Venezuela (January) Reward Claim of (luisaponte99.near)

Hello Team,

I’m Luis Aponte, leader of Near Venezuela Guild, in charge of the following responsibilities:

  • Organization and communication of all guild activities
  • Member of the Council of the DAO Near Venezuela
  • Multilateral decision of the initiatives and proposals of the DAO Near Venezuela
  • Onboarding of new members to the forum, dao, guild, etc
  • Evaluation of schedules and activities inside and outside the guild
  • Main bridge of communication between the guild and the NF
  • International representant of the guild
  • Coordination and Management of projects that NEAR Venezuela is executing
  • Discussion of different and new proposals among all guild members
  • Meetings with the guild and the different members of the Discord channel, telegram, and new members of NEAR VENEZUELA (approx +350 pp)

Projects in Execution that I have been collaborating

Also, help the other members of the guild in the following ongoing not funded projects:

  • ES Wiki: Final touch and deploy on our website (FEB)

My engagement with other Guilds and Projects is huge and this can be seen on the monthly reports from our Guild:

  • OWS from where we all started and keep doing contributions
  • LearnNEAR Club: Help the team with ES/EN translations
  • NearWeek: doing translations of the weekly NEAR newsletter
  • Sankore 2.0 Research, Investigation, and Content Creation
  • Onboarding DAO: as a Council

Total of Hours worked: 60

Luis Aponte :goat: :rocket: