[REPORT] - Creatives DAO community Moderation

Hello Creatives!

This was an amazing month. Learnt new things, made new friends and took on responsibilities and got opportunities that I have been waiting to work on. For that I’m thankful to all who trusted me.


  • Hosting Creative DAO Community Meetings on Mondays
  • Leading NCC - Near Certified Creatives and creating process flows, video calling professors and explaining the process to them, Creating process flows. Getting. Metaverse created for NCC with NearHub.
  • Moderators DAO meeting every Monday at 17:30 UTC: This is dedicated to planning the future of Creatives through Updating Legal Status, Creating Domain, NCC & Kicking start NFT Market Place. Refer to the detailed proposal here. 1
  • Creatives DAO workshops every Wednesday at 16:00 UTC: Dedicated to preparing documents, guidelines, metrics framework & material needed for future grant applications. We believe that those documents will help DAOs in improving their proposals, restructuring DAOs in a truly sense of decentralization 1 & planning their activities in a way that brings even more benefit to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Creatives DAO discussions every Friday at 13:00 UTC: For discussions regarding grant proposals of Creatives community.
  • Reviewing creatives Proposals, communicating with the teams on the forum and in chat groups.
  • Created internal documents to contribute to the future of Creatives DAO
  • Responding to the community chat group.

June was a productive month and full of new things to learn for me.

We’re working hard these last days of June to prepare a more comprehensive guideline for Creatives in July.

Looking forward to being bale to provide more value to NEAR.


July was a month of changes and quite challenging personally and for @creativesdao-council as everyone was settling in new roles.

  • Hosting Creative DAO Community Meetings on Mondays
  • Reviewing proposals for the Creatives DAO ecosystem
  • Attending weekly internal calls for better team functioning
  • Calling few DAOs whose proposals got rejected to guide on how to ensure the proposals get accepted in the coming months
  • Meeting with Maria from Mintbase to understand how Creatives DAO can get royalty to become more sustainable
    Had a great learning curve and looking forward to the next month.

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


Lot has happened in the past month. Growth as a moderator and as a creative.

We saw over 70 proposals this month, had about, had 5 community calls and many internal meetings.

Mods together grew about 100 followers last month for creatives DAO twitter account and we started the Instagram account for creatives as well.

This month we will come up with a content creation strategy to promote internal DAOs!

Many more positive changes to come!

This report will be used to request a reward of 250N for the CreativesDAO Moderation role.



  • Met Shreyas from NEAR foundation and organised meeting with NF to align creatives DAO and Near Foundation
  • Represented Creatives and shared information about our community to various projects
  • Hosted community calls
  • Worked on Ideation with mods team on how to build better processes for the community.


  1. Representation of Creatives for NDC
    Creatives’ Individual representation of Constitution of NDC - #20 by Cryptonaut

October Report

The work to recreate the funding structure has been going on since End of September.
This is a collective report to showcase what has been going on.

Monthly Community work

  • Community Calls
  • Individual meetings with various Councils of DAOs to help them with their queries
  • Constant meetings with NF
  • Creation and iteration of the new funding and governance process for. Creatives DAO
  • 1-2 Internal meetings per week with Creative Mods

Draft created to inform community about strategy of how we can move forward. This was shared with NF and a few revisions have been made to the document post multiple meetings.

We have been constantly in communication with Shreyas from NF and other members like Oliver, Cindy and Alexander to ensure a robust new system that can

  1. Help sustain meaningful projects on the ecosystem
  2. Onboard Creative communities and projects from web2 to web3
    Is now the prime focus.

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


December Jan Report

The work to recreate the funding structure has come to an end. The structure is now soft approved by NF. Waiting for a final call with legal team to move things forward.

This is a collective report to showcase what has been going on.

