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Former Concil Member:
@filmesdeinfiltracao @gabrielfelipejacomel @loveletterexe

Other members:
@palomak @calebav @ritamaria and also other forum users like: alinedaka, amarina_borck, l3v1at4, fly, leticia_esposito, mariana_taques.near, isadora_prata, fucsia, improvise, amandalealart.



Community of transdisciplinary artists, from Brazil and the world, interested on creating
art, whether performance, music, poetry, video art or other audio visual forms inside the Near Ecosystem.

The budget of this DAO is intended for the production, editing and dissemination of artistic products and processes, resulting from: Artist Residencies, Workshops, Events in the Metaverse and in physical places, Assembly of Exhibitions, Festivals, Auctions, Hackathon and other collaborative processes between artists .

The ethical unit of this group is the concern with gender issues, decolonialism, queer culture, experimentalism and disability studies.


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Before DAO (Jan/Feb)

-[APPROVED] Antimétodo - Expondo a Proposta Criativa da Nomade Label - Creatives -[APPROVED] Physical and MetaEvent Quintas Paralelas-Nomadelabel show - SaoPaulo/br Jan 2022 - Creatives / NxM Guild

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March(1st DAO month)

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April(2nd DAO month)

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Nomade label intended to build cultural exchanges, promote arts research, production and diffusion, in multiple possibilities of actions.

[APPROVED] Nomade Label Dao May Founding Request - Creatives / Creatives DAO - NEAR Forum


This was our statement before we create the DAO:

Nomade label, was the name Blu chose to maintain his art production, in his traveling period (2009-2014) when he made many collaborations with artists from different artistic languages ​​and aesthetic-political discourses in Asia, Europe, and South America.

In the formative years of the initiative, the name " Nós Coletivo" was a shout of this diversity - with Blu who is the project proposer here, and 2 new artists here in the ecosystem: tizoall.near and anajaralaisa.near , who are both Brazilian interdisciplinary performers and artists living in Berlin.

Another important nucleus in the formation of the team that is currently in this store, are the participants of the live series "Quintas Paralelas" a program about art, music, and philosophy, using humor to work with artistic themes from the canon of eurocentric tradition till the decolonial potential of being Brazilian in this internet environment, in deconstruction & disruption of status quo. Another important group event was “Seytas Fritas”, where some of us started to collaborate before we knew about blockchain and NFTs.

From this groups we have wasem_simon.near , mauricio_matel.near , filmesdeinfiltracao.near , severaparaguacu.near , joaomarcusalmeida.near , denisenuvem.near , manutegus.near, breakneyspirits.near , adriana_nunes , daniel_carrea.near, diegodeloscampos.near, fefefernanda.near, gabrielfelipejacomel.near, zentai.near, apedraqueronca.near, zentaura.near .

and more:

There are other minters, that were added by Blu, the curator, artist, and enthusiast, to create collections that arouse other interests in Near users, in deeper experiences such as reflecting on the role of art in society, but also in its individual and particular matters.

  • noise, glitch, and performance art
    as a poetic that can bring light to unconscious
  • Queer and non-normative sexuallity
  • Disability studies.
  • Decolonial studies
  • Gender and Feminism
  • art as a path to human development

Each artist brings a language, an artistic statement, and an intangible argument. Many of them weren’t in blockchains yet, but the urge to develop deeper debates around art and society was Blu’s motivation to embark on these new Minters

Nomadelabel store is a first step towards embedding those artists and thinkers into this community and being able to exercise their role in the current context. Our primary goal is not to sell NFTs, but to demonstrate what features we find interesting within the mintbase, such as

  • the possibility of splitting the sale and royalties;

  • all the possible features in the token modeling, such as the attachment of documents in pdf, are another extension of the work.

  • the possibility of contact and expansion of the community, following, and sharing works and profiles of other artists in the world

Secondly, the store is the first step towards future activities, where we would like to offer workshops, lectures, and other collaborative events to exchange between network users and the artistic context to which our participants belong.




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We just wanna tell you guys about our upgrade, from store to a DAO. =)
Nomade label intended to build cultural exchanges, promote arts research, production and diffusion, in multiple possibilities of actions.

@tabear @whoiscavenaghi @talitafflima @JulianaM @claudinhabelha
@frnvpr @vandal @lucterra @Paul @duOCELOT

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I’m Gabriel Felipe Jacomel and I’m mainly a musician, writer and actor. I am on the council of Nomade Label DAO, and here are some links to my work:


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