NDC - GWG Weekly Update Post - Nov. 25, 2022

Greetings from the Governance Working Group - the community-driven initiative to define and technically implement governance models for the NDC. The GWG is to design and propose governance models for adoption; it does not directly run, manage, or operate the ecosystem governance or treasury.

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And now, over to our sub-Working Group leads to provide their update for the past week!

@blaze @jlwaugh @sarahkornfeld @Ozymandius @Cryptonaut @Psalmy @atrox1382

Catch last week’s update here.


Here’s the update on behalf of the Community Engagement Working Group (CE WG):


  1. GWG Contributor Onboarding - shout out to @cryptonaut for completing and uploading to thewiki.near v1 of this key process. Feedback is still of course very welcome but if you’re reading this update and are looking to know more about who we are - this link is where you start.

In Progress:

  1. ADUSTED: Community Engagement KPIs - now being broken down into CE and Social KPIs, continuing to be led by @IgbozeIsrael but now with support from @Albhion - next version to be presented by the next CE meeting on Thurs. Dec. 1 and to be posted publicly shortly thereafter.
  1. NDC Radio - in collaboration with Communications, we’re looking to begin to host a regular series on Twitter (think AMA but more deeper conversation and learning) and more info will be released next week.

  2. Community FAQs - @IgbozeIsrael and I are working on developing a frequently asked questions page on thewiki for the GWG and hope to have this posted within a week.

    Engaging the many sub-communities within the wider NEAR Community is going to be essential for the CE WG, so please indicate your willingness to collaborate by filling out this Google Sheet - this will be a rolling item.


Thanks for the tag @mecsbecs

So glad this are moving smooth and fine, great interaction and contribution from the community and regular discussion for progress on the purpose of the NDC
Everyone is invited to join the community discussion NDC GWG on telegram

Tuesday call by 4pm UTC
Hosted by - @blaze
Recording -Zoom recording
WG update slide :point_right: Presentation slide
Same day later on another call by 7PM UTC
Hosted by - Micheal Kelly (@Ozymandius )
Link for recording- Recorded call
Topic- Community Treasury & transparency ,fairly distribution of funds.

On Nov 23rd our meeting was canceled because Andrej from Deepwork was not available and governance workshop was postponed till next week , reasons “Thanksgiving in the US”
24th of Nov Thursday CE had a call which i missed out due to compacted activities IRL I had to cover

Summary on Gov —»
Since the NDC is a community driven project and communities have all power(right) to decision making both on-chain and off-chain.
So the community would be made councils on Astrodao, while the admins would have lesser power and can only vote when it’s urgent or necessary to vote. For broader understanding there’s a docs to go through Community poll experiment docs for fair voting, misconducted decisions ,vulnerability of community funds and to avoid rigging votes , we need real humans to cast their vote.
1 vote per person
And to accomplish this initiative we need to use Nearsocial as a tool to get humans and more of their information than just wallet to vote
Brainstormed by @jlwaugh , @Psalmy , robertz and Noak

You can use Nearsocial to prove your humanity, a data for social informations »» Open an account
“As long as there’s life, there’s hope” we’re doing our best to get community engaged and updated on activities done weekly and let’s anticipate for next report next week as we progress


Great report here.
Thanks @mecsbecs for updating the community.


Hey Thanks for Updating.

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Thanks @mecsbecs

COMMS Report:

In Process:

1. Refined Overview – we will be reviewing the new language this week that helps to give a clear, concise explanation of the NDC process and WGW’s role within it. Our legal lead has weighed in on it.

2. Public Facing Comms plan – we are finalizing our plan for a “radio” program that supports the larger exploration around governance innovation and the aims of the NDC. That proposal will be reviewed this week by the leads.

3. Logos and look and feel of the NDC process – we are developing logo drafts and simple ways to look/see the NDC process for the wider community with the help of great community designers.

More soon!


Constitution / Governance Working Group Update:

→ Feedback ongoing for gov. framework.

→ Variables Discussion on Tuesday: Gov. Framework Overview Call (2022-11-22 11:04 GMT-7) - Google Drive

→ Preparations of Assumptions Document to Compliment Framework

→ Launch Sequence Document to Compliment Framework

→ Planning video overview of the system as it stands and how checks and balances operate


Work in progress

  • Internal charter for DAO/Node/Project that will request funding from GWG
  • GWG internal charter

Meetings and Outcomes

  • Ozy and Blaze internal - Agreed on creation of TLDR video and FAQs for Constitution V1 draft so the whole structure can be demystified and simplified for the community which will result in higher engagement.
  • Internal Call with Blaze to refine the operations processes of NDC and GWG.
  • Internal call with Sarah about NDC radio discussion of content buckets
  • Internal call with Denny and James about giving and overview of where we have reached.
  • Leads call Monday
  • NDC workgroup call Tuesday

Technical GWG Update


—> drafted experimental design and processes for NEAR Polls

  • test identity management systems for ecosystem-wide participation, like on-chain voting (signaling proposals) via Near Social / Astro

—> gathered feedback on a proposal from @robert and Noak

  • organized a meeting to discuss any questions 2022-11-30T19:00:00Z

—> connected with vSelf to discuss opportunities to collaborate

  • considering how to adapt / build on vStudio, their privacy solution for onboarding

—> participated in the Gov Framework Overview Call, hosted by @Ozymandius

  • recommended to abstract the parameterization of related variables for now ~ instead, focus on identifying key problems & exploring solutions: minimum viable governance system (for the v1 launch sequence)

—> met with reps from NEAR Foundation and Pagoda re: alignment of the NDC Governance Working Group and Developer Working Groups


—> collaborate with Deep Work to create visualization of NDC deliverables

expected: Wednesday, December 7

—> develop NDC Governing Bodies Technical Specification

expected: Friday, December 9

—> coordinate pilot of the FUND3R product with NEARWEEK

  • document requirements of compliant, scalable, transparent payouts from DAOs

expected: Friday, December 23

Your help is much appreciated!

Let us know any ideas or questions :ballot_box:


Hello sir! When will Creative DAO proposals be unpaused?


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Still in conversation with NF.

Also this is a post for GWG updates, not creatives DAO.

You can either ask on the creatives DAO posts or in the telegram group to keep this more aligned and organised.

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