Monthly Community work

  • Creation of Creatives DAO website (will be launched next week)
  • Meetings with NF
  • Meetings with other ecosystem leaders for developing internal governance tools and groups.
  • Iteration of the new funding and governance process for Creatives DAO
  • 2-3 Internal meetings per week with Creative Mods
  • Creatives DAO NEAR social launched which will be a channel for communication.
  • Individual meetings with various Councils of DAOs to help them with their queries.

Post the meeting with the legal and funding team of NF this week, the final draft shared of the funding review structure will be shared with the community by this weekend.

After a final review from the community, we are looking at opening proposals for creatives DAO before mid Feb.

We have been constantly in communication with Shreyas and Osaze and Cindy from NF who have helped in refining the funding process further.

We are doing everything to -

  1. Help sustain meaningful projects on the ecosystem
  2. Onboard Creative communities and projects from web2 to web3

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for the two months of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


February Report

  • Launched Creatives Near Social
  • Established the first draft of Creatives Working group
  • Hosted Monday community calls to assist the community with new funding process
  • Had various meetings with NF mods, Legal team and funding team to ensure alignment in values & processes
  • Lead meetings with the law firm helping Creatives DAO establish a trust needed for NDC v0 transition
  • Meetings with the GWG team (@blaze and Kaz) to ensure alignment with NDC measures
  • Assisted in Charter creation of Creatives DAO for NDC v0

Currently working on

  • Finalising structure for working group
  • Creating workshops in assistance with @jlwaugh for launching badges for Creatives
  • Setting up line items for NDC v0 1st quarter budget.

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for one month of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


March Community moderation report

March contribution:

  • Off Chain and on-chain research on funding applicants
  • Assigned scores based on the latest restructure of the DAO - [Guide] CreativesDAO Guidelines and Procedures

Cooperation with the Governance Working Group (GWG):

  • Organized 4 meetings for GWG to understand Creatives internal functioning and Charter refinement.

Cooperation with The Walkers 1:

  • Attended two meetings in March
  • Working on setting up a Special Purpose Trust agreement, aligned with the CreativesDAO Charter, to lock the future funding for Creatives from NDC
  • Finding a legal enforcer for the trust instrument

CreativesDAO Office Hours:

Attended meetings with various DAOs to help them align with the new metric system to get funded.

Bi-weekly follow-up calls with Osaze (@DammnThatsCrazy)

2-3 internal meetings per week

Sourcing probable partnerships with National Radio station in India to get an hourly slot for web3 discussions

Hosted 4 Monday community calls on telegram with 35 to 50 members participating weekly.

Engagement with the community via telegram group.

Total hours - Over 160+

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $2000 for one month of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


April Contributions:

  • Finalized the Charter with the community’s input
  • Hosted weekly Monday community calls on Telegram
  • Spoke at an AMA Near@Night - https://twitter.com/near_at_night/status/1650327556770652160?s=52&t=o5oqIYZzbP0SdclgJxyhzA
  • Held weekly sync calls with NF
  • Lead weekly sync calls with GWG
  • Participated in two meetings with the NF Legal Team
  • Conducted daily internal meetings
  • Hosted NF Town Hall reperesenting CreativesDAO, which can be viewed here
  • Collaborated in four calls between Enforcer and Trustees to prepare the final Trust Instrument for CreativesDAO, to be sent to The Walkers
  • Conducted CreativesDAO Office Hours,
  • Brought in partnership with EthMilan
  • Spoke with DAO lens team along with @williamx to provide information on building a Creatives DAO Dashboard
  • Met Free Artist DAO Council in person to discuss further support for Free artist and additional support for CDAO communities.
  • Attended NEARCON Arts and Culture creative session
  • Began reviewing the trust instrument.
  • Engaged in ongoing and extensive research regarding creative communities and projects interested in building on NEAR
  • Maintained constant activity in the Creatives gov forum and Telegram chat.

Total hours - Over 160+

This report will be used to request a remuneration of $4000 for one month of the CreativesDAO Moderation role.


