[Proposal] NOMADE LABEL DAO - Funding Proposal for March [2023]



  • DAO introduction

Nomade Label is a transdisciplinary art DAO funded in December/2021 and is a collective of transdisciplinary artists mainly from Brazil, interested in creating through performance, music, poetry, dance, video art and other audio visual forms inside the Near Ecosystem, in dialogue with current technologies and web3, always open to new forms of experimenting.

We build an alternative cultural digital space within the web3 community, up-to date to the discussions, bringing a critical look to our artistic productions, in alignment with our decolonial, queer and anti-capacitist views.

During our first year of existence, NL DAO has supported more than 70 artists and collaborate in the foundation of 4 DAOs in the Near ecosystem.

  • Why team is best for the funds

Our team has been active in web3 since 2021, and throughout this journey, we have developed artistic projects in various media types, including dance, music, visual arts, physical and telematic events both in the metaverse and IRL, and video series broadcast on different media.

Over the past year, Nomade Label has carried out more than 50 projects involving over 70 artists, with highlights including a scene in the film “A Alegria é a Prova dos Nove,” directed by Helena Ignez (in partnership with Filmes de Infiltração DAO) and the celebration of the hundredth anniversary of Gilberto Mendes, with events held in São Paulo and Santos.

  • Achievement information about the DAO

Online presence:








Mintbase store

  • First Actions in partnership with other DAOs:

Quintas Paralelas NL Show/Metaverse event at DAO RECORDS jan.22 with NxM

Expo Dragomir Artenie with Metaverse DAO fev.22

ANTIMETODO series (feb/mar/apr) with Gambiarra DAO

Quintas Paralelas Surreal Podcast with Gambiarra DAO

month proposals from community total budget irl events released metaverse events released
MARCH 3 2000 USD in NEAR 1 1
APRIL 7 5000 DAI 4 2
MAY 8 5000 DAI 1 2
JUNE 9 4120 DAI 2 1
JULY 6 4895 DAI 4 1
AUGUST 5 2975 DAI 2 1
SEPTEMBER 8 5000 DAI 4 2
Councils Members NFTs Minted Total money received from Creatives DAO NEAR dapps interation Metaverse Events held IRL Events* Members from which countries
3 29 3214 28.990 USD Mintbase, NEAR Names, Ref. finance, Astro DAO, UniqArt, Paras, Tamago, NEAR Hub, The Auction 10 30 Brazil, Portugal, Germany

*we have released several IRL events besides Creatives DAO funding during the year of 2022

  • Genre - What category does your DAO fall under

Transdisciplinary art

  • Impact

Social impact through:

❂ physical presence on important crypto events to showcase Nomade Label art and spread what we have produced last year with crypto enthusiasts;

❂ virtual presence on NL TV with market support to reach a larger audience both to our artists and to Creatives initiatives and by consequence to Near ecosystem.


  • Roadmap 2023

❂ Implementation of a plan for a greater digital presence on social media, preparing a wider public for the release of an album and promotion of in-person events. Boosting the collective portfolio through NL TV and NL zines, two expressions of the works done by the NL DAO team and its collection of artists, works, and interactions.

❂ Holding in-person events with the goal of hosting an art/dev hackathon in São Paulo by the end of the year.

❂ Having a representative from Nomade Label attend crypto events in Brazil (in-person) with the installation of the Nomade Totem, to intensify the network of contacts and promote DAO activities.

  • DAO’s Milestones for proposal

First phase: (March - June) Activation of social media, promotion of completed and emerging works, audience building - NL zine, NL TV, IRL events, participation in crypto events in Brazil.

Second phase: (July - September) Launch of NL Records - singles and album - NL zine, NL TV, IRL events, product launches (digital platforms and NFTs), participation in crypto events in Brazil.

Third phase: (October - November) Creative Hackathon - Nomade Label’s IRL event promoting the meeting of creatives with developers to foster future transdisciplinary projects in Art and Technology.

  • Social media strategies

Over the next two months, we will start implementing the project with a focus on reactivating our social media in a more organized way, hiring a qualified professional guidance to do so, who will initially manage our Instagram and Twitter accounts in partnership with Esther. In parallel, she will work on the new Label ID in conjunction with Lea and Gus. The team will also carry out archival work, better organizing all NL label productions and facilitating social media renewal. For this, we have the following content posting plan per week:

1 #tbt post that recalls an event/performance/NL production

1 post celebrating an NL artist and telling more about their specific artistic production

1 post in anticipation of the release of the album or zine

1 post advertising NL TV

1 open post, according to the need for that specific week


NL Zine is a prototype of a possible Magazine to be launched in the future by NL, with the intention of better organizing and publicizing DAO’s activities. They will be launched phygital: in NFT format, with QR Codes (leading to an accessible pdf, augmented reality, videos, etc.) and will also have their version for physical printing, with the aim of being a means of promoting the DAO at IRL events.


Our collection counts with materials produced last year with funds from Nomade Label Dao: some projects and artists produced phonograms and video pieces that could already be circulating on streaming platforms. The idea is to promote releases of singles, EPs and compilations by artists such as G. F. Jacomel, Caleb, Lea Arafah, Gus Manute, Pinkalsky, and an album resulting from the Mobidance video performance cycle, with Ritamaria, Flygoa and L3VI4TA. In the third cycle of proposals, NL Recs will launch a collection with the label’s artists, curated by Blua Discórdia.

