Creatives DAO Support Working Group

Please note that this proposal is just a first draft and it is not final. We need your feedback to improve it and make sure it aligns with the needs of the community.


In the current V3 Creatives setup, the community has grown to about 75+ DAOs in over 25 countries, however a lack of support system has been a constant issue that has been highlighted over the past months.

With the growing community size, it becomes imperative to have a support working group, so the existing communities that build on NEAR and new communities that will join the ecosystem, get the support which will help them thrive.

The CSWG working group will be

  • focused on providing support to communities and projects with specific demands
  • By members in the NEAR ecosystem who have the expertise to provide it
  • Based on the agree to the value exchange terms (Paid, barter, free assistance)

CSWG is different from the current funding focus of the Creatives DAO, which primarily focuses on funding quality projects from DAOs/Guilds.

Our hope is that self regulated and organised support system will increase the success ratio & retention rate and the overall health of a community, which will allow for bigger, more cohesive communities on NEAR.

CWG is the group that will focus on the following:

  • Making sure everybody thrives and no one falls through the cracks,
  • Identify the areas of support required by the existing and new creatives’ communities, and provide desired support,
  • Create and organize the working group members who will provide assistance.

Suggested Support Areas

As the ecosystem continues to grow and evolve, the CWG can reassess its priorities and expand its focus to other areas as needed, however, in our opinion, for now, the most optimal way, would be to have two areas of support, such as:

  • Community Building Support & Education - training and workshops on best practices for community building, effective communication, and collaboration within the NEAR ecosystem,

  • Marketing and Promotion Support - CWG could have a special type of contributors that would maintain contact with the DAOs, write articles, and run the Creatives’ social media, and AMAs or implement marketing and outreach strategies.

Suggested governance structure.

An open working group with no criteria to part-take as a solution provider.

  • Anyone who wants to provide solutions can join the working group telegram chat.
  • The working group members add areas of support they provide in their bio making it easy for communities seeking assistance to identify the right candidate and reach out.
  • Alternatively, communities seeking assistance can drop a ‘Proposal to assist’ in the telegram chat group or on
  • The working group members can then respond to their request if they are open to assisting the community.
  • The community seeking assistance can then select the member or members they want to take support from based on the experience and the support members have to offer.
  • The community seeking help can also request a call to identify if both the parties align or not.

Proposal to Assist

  • Proposal to assist outlines the support a community is seeking
  • Mentions the type of Value exchange. For example - Near tokens, NFTs or barter of some kind
  • Should be in line with their roadmap and values of CD and NEAR

Bounty claim, Badges and reviews - integration

  • Once the assistance is completed and the bounty is claimed by the assistor,
  • The community can then offer badges to the member who assisted. These badges will represent
  • The more the badges, the more credibility the assisted member gains
  • The reviewer can also allocate badges to the community assisted when they have achieved a skill set or an accomplishment.

Questions To The Community

In order to properly kick off with the CWG, we’d like to hear your feedback about the following topics:

  1. Do you see other areas of support apart from those provided above? How many people should fulfill its roles in the CWG supporting areas? What remuneration for would be appropriate?,
  2. What should the governance of the CWG and its contributors look like? (Examples:own Creatives token, trusties, or any other)?
  3. How should the process be structured for communities and supporters? (How and where the communities should look for a help, how the supporters could offer their services?)
  4. Do you see any other areas for development of the CWG?

Please leave your feedback and ideas below until the 28th of Feb 2023. The community moderators will gather all the observations into one CWG proposal in order to properly go live with the new initiative.


Overall, I think the CWG initiative has the potential to make a significant positive impact on the NEAR ecosystem. I look forward to seeing how it develops and contributing to its success.

In terms of the governance structure, I like the idea of having an open working group with no criteria for participation as a solution provider. This will allow for a diverse range of individuals to contribute to the group and offer support to communities. I also think the proposed process for communities and supporters to connect and offer services is straightforward and clear.

Regarding the suggested remuneration for CWG members, I believe it should depend on the type and amount of work they are providing. Paid, barter, or free assistance could all be appropriate, depending on the situation. As for the number of people fulfilling CWG roles, I think it should be based on the demand for support and the availability of individuals with the required expertise.


Hello guys :hugs:
Hope y’all are doing well today , I just want to give my feedback or contribution and hope other communities do the same as well.
Had a fast read on the post @Cryptonaut made concerning the Creative DAO supporting WG and would love to chime in.

First of all I love the idea and scope of the WG for the creative to further develop the creative , cause doh :roll_eyes: we’re the creative and should be creative, to my own understanding been creative is been diverse and iterative, it means bringing unique and interesting things/ideas to existence.
Been creative is bringing your own unique idea different from others at the same time making meaning to people.
Been creative , introducing something superb and mind blowing beyond imagination and human capability which was invented and structured in your mind before been introduced for public review

I’ve been in near ecosystem for almost 2years now and I’ve been trying to be ubiquitous to see how I can help and support, and within that period of time $Near has been doing well and outstandingly great. I observe near chat daily and watch how near pumps even while other coins dumps, this attracted me to $Near Ecosystem and I was keen to know what was going on here if it was a miracle, but after the previous bear run early last year , and got serious during April 2022

which all Web3 suffered the chaos caused by Luna crash and other fuds in crypto :smiling_face_with_tear:

Also the creative and other grassroots DAO had to stop receiving funds from the foundation cause of some issues most all know (wouldn’t want to go into details)
And funding would resume soon, are we going to continue same way and we have plans to diversify and be creative.

My opinion

Not to confuse the community with different abbreviations as used by sahil on his post CSWG and later changed to CWG why don’t we use CSWG as CWG means two things and might complicate the discussion CWG- Creative Working Group and also Community Working Group.


As creative it’s a good idea for a WG like I said in the beginning and wanted to share the idea with @Cryptonaut and @jlwaugh on a call but it escaped my mind.
It would be awesome the CWG focus on a vast development for the creative community by our ver own DApp on NearSocial and also have our tokens too the creative a a big community in near and we can make this work as this idea would also bring create sustainability for the creative DAO.
The idea is complex but worth a try with great minds in our WG more explanation can be done on a call.
I brief sketch :writing_hand:t3:

We can brain storm more about this.
This is just my opinion and something I wish for the creative.
I’m opened for questions and more explicit explanations about this. It’s only a brief detail shared.