May 2023

Creatives DAO is now more of a constellation that has

  • a 90+ DAO community
  • Is working on a community led accelerator
  • Actively seeking partnerships to bring more creatives onboard
  • Will be a partner with ETH Milan in October
  • going to represent it communities via multi channel media outreach
  • Looking to create its own products and services to help its existing community and onboard more creatives from outside of NEAR ecosystem.

As the journey of being an independent DAO has just begun and the responsibilities have only increased, as councils we have decided to divide responsibilities to be able to serve the community better.

From June onwards, I will be handling Partnerships, Media relations and Strategy for CDAO to ensure it gets more support from within and outside the ecosystem.

We are still working on the right work distribution to make sure the strengths of councils are utilised well and it benefits the larger ecosystem to its fullest.


Represented CDAO in 6 AMAs and assisted in co-drafting the press release from The Walker about Creatives DAO

Other Council Ops

  • Introduction call with NDC Trustees representing Creatives Constellation, discussing internal processes and path forward.

  • Multiple calls with ETH Milan Team to finalise the offerings, budget, payment terms and scope of their assistance from ETH Milan Team.

  • 18 Office hours calls to help community get more informed about how to get funded and any assistance needed via calendly link

  • Hosted 4 Weekly community calls
    You can find all the links to the calls in the Creatives DAO Telegram Group

  • Weekly syncs with GWG to ensure terms and conditions document are in order and all processes are in place before the treasury goes live.

  • Various calls with NF mods to ensure all funding processes are cleared from NEAR Foundation’s side.

  • Multiple internal calls with RCWG admins to help provide funding in the interim, till the RCDAO is officially launched. Didn’t work out due to organisational challenges as mentioned in the funding post comment

  • Meeting with DAOlens to share details of Creatives Constellation process required to create a transparent onchain dashboard

  • Assisted in creating a workshop for CRIB along with @vandal to gather community input about the problems creatives face, what kind of support is needed, who can provide that support internally from the team. Lot is going on. Pleas join CRIB telegram to participate and help create the future of community led accelerator.


June updates

Potential Partnerships Initiatives Overview

AMA with Human Guild Inviting Human guild community members.

Call with Hansa Accelerator to understand how they can participate with CDAO

Community Call organised with ETH Milan team to understand working dynamics

ETH Milan Brainstorm group creation for CDAO members and Eth Milan team to coordinate better.

Call with Caro from Mintbase to understand tech stack CDAO can use for ticketing partnerships

Call with Party hunt Team to discuss SDK level integration for wallet creation and NFT minting as a part of CDAO wallet activation.

Call with European Blockchain Convention for potential partnership.

Call with NFT WG for CDAO to get its own NFTs minted as a part of “Collective” NFT launch

Call with Jarrod from Near Foundation to discuss Crib and how CDAO projects can participate in Horizon accelerator.

Call with Thrilldlabs.io for a potential branding partnership and CDAO community members to get early access.

Marcomm WG call to understand retroactive Business Development for CDAO.

Council Ops

Opened SMM agency post and reviewing proposals to finalise the agency.

Agency will be handling Instagram & Twitter to get more leads for creative communities. LinkedIn for generating accelerator and cross blockchain partnerships.

Hosted weekly Creatives Constellation 4 community calls

Open Office hours calls every Tuesdays and Thursdays

Various calls with NF mods to ensure all funding processes are cleared from NEAR Foundation’s side.


July Updates

We’re gearing up for a season of elections and we see a lot of confusion, collusion, adaptations and strife in the ecosystem.

Creatives DAO has been through its own journey of ups and downs in the past year.

Funding was paused a few months back leaving over 80+ communities stranded.

The resilience, will to make things work and get our community back to life allowed it to rise from ashes to become one of the biggest and most well structured DAO, getting its trust instrument live and being the first ecosystem DAO to get funded by NDC in a span of 3 months.

Now Creatives DAO is gearing up for bigger things.