  • NL TV

Reaffirming the need to better disseminate the content already generated by NL, we are launching NL TV, which will be shown once a week via Youtube and managed by Gus. In it, we will condense existing NL productions in a free and visually attractive way, as well as new content that was generated that week.

Based on the content generated by Esther for the NFT São Paulo event in 2022, we are creating a visual ID that refreshes the label’s vibe, in order to better represent our identity and arouse greater public interest.


The NL Totem project is designed to promote NL DAO in different crypto events released in Brazil. As we did last year in NFT São Paulo, NL Totem is a vídeo installation that presents NL DAO, sharing our production in NEAR Ecosystem during the year of 2022. Besides the Totem, there will be some NL Phygital products to be sold in the event marketplace. The first phase of this project was already released, and consisted in researching events and contacting people to organize schedules. Our aim is to promote NL DAO and to maintain relations with the web3 community in Brazil, focusing on the NL Creative Hackathon, to be released in November. Three events will be selected for this first phase of the project. Here we present some links, from which we will select 3 to be releasing the NL Totem:

  1. 27 a 30/04



  1. Web Summit Rio 01/05 > 04/05



  1. rio crypto day 06/05


  1. upskilling 29/05 > 31/05


  1. fintech revolution 30/;05


  1. 10 e 11/06 BitSampa


Project 1

Description: Nomade Label TV
Expected outcome: - Increase engagement from our community - Attract interest to our productions - Better dialogue to our public - Consolidate our own identity
Activities & timelines: __March: build the TV visual id; work on the curatorial process of the weekly launches; define the exact regular TV shows; create expectation for the launch through social media __1st week of April: start of the weekly 1-hour shows through Youtube
Budget: Visual ID: Esther and Gus Manute - Council work Live streaming: Gus Manute Executive producer - Ritamaria 150$ VJs: Lea - council work Pinkalsky 200$ Video Editor - 400$ total BUDGET 750 $

Project 2

Description: Nomade Label Zine
Expected outcome: - Increase engagement from our community - Publicize our previous works in a short and comprehensible way through NFTs and to promote it in IRL events through printed versions - Better dialogue to our public - Reaffirm our own identity
Activities & timelines: __March: build the visual ID; define the theme of the first zine; select featured works; define the exact date for the first launch __3rd week of April: launch of the NFT zine and in IRL event
Budget: Visual ID: Esther - Council work Curatorial Work: Lea - Council work Design: Gus Manute - Council Work Executive producer: Ritamaria 150$ Editoria: NL collective Printing: 1$ x 200 copies = 200$ total BUDGET: 350$

Project 3

Description: Nomade Label IRL event
Expected outcome: - Audio/video register to become a teaser about artists setup and process to be broadcasted on NL TV - Increase audience and promoting NL actions - Better dialogue with our pubic - Selling of NL phygital products
Activities & timelines: __Casa Japuanga: Musical production set up and Open rehearsal with Blua Discordia (abril 23) _Dinner _Official Launch of NL Zine _Sell NL phygital products
Budget: food (catering and person) 200 $ space rental 175 $ team transportation 50 $ equipment rental 75 $ crew Executive producer: Ritamaria 200$ hostess 50 $ photo/video register 75 $ sound operator 50 $ video editor post production 75 $ Total BUDGET 900 $

Project 4

Description: Nomade Totem
Expected outcome: - Publicize our previous works in a short and comprehensible way through NFTs and video content to promote it in IRL events through a audio visual setup with projection and screens - Increase audience and promoting NL actions - Better dialogue with our pubic
Activities & timelines: __Will release 3 occupations in crypto events in Brazil, to be scheduled, we are already in contact with several event planners that showed interest in having us on their events __Zine and other graphic materials will also be available __Create content to NL TV __Sell NL phygital products
Budget: Nomade executive producer Pinkalsky: 300$ Installation and production Assistant: 300$ total BUDGET: 600$
  • What is the DAO’s goal or objective?

Foster the existing collective of artists through the release of the following products: music

compilation, zines, NL tv broadcasting, IRL and WEB 2 - WEB 3 events.

  • How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

The project designed for the year 2023 - divided into 3 milestones, aiming at launching productions and holding an arts & creatives hackathon in São Paulo BR.

  • What will the community or the team members’ role be?
    Lea - council, DJ, MC, strategist and curator. @blusw
    Esther - council, communication and art direction @estheriorizada
    Gus - council, NL TV broadcaster @gushlewis
    Ritamaria - executive production in NL TV, NL Zine and NL IRL Event @ritamaria
    Pinkalsky - executive production, NL VJ, representation in crypto events @pinkalsky
Council wallets: blua_discordia.near estherlourenco.near manutegus.near 500$ x 3 1500$
Social Media 400$ 1 400$
Adds budet 100$ 100$
Stickers and name cards total 200$
NL Zine 550$
NL TV 750$
IRL event budget 900$
NL Totem 600$
total BUDGET 5000$

Project timeline: March - June 2023

Total request number: 5.000 USDC

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): nomadelabel.sputnik-dao.near


Nice work team!


Oh myyy :heart:

I’m so proud of being a part of this amazing universe that is Nomade Label, and so thankful for all that we’ve reachead together.

I hope this proposal will get us even far and beyond spreading our art and love and everything in between.


Also great shots of @filmesdeinfiltracao activities!!!


Good evening! All events should be approved by Nf events team.,


Hello @Dacha . Thank you for the answer. Can you elaborate more on how this process works?

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