily basis, so it is a self sustainable marketing plan.

If this extra funding is a further issue, what should we do with the Crypto Beer proposal then?, can you be clearer on how do you believe we can keep helping, want us to keep running the marketing campaign but without trying this idea of a company, or have any other idea on how to be self sustainable ?

@David_NEAR @Dacha @cryptocredit


Hey, just to be clear - this is a long, long, long time away. It’s worth noting that the NEAR Protocol itself has a mechanism that perpetually increases the Community Fund. So I don’t think this is something to worry about now, if ever.

From the White Paper:

To enable continuous community growth and evolution of protocol, part of the inflation (10% of the inflation, or a total of 0.5% annually per initial parameters) is allocated to Protocol Treasury. In the future, these are expected to be managed by the community with the goal of coordinating long-term development of NEAR ecosystem, particularly efforts that won’t sustain themself like future protocol development.