Eth Milan Title sponsor

There are over 35 people members coming to the event from over 10 nations to showcase their art and represent their community and NEAR at Eth Milan.

As of now, two groups, Curation and Production, are self organising and planning for the event.
It’s beautiful to see how members have completely taken ownership of the event and are shaping the course of the event. My heartfelt gratitude for all the members taking lead on the project.

To join in the main action, join the Eth Milan Brain storm group.

Creatives DAO Planet (Interim, not-so-Creative a name)

Old communities need one space where they can display their art, represent their communities more clearly (more like express the language of their communities) and engage with other communities from CDAO.

New communities need a space where they can learn about what is Creatives DAO, how can they join the movement, how can they grow a community and all the support they can receive, what is Creatives DAO and what are its communities doing?

To Solve this problem we are brainstorming about what solution can we built (or will it a be a cross of solution and service) that will

  1. Help showcase our existing communities work
  2. Attract, educate and seamlessly onboard new communities and artists.

The goal is

  • Growth of creatives and communities for CDAO
  • Seek out external funding mechanisms for diversified funds inflow.

I’m working on a draft and will soon be shared for community brainstorm that will highlight the overall plan.

External Funding

As the size of community grows, so does a councils responsibility to ensure it’s community’s sustainability.

We do not ever want to be in a situation where a few people can dictate whether a community that has been building for over 2 years (Literally deserves an OG of OG community badge) can be put in a situation of not getting funded.

I have been actively seeking ways to diversify incoming funding streams to creatives DAO by Non Near players.
We are seeing our first steps turning into something good which the community shall be updated very soon about.

Funding possibility from cross chain collaborations, government entities like UN or any other artist funding institutions and organisations like CDAO, lies in the alignment of vision, quality if execution and clarity of reporting.

We are trying to get all these right and yes, its a slow process, but when it works, it will make up for the time and energy spent by providing a longer runway and certainty the community needs to build, instead of just being in a limbo of funding being ceased the next month.

All in all, we are trying our best to ensure that the community has multiple streams of funding support to ensure our survival for years to come.

Thank you for reading the extra long precursor to my report.

Here is, what you cam here for, my report!


  • NF community team for updates from NF and CDAO

  • Call with Party Hunt, a ticketing app and Keypom team to seek SDK level integration for wallet activations and NFT ticket artwork minting. This will help CDAO reach their wallet activation goals and generate massive onchain transactions under CDAO umbrella.

  • Horizon Meeting to understand how communities can participate in Horizon.

  • Metacon UAE partnership meeting to explore synergies.

  • Call with Defi Working group champions

  • Call with Pagoda team to explore how Creatives can utilise BOS. More details once they launch a design components and program.

  • NDC gaming DAO to explore funding opportunities for creative needs

  • NearBuidl - exploring landing pages creation on BOS for Creative DAO communities.

  • Call with Eth Milan events team for agreement letter discussions

  • Call with Eth Milan Curation team

  • Call with NFT WG to create a CDAO collection as a part of their “Collective” NFT collection. Unfortunately NFT WG wont be producing the project due to some internal problem.

  • Near Foundation Content moderation discussion. How to make moderation on near better. As Xuan is an excellent product designer, i brainstormed about how we can create a better user experience for Creatives Planet (unofficial)

  • Call with Regional expansion lead to discuss growth opportunities and current state of affairs.

  • Call with Bakaka to discuss partnerships with Nigerian cultural exhibitions and how they can help bring in native art community to NEAR.

  • Hosted Monday weekly community calls and started hosting the experience in NEARHub spaces

  • Weekly Tuesdays and Wednesdays office hours

  • Managing various groups. Creatives DAO main telegram chat, Creatives DAO Social media group, Eth Milan brainstorm group, Eth milan curation group, Eth milan production group.

  • Personal meetings with various ecosystem players for assisting in election campaign and ensuring CDAO is represented and funded as it is one of the most important DAOs of the ecosystem!!

There’s a lot more to do. Coming months are a testing time for all we have built till now and we’d need more community support than ever.

For every person reading, thanks for giving your time to learn about what CDAO is doing and as always, hope you keep building!!!


Amazing report.
Thanks for the hard work and resilient.

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very well-done sahil!! can’t wait to see the external funding initiative blossom.

August Report

Probably the month with most most number of simultaneous activities.

Few Highlights

Partnership Meetings

  • Artizen Match fund for Creatives DAO - A one time supplementary funding boost from Artizen was in discussion, however their terms and conditions were not giving CDAO the best value for funds requested. Hence we had to turn down the deal.

  • Call with Jewel arts and cultural exhibition - Kaveglass concept.

  • Morse, A telegram like platform. Partnership in development. Waiting for incentive structure for communities from the Morse Team

  • Call with Sheldon from Octopus Network to refine CDAO Planet process

  • Call with Explorins 3d printing and minting serve ice built on NEAR to help communities utilise their 3d print and ship services.


  • Weekly Office hours every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 hours
  • Creation of the Cafe cartel CDAO BOS onboarding flow
  • Process flow setup for CDAO SBT (Coming up soon)
  • Drafting the Agreement with @shweta.s for ETH Milan
  • Bridging production team and ETH milan team to ensure the event flow has no gaps.
  • Assisting Creatives DAO election team to help rally various commnuities for the election
  • Working with Shot to create CDAO processes.
  • Hosting weekly Creatives DAO community calls
  • AMA with NDC to talk about CDAO and its journey, future and importance in the ecosystem.

As we gear up for a new season, there will be a change in the direction and possibly metrics to make it more simple and in line with development of BOS and NEar ecosystem. More info soon to come!


Lot of excitement last month as CDAO works on entering the new v1 phase


  • CDAO in APAC
  • CDAO to support NF grassroots initiative that fall under Creatives DAO work scope
  • Development of CDAO Planet
  • Eth Milan event planning. Shoutout to @rhymetaylor for his efforts

Ongoing tech and components development

  • CDAO Planet - Platform built on BOS where all on-chain activities done by communities funded will be displayed in a transparent way
  • drops.fund - Community voting platform to fund latest art and run competitions and bounties onchain
  • Dropsflow - Wordpress for BOS
  • CDAO passport - widget that displays art geographically and allows new members to be onboarded quickly. Built using Shardog. @rhymetaylor Idea.
  • CDAO Minsta - QUick photo based onboarding to CDAO via uploading a picture.

AMAs and Internal calls

Council Ops

  • Co-ordination with El cafe cartel for APAC for creation of onboarding flow
  • Co-ordination with ETH Milan team
  • Drafting IP agreement with lawyers for CDAO planet
  • Co-ordination with production team for Eth Milan event flow and projection mapping
  • Managing multiple community and internal NEAR telegram chats
  • Partnership calls with Thrilldlabs for CDAO branding on their app
  • Calls and coordination with NF team to setup CDAO booth at NEARCON
  • Partnership call with Elcafe cartel and Meteor wallet for Hackers house space setup
  • Co-ordination with hostel in Milan for boarding of the members attending Eth Milan
  • Co-ordination of CDAO passport widget design
  • Reviewing partnership proposals under CDAO umbrella

What’s coming up

  • Public service goods builders’ group - A focused group of devs and designers that will help create component and products that will be focused on onboarding solutions, onchain engagement activities, internal funds flow economics.
  • CDAO Planet Launch at NEARCON - To showcase how CDAO planet will use existing tech using BOS and integrate many open looped processes and communities communities building in silos.
  • CDAO SBT - this will be used for communities to vote on multiple projects and competitions that will be a part of www.drops.fund
  • Hackathons and Create-a-thons - Using existing nodes like BOS hacks and other entities that have capabilities to hold hackathons.